10 MARCH 1849

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While Mr. Disraeli's agricultural relief scheme was brewing, the farmers

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had been summoned to great " aggregate " meetings in London, in response to the call for support of that quasi - Protectionist demonstration. But the support was curious. It was...


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Two more nights have been devoted by the Commons, this week, to the adjourned discussion on the Irish rate in aid ; and the proposition has been handled with a roughness that...

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Our Postscript last week announced the disastrous news from the

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Punjaub; and the official accounts, though they do not con- cur with the harsh criticism of the private reports, do not afford materials for a contradiction, but rather tacitly...

Debuts anti 113rocetbings in I:Indianian.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. HOUSE op LORDS. Monday, March 5. Marriages (Scotland) Bill, read a third time and passed—Adjourned 6 h. 30 m. Tuesday, March 6. Supply of Arms...

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Win sinetropolis.

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A. Court of Aldermen was held on Tuesday, for despatch of business; but it was counted out without having despatched any business. At a Court of Common Council, on Thursday,...

'Ibc %Rob Agricultural meetings have been held at Hartsmere in Suffolk,

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at Dorking in Surrey, and at Doncaster in Yorkshire, in furtherance of the movement against the duties on malt and hops. At the Hartsmere meeting, the Reverend Richard Cobbold,...

be Q1 ourt.

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Tun Queen and Prince Albert with their family lead a quiet life at Os- borne; receiving only one addition to their circle—that of Prince Ernest of Leiningen, who arrived at...

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The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce have resolved, by a majority of' 19 to 6, to petition in favour of the abolition of the Navigation-laws. During the last eight or ten days,...


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The Dublin correspondents of the morning papers describe, almost in similar terms, the sensation which Sir Robert Peel's speech of Monday last has created. The Times...

gortian anti Golonfal.

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FlIANCE.—The approaching elections for a Legislative Chamber, and the political trials about to take place at Bourges, engross the attention of the Parisians. Thiers and Mold...

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At a Court of Directors, held at the East India House, on Wednesday, Lieutenant-General Sir Charles James Napier G.C.B., was appointed Com- mander-in-chief of the Company's...

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The Neapolitan correspondent of the Times transmits two despatches by

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Prince Schwartzenberg, both dated on the 17th of January, one to the Austrian representative at Paris, the other to the Austrian representatives at Berlin and St. Petersburg:...


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SATURDAY. The House of Commons was occupied yesterday evening, till midnight, with the second reading of the Navigation Bill. Several petitions on the subject were presented,...

The Reverend James Shore preached in Spafields Chapel, Exmouth Street,

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yes- terday evening; and immediately afterwards was taken into custody for the offence, and conveyed to Exeter Gaol.

A deputation of some fifty gentlemen from the shipowners of

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Liverpool Glasgow, Greenock, Newcastle, Sunderland, and other ports of the king- dom, had an interview with Lord John Russell yesterday afternoon, to urge upon him the necessity...

Last night's Gazelle announces the appointment of Lieutenant-General Sir Charles

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James Napier, G.C.B., to "the local rank of General in the Army in the East Indies."


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY APTERNOON. The English Funds have been more steady than for some time. Consols fell from 914 to 914, but afterwards rallied again; closing this afternoon...

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There is more of the picturesque than the humorous in the last Ly- ceum novelty, entitled A Romantic Idea. A German student, sleeping for a night in a ruined castle to which a...

In anticipation of the regular programme of Her Majesty's Theatre,

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for which it appears things are not yet ripe, a demi-official announcement states the arrangements of the season in so far as they are yet made. In regard to the most...

Next week, if dramatic promises are to be fulfilled, we

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are to have the two Italian Operas; Othello with the "characters reversed," and a new farce, at the Haymarket; and a new weighty melodrama, called Hop-pick- ing, at the Adelphi....

At Astley's, an American youth named Hernandez has displayed such

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extraordinary ease and elegance, that he actually gives a novelty to the most old-fashioned feats of the ring.


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Sta—In your number (1079) of the 3d instant, after noticing the fact that some members of the British Relief Association had felt hurt at the...

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THE pleas on which Lord Gough justifies his sudden but not overwhelming attack on the Sikh force appear to be three,—that Chuttur Singh was on the point of joining Shere...


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HOW THE RUSSELL MINISTRY, IS PRESE,R*ED. Iti has been :hitherto :Crannied, in i fStiVirieit u itiaes bf ihe state of party polities, ths`t the motives . ol n eh'i i di c OrgNi'...

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IT is very possible that the next post may bring the news of a decisive battle in Hungary : the hostile armies stand face to face in the neighbourhood of Pesth, and even while...


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ANTICIPATION suggested by the last Indian mail has been con- firmed, and the reduction of the Army is suspended ; the dis- charge of soldiers is countermanded. More regiments...

