5 AUGUST 1916, Page 3

A third raid was carried out shortly after midnight on

Wednes- day, when six or seven airships dropped a considerable number of bombs in the Eastern and South-Eastern counties. Up to the moment of our going to press no military damage had been reported, nor were any details forthcoming as to casualties, but at least one airship was reported to have been hit by our guns. The newspapers which demand that our anti-aircraft defences should be ubiquitous regard the fact that the Zeppelins returned unscathed on the first two occasions as a proof of our impotence and use it as a stick to beat the Government. What would they have 1 Is Great Britain to bristle like a porcupine with guns for quills ? They overlook the fact that our air defences have been well enough disposed to make the Zeppelins fly so high that they are unable to tell where they are, and have for the most part been reduced to cruising about in districts where little military damage is likely to be done.