5 AUGUST 1916, Page 19

READABLE Novara—Happiness. By John Travers. (Hodder and Stoughton. 6s.)—The first

part of the book, which deals with current events, is admirably written; but when the author begins to describe life in an Indian station after the conclusion of the Great War the narrative becomes very much less interesting.—Captain Calamity. By Rolf Bennett. (Same publishers. 2s.)—Describes the adventures encoun- tered in the Pacific by a privateer in war time.—The Night Cornea. By Paul Bourget. Translated by G. Frederic Lees. (Chatto and Windus. 6s.)—An adequate but not inspired translation of Paul Bourget's Ls Bens de is Mod.—The Education of Mr. P. J. Davenant. By Lord Frederic Hamilton. (Eveleigh Nash. 6s.)—A novel in which the hero is a familiar figure. The book is entertaining, with much about stable work, poaching, and spying. The date is 1915-16.