13 MAY 1854

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MR. GLADSTONE'S financial speech of last Monday is a contribution Iv history. We may say this irrespectively of the speaker's per- tonal traits, though they came out strongly,...

The other subjects and proceedings in Parliament this week have

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been of the highest importance ; but either they have been treated so indirectly, or the stages have been so much a matter of course, that no one will require lengthened notice...

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The principal events in the Oriental theatre of war are

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still those respecting which the intelligence of the last three weeks has gradually supplied us with information ; and at last the Gazette is brought to its duty of telling the...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP THE WBEK. Roves or Loans. Monday, May 8. Irish Justice; Lord Westmeath's Motion. nesday, May 9. Unauthorized Negotiations ; Lord Campbell's Bill. y...

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THE Qrxmc held her third drawingroom, at St. James's Palace, on Thurs- day; and gave a state Concert at Buckingham Palace on Monday, to a great company of distinguished persons....

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The bicentenary festival of the Sons of the Clergy was celebrated on Wednesday, by the usual service at St. Paul's, and the usual dinner at the Merchant Taylor's Hall...

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The election of a Member for Lichfield, in the room of Lord Anson, elevated to the Peerage by the death of his father, took place on Tuesday. There was no opposition ; and Lord...

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FRANCE.—The sole news from France of public interest is the pro- jected establishment of two camps, in order that France may be ready for any emergency. The Moniteur of Sunday...


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Many county meetings, on the subject of the Lord Advocate's Educa- tion Bill, took place in Scotland during the past week ; all of which, ex- cept that of Forfarshire, where...

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The report of the General Board of Health on the administration of the Public Health and the Nuisances Removal and Diseases Prevention Acts, from 1848 to 1864, has been...

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The Committee on Mr. Stonor's case sat yesterday; Mr. Moore

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being present as prosecutor. The Duke of Newcastle and Mr. Peel were ex- amined by Mr. Moore ; who put a great many questions, and entered into matters which the Chairman...

M. Drouyn de Lhuys, the French Minister for Foreign Affairs,

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is con- fined to his bed with a cold and sore throat. The Meniteur of yesterday notices a difference in the Russian declara- tion on the subject of neutral rights as compared...

The London Gazette of last night contains despatches from Admiral

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Dundas, dated, "Britannia, off Odessa, April 22,' together with copies of the reply of General Osten-Sacken to the demand for explanations ; of the letter of Captain Loring of...


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SATURDAY. The principal subject under debate in Parliament last night was the Education Bill for Scotland ; of which the LORD - ADVOCATE moved the second reading, without a...


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MkLetter of "H." with the title "The Crystal Palace— a Sint to the _Broad Church" must be postponed. The other Letter on the same sub- ject, which at last finds a place, has...

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It is reported that the Emperor Napoleon has forwarded a

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pretty strong lecture to King Otho, by the hands of M. do Bourre,—a gentleman named, also, as the probable successor of General I3araguay d' Hilliers at Con- stantinople....

The bal costume at the French Ambassador's last night, was

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as re- markable for its splendour and taste, as for its undisguised political intent. Count Walewski had elaborately prepared his peculiar mansion at Albert Gate for the...

A correspondent makes a suggestion that might be practically useful.

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Ministers have professed their readiness to give the public information respecting the progress of the war as the despatches arrive ; but they do so through the cumbrous and...

The Royal Albert screw steamer of 131 guns was launched

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today at Woolwich ; having been named in due form by the Queen. The dock- yards, the craft on the river, and the Essex shore, were black with the multitude of people collected...


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DURING THE WEEK ENDING MAY 13. House of Commons. LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT. Ministerial. By whom introduced. Stage arrived at. Manning of the Navy Sir J. Graham Read a first...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The new financial statement of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, on Mon- day last, was favourably received, and produced an improvement in the...

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The Royal Italian Opera has now begun to put forth its strength. The advent of Lablache and Mario furnished the means, on Tuesday, of giving the most complete and admirable...

We are requested to mention, that a performance of the

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Messiah, for the benefit of the Royal Society of Musicians, will take place at Exeter Hall on Wednesday the 17th. All the most eminent vocal and instru- mental performers in...

The two Philharmonic Societies have had concerts this week ;

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the Old on Monday, the New on Wednesday. Both were good, and they resem- bled in this that no new composition was produced at either. At the Old Society's concert, the principal...


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An interesting course of lectures by Mr. Cowden Clarke, at the Lon- don Institution, on "four of the Great European Novelists," was brought to a close on Monday. The authors...

Novelty in the way of non-lyrical production is wholly confined

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to the St. James's Theatre • where the performances go on very respectably, under a more than ordi nary amount of Royal patronage. La Grand'tnere, by M. Scribe, was eminently...

