11 NOVEMBER 1854

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The-violent, sudden, and ieregular fluctuations in the corn-mar- kets of

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the United Kingdom, may be compared to a short Channel sea : but the commotion is only on the surface. We have the high authority of Mr. Caird to confirm the belief that we are...


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THE event hastily reported in Lord Stratford de Redoliffe's tele- graphic despatch of the 28th October is still the last of any stirring interest; but the intermediate...

The only authenticated fact of the week which bears upon

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the Russo-Germanic question involving Prussia and Austria, is the " ideal° note" to which the Governments of Saxe Weimar, Saxe Meinengen, Saxe Altenberg, and Saxe Coburg Gotha...

The tranquillity in which Queen Isabella of Spain has opened

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the Cortes is by many regarded as the lull which precedes the !storm. „The circumstances by which the young but not inexpe- rienced monarch was surrounded were indeed painful in...

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tt V eruputio.

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The Lord Mayor's show was performed with the usual ceremony on Thursday, but with finer weather than usual. The remarkable circum- stance in connexion with the show was the...

tt4r (Gout.

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Tax QUEEN, with the Prince Consort, paid a visit to London on Satur- day morning, and returned to Windsor at five o'clock. The Queen and Prince Albert stood as sponsors, on...

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The Collingham Farmers Club held its annual ploughing match on Tuesday, on the land of Mr. Woolley of South Collinghani. Mr. Bar- row, one of the Members for Nottinghamshire,...


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From all parts of Ireland, the reports ef 'meetings for the promotion of the Patriotic Fund exactly reflect those which are taking place in Eng- land. Roman Catholic stands by...

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The Queen has appointed Sir Willie/it Gibson Craig to be -a nietnber of the-Board of Supervision for the Relief of the Poor in Scotland, in the plaCe of Mr:William Murray of...

furtign 11111( eniunint.

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THE Carims.—This week several despatches have been received from Lord Raglan, Admiral Pandas, General Canrobert, and various corre- spondents of the London journals, supplying...

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It is intended to reinforce the cavalry in the Crimea. The weakness of that branch of the service there is, unfortunately, not to be denied. The heavy brigade consists of five...

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A'Cabinet Council teas -held yesterday at the Forei g n Office. All

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the- '315:Miters ciccpt the 'Mar q uis of Lansdowne were present. The sitting l a sted nearly three hours. ;The Gazette of last ni g ht contained the followin g announcements....


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, at -Balaclava , in the encounter o f the 25th, e 64008 - .Ait throughput the campaign, by disease far more th an 29 ,„ fumi e h • the Awes Oh; mornin g w ith an occasion for...


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The pro g ress of the sie g e of Sebastopol continues to afford satisfaction; but this satisfaetion has failed to produce any favourable effect on the Funds:- the counteractin g...

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The productive spirit of the French dramatists, or at least the mani- festation thereof, having remained long pent up, now bursts forth with something like preternatural...

tgE COutrto.

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Salute*, produced last Monday at the Princess's, does not mark a progress in the course of spectacle as exhibited at that theatre. Hitherto all the French dramas which Mr....


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London, 7th November 1851. Bre—There are certain current opinions relating to the important ques- tions of education and the actual condition of society, which have been...

Ittttro to tht tititor.

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Q-Aldego's TH233.ISOEHE1IT. lower' Street, .5th November 1864. Sin—In your article of yesterday, on Mr. Cunningham's edition of John- son's Lives of the Poets, you point out...

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RUSSIA'S MISSION. IT is a great advantage, when man meets man, or nation nation, r in mortal hostility, that neither party should mistake the powers or the purposes of the...

On the 8th September, the Eon, Mrs. Arthur Evans, of

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a son. On the 20th October, at Corfu, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Walpole, of a daughter. On the 29th, at Edrington House near Berwick-on-Tweed, the Wife of Captain andsell,...

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faatuftiad :ja spirit; it.is the ac t of a trait* to

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his country ; it is SOribes. the Turks ,aa, " r efusin g th eja it ee , "'wicked" on his own g rounds. We do n ot 'intend to carry poll.. without sayin g :that the arbitrators,...

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-Dm ---.POItITICIOJeAMPOIOAltedIr Oil ilar ;AtEKORLE,".:..:.,

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itiffiI#mell*tendid"initlelk ilk beeoinestrissilized at 1 "tiglfiftliemtefcit'~ipairrile ne iitittvtnith netlee lit use r thatIdely and'eoastantlY mbve ' Sioni I " ' Tha' '...

'"M T IOXISG: 11.1 hue TIER question of suburban , intertnentriasettled: It has not

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been accomplialied by the'Boaird of Itealth.■ : Organized:philosophy has not been pail:tatted - to cOMPlete its!dwn.work ; Jar: organized phi- losophy soinetimes becomes...


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COLiiiisON has returned to the Temperate zone, and no further oh- Sect of. search remains save the relics of Franklin's expedition. Of course relics of Franklia and his...

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TICE striking fact elicited by the last newspaper stamp returns, that the sale of the Times more than doubles that of all the other morning papers put together,—being in the...


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IVILY does not the Home Office open a public laundry to "get up" the linen of private families throughout the United Kingdom? 00vernment is already undertaking the conduct of...

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MAE - RICE ON SACRIFICE. * TIES reader who is acquainted with the works of Frederick De- n ison Maurice will in these Sermons on the Doctrine of Sacrifice rec ognize many...

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MRS. THOMSON'S, RECOLLECTJOES OB l'EltdONS AND ri,AcEs.* Tii - min are obvious

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faults in these reminiscences of contempo- rary celebrities,' as well as of the 'biographical and historical re- collections associated in well-read minds with certain places. A...


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qtYpxkti ,lihe other accessible regions, has been visited of late ,.47 AQUI . ) 4 - 3 fr • variety or wild sports.; stil l . it_, ia,rintdso. ex', ba.us:ted as many countries,...

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FILL - 114S TICE PAISLEY SCULTT . 011.. i triE name Of Yames Fillanals

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familiar te us as 'that . of of some note in the annual exhibitions, but we do not retain any immediate recollection of particular works. . To the general pub- lic, as...

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TAYLOR AND READL'S PLAYS. * WHAT with their own merits, and

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what with the absence of com- petitors, Messrs. Tom Taylor and Charles Reade occupy a remark- able position in the history of the English stage. Their works are not only the...


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BOOKS. Institute of Metaphysic: the Theory of Knowing and Being. By James F. Ferrier, A.B., Oxon, Professor of Moral Philosophy and Political Economy. Tales of the Desert and...

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Tuesday, November 7, Pairrxensturs Dissotvan.-Haslem and Swer, Victoria Road, Pimlico. lacemen -Hadow and Co. Mincing Lane, colonial brokets-Cooke and Sutton, Newcastle-...


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ORDNANCE.OFFICE, Nov. 4.-Royal Regiment of Artillery-Gentlemen Cadets to be Second Lieutenants-V. D. Majendie, vice Blakiston, promoted ; J. E. Blackwelli vice Kaye, promoted;...

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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Ofilelal Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Austrian 5p. Ct.,- Meitgart 8 p. CL . 221 Belgian ' 3 - 92 it'd. New York 6 901 cad. Ditto 23 -...