4 FEBRUARY 1888, Page 22

John Bull's Army, from a French Point of View. By

Hector France. (Whittaker and Co.)—M. Hector France quotes on his second page the well-known saying of General %gem:0 :—" The British infantry is the most redoubtable in Europe. Luokily, its numbers are small." This is the substance of his discourse : good material, bad management. Still, he finds things ta praise. The canteen system, for instance, strikes him favourably as compared with the corresponding arrangement in his own country. He is severe in his censures ; but then, he has some strong words for defects in his

countrymen. If be could have got rid of some unworthy prejudices, and reconciled himself to the accepting of facts, he would have written a book with which little fault could be found. It is simple folly to say that the victory of Waterloo was entirely due to the Prussians. M. France must be very savage indeed, when he can say so much for the bitterest enemies of his country. His remarks about the English and French in the Crimea are no less unjust. Every Englishman whose opinion is worth having, gives due credit to the

French for what they did there. These drawbacks allowed for, much may be learnt from this book.