5 AUGUST 1916, Page 2

Mr. Harcourt on Tuesday justified the severe restrictions now placed

on the use of petrol. Both the Navy and the Army are using enormous quantities, and we are supplying Franco and Italy as well. There are not enough tank steamers to bring all that we need. Last year we used for civil purposes one hundred and eleven million gallons. But the applicants for licences say that they used in all a hundred and fifty-three million gallons, so that some of them must have been guilty of a little exaggeration. The total quantity available is, however, only seventy million gallons, and the Petrol Committee has already granted licences for seventy- five millions. Commercial car owners are to get half as much petrol as they need, and private owners a fourth. Motoring for pleasure must be given up, with other luxuries. As Mr. Harcourt said, a "joy-ride" is a "shame-ride."