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PRINCIPLES OF THE NEW BUDGET. ALTHOUGH Mr. Gladstone laid down with perfect distinctness the principles which guide him in the conduct of finance as Chancellor of the...


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THE god Terminus has received notice of ejectment, and Sir George Cathcart, like another Hadrian, abandons his predecessor's conquest,• and restores the river boundary of the...

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Ma. BARON ALDERSON has suggested a Parliamentary raid upon bill-jobbers. The enterprise seemed worth the ambitious atten- tion of any Member willing to undertake it ; and we are...

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" EIDENTEM dicere verum quid vetat ?" Vetat Cobden !—" a full solempne man." Mr. Cobden's forte is not exact statement ; and his remarkable exhibition of incompetency to seize...


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system of administration fails to secure proper guarantees for the public advantage is, the want of some responsible officer to check the invasions of private interests upon...

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THE picramts AT WOBUBN ABBEY. Woburn Abbey, 9th May 1854. Bra—The extract with your remark in your paper of the 29th of April from Dr. Waagen's work, is calculated to produce...


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London, 29th April 1854. SIR—Assuming the principles laid down to be admitted, the number of coins to be coined from a decimal pound of each of the standard metals, and the au-...


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.Edinburgh, 25th April 1854. SIR—In your publication of the 22d, after correctly observing, that by the verdict of the Jury in the late case here of Dr. Smith he is neither...


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St. John's Wood, 9th 3fay 1854. Bra—When I read your request, in the last number of the Spectator, that your correspondents would give their pens a rest for one week, I...

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1 Adam Street, Adelphi, 26th April 1854. Sra—In the article on the New Crystal Palace in your last week's number, you ask, "whether the enterprise is likely to pay without a...

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NAVAL GAZETTE. ADMIRALTY, May 8.—Corps of Royal Marines—Second Lieut. C.

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H. Clarendon to be First Lieut. vice Freeland, deceased. May 9.—First Lieut. J. H. Parry to be Adjt. vice Mansell, promoted,


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On the 9d May, in Belgrare Square, the Hon. Mrs. Keith Stewart, of a daughter. On the 4th, in Eaton Square, the Wife of Colonel Codrington, Coldstream Guards, of a son. On the...

MILITARY GAZETTE. WAR-OFFICE, May 9.—Royal Horse Guards Blue—Gen. the Right

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Hon. F. J. Henry Lord Raglan, G.C.B. Master-General of the Ordnance, from the 53d Foot, to be Col. vice Field-Marshal II. William Marquis of Anglesey, K.G. and G.C.B. deceased....

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BRITISH FUND • 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 9 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Prices.) Tueaday. Wastes. Thurs. Friday: B. (Closing Saturd. Monday. 871...


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Tuesday, May 9. PARTITEMTXPe DISSOLVED. - Sturenberg and Co. Rotterdam, merchants-Wells and Co. Basinghall Street, lithographers-Mitchell and Co. Bury, Lancashire. cot-...

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London : Printed by JOSEPH CLAYTON, of 310, Strand, in

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the County of bliddieser, Printer, at the office of Josoru Cave- row, No. 10, Crane Court, In the Parish of St. Dunetan's in the West, in the City of London ; and Published by...

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LEE'S LAST DAYS OF ALEXANDER AND FIRST DAYS OF NICHOLAS. * IN 1824, Dr. Lee joined the establishment of Count now Prince Woronzow, who has lately withdrawn from the government...

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MAY 13, 1854.

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SPRING NOVELS. * IF books of travels are becoming somewhat trite

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and devoid of cha- racter from continual repetition of the same scenes or the same general subjects, how much more is that likely to be the case with novels. In travels, there...

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TALPOPHL'S CASTILIAN. * IT was probably by accident rather than by

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native bent that the late Mr. Justice Talfourd's poetical efforts were directed to the stage ; for his genius seems not to have been of a truly dramatic kind, though the poetic...

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BOOKS. Psychological Inquiries : in a Series of Essays, intended to illustrate the mutual relations of the physical organization on the mental faculties. Claude the Colporteur....

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/tut arts.

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THE ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION: SACRED AND HISTORICAL SUBJECTS. The great religious picture of the gallery—Mr. Hunt's "Light of the World "—is, as it ought to be, the great...

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An exhibition so distressingly bare as the New Water-Colour Society's of this year is not within our recollection. Had it been otherwise, we might have considered it only...


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It is a very hopeful feature of the time that we are beginning to take systematic steps for the cultivation of a knowledge of foreign art. Nothing could do our painters greater...