7 SEPTEMBER 1850, Page 11

The New Strand company has been transferred to the Olympic,

by its leader, Mr. TV. Farren. By this removal 'Mr. Tarren gains considerably in space, but he loses in situation. The dramatic novelty which he em- ploys for "a house-warming," is -a clever burlesque on the subject of the "Discreet Princess,"—a tale perfectly femilier to all who are initiated into the legendary lore of Mother Goose. The piece is-so written as to succeed by its intrinsic humour, without the need of splendid accessories; and the parodies on popular songs, in which the sound of the original I words is comically imitated, are renuukably happy. Mr. H. Farren, whose raw material is gradually becoming polished, Mrs. Leigh Murray, clever in any line, and Mr. Shalders, a rising comedian of the old grima- cing school, are able to give great efficiency to the little piece, and a suc- cess could scarcely be more legitimate.