7 SEPTEMBER 1850, Page 9

If the following communication from Thurles, which appears in the

Even 019 Post, can be relied on as an accurate account of proceedings con- ducted with the strictest secresy, it is of some importance-

" During the present week, the Synod has been engaged in a discussion upon the question of the Queen's Colleges. Without pretending to exact in- formation of what occurred, for it is not known beyond the walls, I may mention that the general impression out of doors is, that the result has been much more favourable to the Colleges than had been anticipated by their opponents. It is stated that the condemnation of the Colleges was mooted ; but the question upon which the Prelates divided was that of withdrawing ecclesiastics from all connexion with those institutions. Upon a division there was only a majority of one against the Colleges ; some accounts represent the majority as two, but none allege a higher number. I understand that the decision upon this question, as well as upon every other, as soon as the Synod closes its sittings, will be despatched to Rome, for the consideration of the Sovereign Pontiff; so that it is not likely we shall have an exact report of the proceedings of the Synod until a reply comes from the , holy city."

I All the accounts received of the progress of harvest operations in Ire- ' land are highly satisfactory, and in many places the potato crop is said to show symptoms of reviving.—Duelin Correspondent of the Daily News. ! Some Serious rioting has taken place in the Kilrush workhouse, on the occasion of expelling from the house several ablebodied paupers who had been for some time receiving relief there.