3 SEPTEMBER 1898, Page 3

Reports from Berlin show how serious are the Germa Emperor's

preparations for his tour in Palestine. He has, it. is said, permitted not less than two hundred pastors of the Lutheran Church to join him in his pilgrimage, and we shall doubtless soon hear that he is practising sleeping with his legs crossed in order to acquire the true Crusader attitude. Meantime he has been photographed no fewer than forty times in his " tropical " costume, and has devised new uniforms and liveries for his bodyguard and servants. The latter are to wear "cocoa-fibre linen liveries, with English caps, and they will be girt with belts of pale-green leather, from which will hang a revolver and drinking flask." As an alternative to these sartorial labours, the Emperor has been making a round of visits to the studios of the sculptors to inspect the statues of the Brandenburg Margraves, Hohen- zollern Electors, and Kings of Prussia, which are to adorn the Siegesallee in the Thiergarten at Berlin. According to a telegram in Monday's Times, the Kaiser was specially struck by Herr Herter's statue of the Margrave Louis the Elder, " who is represented as clad in a shirt of mail and brandishing aloft an iron club, and is said to be a very Antinons of manly beauty." " That fellow," observed the Emperor, " will be the darling of all the nursery-maids in the Thiergarten." Thanks to the tropical costume, will it not be a case of de to fabule narratur ?