7 SEPTEMBER 1850, Page 21


Tuesday, September 3.

Penrsrmisinrs DissoINT/L-Smith and Co. Paternoster Row, wholesale stationers -Golding and King, Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk, attornies-Townend and Met- calf ,jun. Kendal, fellmongers-Giles and Serie, Rotherhithe, hatters -Rea& and Co. .Congleton, silk-spinners-Horne and Burgess, Cheapside, librarians-Taylor and ;Guy, Liverpool, glovexa-W. and G. Hesketh, Fylciesley Banks, Lancashire, grocers-Thurstans and Liddle, Newport, Shropshire, attornies-Redfern and Tin- gle, -Preston, file-manufacturers--Simpson and Co. Manchester, starch-makers- Black and Co. Bishop Wearmouth, wherflngers ; astir as regards D. Holsgrove-J. 11,1. snid G. R. Bather, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, drapers-R. and II. Wells, Hull, merchants-Hacking and Co. Bury, machinists-Corfe and Co. Wiochester, tailors- Jepaoh and Parrott, Hurst, Berkshire, hatchers of chickens by steam-Tunstall and Smith, Bootle, chemists-Tickle and Co. Manchester, tallow-chandlers-Smith and Anderson, Glasgow, sewed-muslin-warehousemen. BXxxsuers.-Gmosos Noirrox, Codford St. Mary, Wiltshire, plumber, to surren- der Sept. 13, Oct. 18: solicitors, Yenning and Co. Tokenhouse Yard ; Chitty, Shafteibury;_ ,official assignee, Cannan, Birchin Lane-ALFRED CRANFrON, Wim- borne Minster, cabinet-Milker, Sept. 18, Oct. 18: solicitor, Taylor, South Street, Finsbury Square;- official assignee, Canaan, Birchin Lane-STSPRES CHARIXS Litxxuax,-St. Mildred's Court, commission-agent, Sept. 10, Oct- 10: solicitor, Pat- teson, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street-JamEs Parasrxcv, Radcliffe, botton-spinne_r, Sept. 16, Oct. 8: solicitor, Whitehead, Bury; official assignee, Pott, Manchester. CHRTIFICATIL-lb be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of nteeting.Sept.. 26, Barker, Manchester, victualler.

, SCOTCH SEQURSTRATIONIL-Paterson, Milngavie, victualler, Sept. 6, 27-Riddel, Aberdeen, cabinet-maker, Sept. 7, Oct. 5-Cuthbertson, Glasgow, banker, Sept. 10, Oct. 1.

Friday, September 6.

PARTNERSHIPS DissorxEn.B%?..g, Brothers, Grenada, West Indies, merchants- -Bea and Co. London-Syer and Page, Whitechapel Road, window-glass-merchants -Goff and BiTri,.Stanerilet Street, 'Milliners-Robinson and James. Nottingham, timber-merchants-Aspley and llowcroft, Boxmore coal-merchants--England and Swift, Oldhant; cotton-Manufacturers--Kantrowitz ;Lod Co. Salford, tobacconists - Young and Son, Bolton-le-Moors, brewers--Kay and Co. Dunston Forge, Gateshead, iron-manufacturers; as far as regards R. Kay-Pidgeon and Co. Eccleshall, mercers -Griffith and Chapman, Liverpool, milliners ; as far as regards R. and M. Single- hurst-Mitchell and St.- John, Cadogan Row, furniture-dealers-R. and J. Brown, Median; drapers-Smith and Co. Manchester ; as far as regards E. Gooddy-W. and A. Cave, Rathbone Place, English and Foreign toy w.xehouseinen-W. and G. Hes- keth,i Tyklesley Banks, • Laticashire, grocers-D'Hauregard and Co. Manchester, foreign-commission-merchants-Barber and Co. Norwich, grocers ; as far as regards F. W:Thoortpson-Powell arid Archbold, East Tilbury. coal-merchants-Wainwright and Co. Glasgow, sugar-refiners-J. and J. Baxter, Edinburgh, glass-dealers.


BArisr TPretc,,-nomis•Bainr3ri, Ranelagb Road, Pimlico, lard-refiner, to sur-

render _Sept. 13, Oct. 18: solicitors, Morgans, Old Jewry ; official assignee, Whit-

StreetOmiiins FRIEND, Kidderminster, bookseller, Sept. 21, Oct. 19: solicitor, Tudor, Kidderminster ; official assignee, Valpy, Binuingham-WIL- =ilk THOMAS SODTHROP, Gloucestershire, baker, Sept. 19, Oct- 17: solicitors, Stan- ley and Wasbrough, Bristol ; Frankum, Abingdon ; official assignee, Acraman, Bristel-Lkind &rung, Hull..-wine=merchant, Sept. 25, Oct. 16: solicitors, Phillips and Copeman, Hull ; official assignee, Carrick, Hull--Wtia.ram WARD, Liverpool, dining-room-keeper, Sept. 18, Oct. 24: solicitor; .Yates jun. Liverpool ; official as- stinetbatn-ner, Liverpool. Pennings, Chancery Lane, law-stationer-Sept. 27, Goals, littiviturlington Mews. Regent Street,jobmaster-Sept. 27, Cam pli ng, Norwich, haber- dasher- Oct. 3, Smith, Plymouth, shipwright-Oct. 11, Hunt, Bath, victualler- Got.S, Guy. Cliippenhain, money-scrivener-Oct. 10, Jameson, Newcastle-upon- 'yyne, inercer-.-.0ot- 4, Todhunter, Darlington, bookseller-Sept. 30, Duranty, •Liver- R0.01. tnerchaut-Oct, 1, Wareing, Liverpool, draper-Oct. I.E. and M. Hart, North- wick. drapers-Sept. 30, Jaffa and Willis, Liverpool, tailors. CERTIFICATES.-Th be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the V of moel400,--"SePt--28. Hertford, chemist-Sept. 27, Welsh, Westbury, ilt- shire, innkeeper-,Sept. 27, Campling, -Norwich, haberdasher-Oct. 16, Thurstsui, Cheltenham, innkeeper-Oct. 16, Bailey, Gloucester, saddler-Oct. 8, Hornsby and Mould, Newceede-upon-Tyne„ builders-Pct. 8, Veitch, Durham, printer-Oct. 3, Von Domeier, Newcaetie-upoti-Tyno. -merchant;-Oct. 3, Haley, Stafford, iron-

soobger. .•

DECLARATION or DIVIDE/CIL-Jones junior and °saes, Kingswinford, Steroid- shire, iron-masters; first dir. of 2s. 14. anyThuradiyafter the 12th of October; Christie, Birmingham. SCOTCHBRQUESTRATION8.-Moncur, Kettle Bridge, Fifeshire. merchant. Sept. 9, 30 -111•Queen Moore, Birneyknowes, Haddingtonshire, farmer, Sept. 13, Oct. 4-Man- son and Wighton, Perth. drapers, Sept. 12, Oct. 3.