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Mn. ADDERLEY has given notice of a motion in the House of Commons for the 22d instant, in the following words— " That an humble address be presented to the Queen, praying that...


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IF some patriotic Edgeworth could compose an effective "Essay on the Cure of Irish Bulls," perhaps that writer would do more for the country than any one else. It is mainly the...


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A VERDICT at the Central Criminal Court exemplifies at once the great advance made in the right understanding of matters that come within the cognizance of the criminal law, and...

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GRO TN'S GREECE—VOLUMES V. AND VI. °se of the moat interesting features in the sixth volume of Mr. Grote's History is the large use which he has made of the speeches in...

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111.0IIDE'S NEMESIS OF FAITH. * THIS remarkable book is an emanation

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of that deep thought on the con- dition of man and the conventions of society, which is going on to a flinch greater extent, we imagine, than Parliamentary or public-meeting...

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FITZGERALD ON THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY. * Ma. FtrzunaeLn's Examination of

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the Charter and Proceedings of the Budson's Bay Company, with reference to the Grant of Vancouver's .Island, hart been prompted by Mr. Montgomery Martin's trashy pamphlet upon,...

THE EMIGRANT FAMILY. * THE author of this book seems to

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be well acquainted with the life and landscapes of New South Wales; but he wants judgment to select events and persons imagination to generalize and vivify them. The every-day...

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The Parlour Library of Instruction is a new adventure by

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the pro- prietors of the Parlour Library, but apparently intended to include books of fact instead of fiction. The first number contains a translation of the first volume of...

Sir George Staunton's Inquiry into the Proper Mode of Rendering

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the Word "God," is a contribution towards the settlement of a diffi- culty which prevails among Chinese scholars engaged in translating the Scriptures. It is well known to those...

Mr. Pridham, in his Historical, Political, and Statistical Account of

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Ceylon, mistakes what the public want, and rather overrates his own ability to furnish it. For the statist, or the man of business,fa.ets about s colony, that can be turned to...

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Mrs. Mackenzie Daniel's Georgiana Hammond exhibits a great im- provement

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in style and composition : in the matter, perhaps, there is rather a falling-off, arising from a repetition of the same essential idea. In the novels of her late husband and...

The subject of Mr. Street's Frontenae, a Poem, is a

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war waged by the French Governor of Canada against the Iroquois nation, towards the close of the seventeenth century. The expedition failed, from the absence of an enemy ; but...

In the tale of Use and Abuse, the author wishes

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to exhibit infidelity and religion opposed .to one another, with the final defeat of infidelity and the triumph of faith. Such a task is difficult; but with every allowance for...

The Strayed Reveller, and the poems that accompany it, have

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the general merit and faults of several other poetical publications that have lately appeared ; as if haste and negligence were becoming the mode among those who aspire to build...


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THE Society of Arts has opened its third annual exhibition of decorative works; and the show is more varied and brilliant than ever. New classes of specimens are displayed; such...


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BOOKS. An Outline of the Necessary Laws of Thought; a Treatise on Pare and Applied Logic. By William Thomson, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of Queen's College, Oxford. Second edition,...

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A well-qualified correspondent fitvours us with a notice of Mr.

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David Scott, a member of the Scottish Academy of Painters, who died on the 5th instant, at his residence, Easter Dairy House, Edinburgh. "Little known in London, Mr. Scott was...

An interesting portrait of Lord Auckland, by Mr. Lowes Dickenson,

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is now exhibited at the house of Messrs. Dickenson in New Bond Street. The portrait is a careful but lifelike drawing: it represents the Earl stand- ing at a table, in an easy...


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Tuesday, March 6. PARTNEJUIHIPS DISSOLVED. Walker and Co. Sheffield, electro-platers ; as far as regards W. Robson-Haut and Raffia, New Bond Street, goldsmiths ; as far as...


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ADMIRALTY, March 3.-The following promollonshave this day taken place, muse. quest upon the death of Vice-Admiral B. IL RosseC.B,--Vice - Admiraleff the Biee the Hon. G....


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On the 4th January, at the British Legation, Teheran, the Lady of Lieutenant-Colo- nel Farrant,K.L.S., her Majesty'e Charge d'Affaires at the Court of Persia, of a daughter. On...


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WAR-oreica, March 9.-Ist Rest. of Life Guards-Capt H. Boys, from half-pay Unatt. to he Capt. vice T. Bulkeley, who exchanges ; Lieut. H. Lowther to beCapt. by purchase, vice...

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BRIT/8I( F Prices.) Tuesday Wedges. Purrs. Friday. _- 17 N D S. SoluSd. (Closing Essislass. I per Cent Consols 911 911 91 911 93 Ditto for Account Si 1 914 911 91...