7 SEPTEMBER 1850, Page 5


Lord Clarendon left Dublin on Saturday morning, for a fortnight's tour in the North. He reached Cidedon that afternoon, on a visit of three days to the Earl and Countess of Caledon. He was to visit the Earl of Erne, at Crom Castle, for a day ; and then to spend four or five days as the guest of the Marquis of Londonderry, at Gerson Tower, in Fermanagh. Next Wednesday he proceeds to Belfast, to stay from that day till Friday ; and the Northern metropolis of Ireland is resolved to give him a royal reception. Mr. Corry Connellan accompanies the Lord-Lieutenant, and Major Ponsonby attends him as his private secretary and aide-de-camp in waiting.

The lucrative office of Collector-General of Taxes under the new Dub- lin Improvement Bill, which public report had long since given to Mr. Maurice O'Connell, the Member for Tralee, has been bestowed on Mr. Alderman Staunton, whose name is identified with Irish journalism as the founder and proprietor of the Register newspaper, which for many years was the recognized organ of the late Mr. O'Connell, and the record, as it were of the proceedings of the once celebrated Catholic Association. —Times were,

The death of the Very Reverend Holt Waring, Rector of Shankell, places the Deanery of Dromore at the disposal of Government.

The corn-lifters are at their old trade in North Tipperary. On Sun- day last about one hundred and eighty reapers, and as many more bind- ers and helpers, proceeded en masse to some lands near Nenagh, and cut down fourteen acres of wheat, which they carried off in triumph, having at their disposal a large number of homes and case. This outrage too place on the estates of Count Dalton; and the marauding tenant recently took the benefit of the Insolvent Act, owing his landlord about 500/. rent. He was, nevertheless, discharged on the promise of fulfilling certain con- ditions; which, it seems, altogether escaped his memory, and he conti- nues to hold the lands clear of all rent and liabilities.—.Dublin Correspond- ent of the Times.