5 AUGUST 1916, Page 19

Japan, Great Britain, and the World. By J. W. Robertson

Scott. (Japan Advertiser Office, Tokyo.)—" A Letter to My Japanese Friends " in which Mr. Robertson Scott replies to some articles in a certain section of the Japanese Press which " ask for the immediate and radical revision . . . or the immediate or early abrogation of the Anglo-Japanese Agreement." According to Mr. Scott, the outer world has passed sharp criticism on this attitude, and he puts before the Japanese how the good fame of their country and her future position as a world-Power would be jeopardized if she took the steps suggested by some of her writers. He proceeds to consider the whole question of the Alliance as it affects not Great Britain but Japan herself, and incidentally deals, In a thoroughly friendly and moderate spirit, with the delicate matters connected with Japanese action in China and India and the influence of Germany on Japanese thought.