5 AUGUST 1916, Page 2

Mr. H. E. Duke, K.C., the Unionist Member for Exeter,

has been appointed Chief Secretary for Ireland with a seat in the Cabinet. Since Lord Wimborne and Mr. Birrell resigned office three months ago, Ireland has been without a civil Executive responsible to Parliament. It cannot be said that Ireland has suffered in any way. Order was restored after the rebellion, and has been main- tained, by General Sir John Maxwell and the Home Secretary. But the failure of the negotiations for a Home Rule settlement has led to the appointment of a successor to Mr. Birrell. The Prime Minister said on Monday that Dublin Castle required a chief with "a broad and judicial mind, firm hand, administrative rapacity, sympathy with the Irish people, and a strong desire to promote an Irish settlement." Mr. Duke has, we believe, the desired qualities. He will need also the steady support of the Cabinet as a whole if he is to undo some of the mischief that Mr. Birrell has done in the last ten years.