5 AUGUST 1916, Page 3

Undeterred by Ministerial indifference and dilatoriness, Mr. Swift MacNeill, M.P.,

has kept pegging away at the Government for months past to deprive the Duke of Cumberland, the Duke of Albany, and Prince Albert of Schleswig-Holstein of their British honours, rank, and dignities, and, where necessary, their rights of succession to the Throne. He was fully rewarded last week for his persistent importunity. In reply to his questions, Mr. Asquith stated on Thursday week that the Cabinet had had the matter under con- sideration, and that they were in full sympathy with the feeling of the House on the subject. His Majesty would be advised to take the necessary steps both as regards titles and Orders, and the technical questions involved were being considered by the Lord Chancellor. Mr. Swift MacNeill is cordially to be congratulated on his success, which he has won off his own bat.