4 FEBRUARY 1888, Page 3

Another examination has been made of the Crown Prince's throat,

followed by the usual crop of contradictory telegrams, according to many of which the Prince is rapidly recovering. The following is, however, the official bulletin signed on February 1st by all the specialists, German as well as English : —"In the throat of his Imperial and Royal Highness the Crown Prince there is at present a certain thickening of the front part of the right half of the larynx ; but, on the other hand, there is a decrease in the swelling of the left side, owing to the coming away of a dead portion of it. The patient's general condition is normal." That will not, we fear, be con- sidered reassuring by impartial physicians, who will shake their heads over the gradual thickening of the larynx. The bulletin is, of course, most cautious, the interests involved, both political and personal, being so grave, that even the experts collected from all Europe are daunted by their importance. They wish, like the rest of mankind, to perceive signs of recovery, and will not allow themselves to dwell on symptoms, which, nevertheless, profes- sional reputation compels them to record.