7 SEPTEMBER 1850, Page 10

The last adviees from Bogota ascribe great honour to General

Lopez for the expulsion of the Jesuits from New Granada. The following Is from a private letter, of the 16th July-

" The Jesuits were taken to New Granada in violation of existing laws by the party which, after the death of the Liberal champion, General Santander, succeeded in crushing the Liberal party, in the civil war of 1840 and 1841. These emissaries of sacerdotal despotism, finding in the simple people of New Granada fit instruments for their designing policy, rapidly increased in num- bers and influence under the fostering protection of the Anti-Liberal faction, which has held that country in thraldom for upwards of ten years. The -consciences of the greater part of the fair sex were already in the keeping .of these areh-intriguers and consummate hypocrites ; and aided by the strenumm support of an Archbishop, and of other New and, en- 4erasilitta#0si4itical sentiments, both in New Granada and in London, the Jesuits were gradually getting exclusive possession of the principal semina- ries of education, and were beginning to amass considerable property. No sooner did the Liberals again find themselves in a situation to enter the lists, than the Jesuit question was at once declared the battle-field by each of the opposing parties • and the elections having terminated last year in favour of the Liberals, General Lopez, the President, has faithfully redeemed his pledge by expelling the Jesuits from the country.

"The Retrograde or Anti-Liberal party is, notwithstanding, still fighting under the banner of San Ignacio de Loyola ; whose sons it still hopes to re- store to the bosoms of the 'Beatas,' or that portion of the fair sex whose whole time is spent in devotional exercises, or rather excesses, which are more calculated to turn their heads than benefit their souls.

"If there were no other motive for sympathy with General Lopez's ad- ministration, the firm determination of the Government to keep the Jesuits cut of the country, will enlist every liberal mind in its favour ; whilst the unceasing exertions of the Anti-Liberal party (which presumes to call itself Conservative,' when 'Destructive' would be the more appropriate denomina- tion) to bring back the Jesuits, cannot fail to inspire every wellwisher to New Granada with disgust."