5 AUGUST 1916, Page 3

The announcement that the British Government had black-listed a number

of firms, corporations, and persona in the United States, and forbidden all financial or commercial dealings between them and citizens of Great Britain, elicited a strong protest from the Washington Administration. The text of the protest, which is given in Monday's papers, condemns the action of the British Government as embodying a policy of arbitrary interference with neutral trade, and inflicting undeserved injury on American citizens. In conclusion, the protest observes that, " whatever may be said with regard to the legality in the view of international obligation of the Act of Parliament upon which the practice of the black list, as now employed by His Majesty's Government, is understood to be based, the Government of the United States is constrained to regard that practice as inconsistent with that true justice, sincere amity, impartial fairness, which should characterize the dealings of friendly Governments with one another."