7 SEPTEMBER 1850, Page 21


WAR-OFFICE, Sept. 3.--3d Regt. Drag. Guards-Lieut. T. E. Whitby to be Capt. by purchase, ' vice Squire, who retires ; Cornet W. Knatchbull to be Lieut. by pur- chase, vice Whitby. 4th Foot-Lieut. J. C. Bartley to be Capt. without purchase, vice Campbell, dec.; Ensign A. E. IL Ansell to be Lieut. vice Bartley. 10th Foot- Lieut.-Col. W. H. C. Wellesley, from the 81st Foot,' to be Lieut.-Col. vice Miller, who exchanges. 74th Foot-Lient. J. Napier to be Capt. by purchase, vice Wall- mitt, who retires; Ensign J. J.*Corrigan.to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Napier. 81st Foot-Lieut--C,oL T. Miller, from the 10th Foot, to be Lieut_-Col. vice Wellesley, who exchanges. 98th Foot-Major G. T. Parke, from half-pay Unita. to be Major, vice W. Edie, who exchanges; Capt. 13. Rainier to be Major, by purchase, vice Parke, who 'retires ; Lieut. F. Peyton to be Capt. by purchase, vice Rainier; Ensign T. Gardiner to be Lieut. by puraase, vice Peyton.

Allospital Staff-Fitz-Meade T. Dennis, Gent, to be Assist.-Surg. to the Forces, vice Dolce, promoted.

ADMIRALTY, Sept. 2.-The following promotions have this day taken place con- sequent on the death, on the 1st Sept. of Admiral of the lied It. D. Oliver-Admiral of the White J-.;Pochet to be Admiral of the Bed; Admiral of the.Blue J. Mackellar to be Admiral of the'White ; Vice-Admiral of the Red Sir T. Brigge, G.C.M.G. to be Adilaind of the Blue; -Vide-Admiral of the White B. M. Praed to be Vice-Admiral of mg-Red; Vice-Admiral of the Blue J. R. Decree to be Vice-Admiral of the White ; Rear-Admiral of the Red Sir W. B. Proctor, Bart. to be Vice-Admiral of the Blue; licaldmiraliat the White W. Ward to be Rear-Admiral of the Red ; Rear-Admiral of-the Blue V. F.-Hatton to be Rear-Admiral of the White; Capt. F. E. Loch to be [tear-Admiral of the Blue.

',Retired. Captains A. Adderley and Sir 11. O'Conor, K.C.H. have been promoted to be Retired Rear-Admirals, on the terms proposed in the London Gazette of the let Sept. 1846, without increase of half-pay.