3 SEPTEMBER 1898, Page 24

The Story of Hawaii. By Jean A. Owen (Mrs. Visger).

(Harper and Brothers.)—Mrs. Visger, who deserves well of the reading public for having introduced to it the writings of " A. Son of the Marshes," gives a summary of the history of Hawaii. together with her own impressions of the place and the people. Her book will be found interesting and valuable. One of its merits is that it does justice in various quarters where merit and demerit have not always received due recognition. It does not detract from the praise of Father Damien that others have shown not less devotion to the unhappy leper population of Molokai. The deserts of the various Kamehamehas are distinguished. The first of the name was a remarkably able man. So was the fourth. (the husband of the well-known Queen Emma). He translated the Prayer-book into Hawaian. Unhappily he died at the early age of twenty-nine. His successor, Kamehameha V., was also an able man, but he died after a reign of nine years, and the dynasty came to an end with him. Of Queen Liliuokalani our author has but a mean opinion. She attempted an absolutist coup d'etat, failed, and was rightly dethroned. Mr. Sandford B. Dole was put at the head of the provisional Government, and Mrs. Visger gives a hearty approval to the choice. This may be all right, but a very different story has been told ; but to be against Dole is to- be in favour of lotteries and opium, says Mrs. Visger.