4 FEBRUARY 1888, Page 3

It is said that the relentless prosecutor of Mr. Bell

Cox intends to apply to Lord Penzance, giving evidence of the con- tinuation of the ritualistic practices which have been condemned, and thus to obtain an order for his re-imprisonment. There is no accounting for the freaks of bigotry. If there be one course more than another which is certain to disgust the people of Great Britain with a condition of ecclesiastical law that enforces restraints on one party in the Church without enforcing obedience on another, it is the imprisonment of such men as Mr. Bell Cox. But Mr. Hakes cares for none of these things. ." What I should like to do," he is reported to have said, "would be to deprive Mr. Bell Cox of his living ; failing which, to imprison him till he has purged his contumacy."