3 SEPTEMBER 1898, Page 2

The first political result of the Henry suicide is the

concentra- tion of public opinion in France on the condition of the Head- quarters Staff and the Department of National Defence. This the world of Paris is beginning to regard, to use the words of the correspondent of the Daily Chronicle, as " equally divided between rascals of the worst description and noodles in brilliant uniforms, who verify the French adage, Vieux militaire, vieil imbecile.' " Thus the suppression of justice in regard to the Dreyfus case has brought about the very results which that suppression was intended to avoid. A deaf ear was to be turned to Dreyfus's appeal for revision lest the prestige of the chiefs of the Army, on whom the safety of France rested, should be injured. Now, however, the Depart- ment of National Defence has fallen in ruin. General Boisdeffre has resigned ; General Gonse goes on the retired list ; Colonel Henry, the head of the Secret Service Depart. ment, has taken his own life ; Colonel du Paty de Clam, to take the most charitable view of his case, has become crazy; and Major Esterhazy is on his trial. Meantime, General Renouard, late the head of the " Superior School of War," has been appointed to fill General Boisdeffre's post at the Headquarters Staff. General Renouard is said to be a good officer. The fact that he refused the appointment unless he was given an absolutely free hand is a good omen.