3 SEPTEMBER 1898, Page 3

We record with great satisfaction that the strike of Welsh

,-,olliers has come to an end, after lasting some six months and costing, it is said, some six millions. The masters' terms have been in effect accepted, and these include an immediate advance of 5 per cent., thus raising the wages 17 per cent. over and above the standard of 1879. The new agreement is to remain in force for four years, but should the masters during that period reduce wages below 12} per cent. above the standard of 1879, the workmen are to have the right on January 1st and July 1st following such reduction to give six months' notice to terminate the agreement. The scheme, when put to the vote, was accepted by 61,912 and rejected by 37,077, those remaining neutral numbering 8,800. The men have in most cases behaved very well throughout the struggle ; but, as far as we can see, their action was mistaken, and con- trary to their own interests. The Welsh miners were by no means well organised. This fact should be noted by those who think that the organisation of labour increases the severity of strikes and the unwillingness of the men to come to terms. The exact reverse is the case.