14 JULY 1860

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The Prince of Wales is on the broad Atlantic steaming

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for the American continent. Accompanied by the Prince Consort to Plymouth, he embarked on board the Hero on Monday evening and sailed on Tuesday morning, convoyed by the Channel...


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THE House of Commons is in no amiable mood. It sits early, it sits late, it debates and divides with amazing assiduity—eleven divisions took place between one p. m. on...

We have almost no progress to report in the two

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Sidles. At Naples the Sbirri, or private soldiers of the constabulary, have been detected in violent attacks and in plots, said, with great probability, to be instigated by the...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP THE WEEK.. HOUSE or LORDS. Monday, July 9. Italian Affairs ; Lord Normanby's Com- plaints—Naval Discipline Bill read a second time—Tramways (Scotland)...

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tot Rittropnlis.

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The prizes won by the competitors at Wimbledon were awarded to them at the Crystal Palace on Monday by Lord de Grey and Ripon in the unavoidable abscene of Mr. Sidney Herbert....

Tax Quxaw is now at Osborne. Her Majesty has driven

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to Ventnor and Carisbrooko Castle. The Prince Consort and the Prince of Wales embarked in the Victoria and Albert on Monday for Plymouth, and her Majesty and the Princess Alice...

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It it stated that Mr. John Wynne is about to resign his seat for Sligo. The names of three or four gentlemen are already mentioned as likely to be candidates for the borough....


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The Prince of Wales embarked on board the Hero, 91, at Plymouth, on Monday evening for Canada. The next morning at seven, the Hero, accompanied by the Ariadne, 26, put to sea....

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fr lIff.—The Emperor and Court have now fairly turned their backs on Paris for the rest of the summer and autumn. They have a full programme if they accomplish all that is...

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The Scotsman some time since: stated that Mr. Gladstone had tendered sr was about to tender his resignation. This was denied on semi-official authority. On the 12th of July, the...

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SATURDAY M Grua rm. In the evening, Colonel FRENCH gave notice that on Tuesday next he should move for leave to bring in a bill to make tho laws relating to Volunteer corps...

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A telegram from Genoa, July 13, on the faith of

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a despatch from Ga- ribaldi, reports that the Neapolitan steam-corvette Veloce, 6 guns, had gone over to Garibaldi. If this report be true, the Dictator has secured a rich prize. -


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Bankruptcy Aunultert.—J Ames Gums, Todmorden, Yorkshire, manufacturer. Bankrupts.—JAMES Harr, Leadenhall Street, jeueller—JOss Pfinases, Penton Street, Pentonville, dealer...

The following arrangements, consequent on the resignation of Mr. Bingham,

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will take place in the Metropolitan Police Courts :—Mr. Tyrwhitt, of the Clerkenwell Police Court, will succeed Mr. Bingham at Marlborough Street ; Mr. D'Eyncourt, of Worship...


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STOOK EXOHANOE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON'. The Consul Market opened on Monday . dull and heavy, at 931 931 for money; and 931 931 for August. The principal transactions were in eon - -...


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SIR—I have read with great interest your article on "The High Prices of Food " in the Spectator of July 7th. Although I have not to provide for a large family, I feel a...


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On the 2d of Jdly, at G, Upper Hyde Park Gardens, Lady Stephenson. of a still- born son. On the 3d, Lady Robert Cecil, of a daughter. On the 4th, at Hendon, Middlesex, the Wife...

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IF the Blue-book on the subject of Savoy and Italy establishes any fact it is, that the total confusion of council which reigns amongst the several Governments of Germany...


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THE ROYAL VISIT TO CANADA AND WASHINGTON. Timm:Tetuan a vast extent of territory on the other side of the - Atlantic, preparations are in active progress to receive one par-...

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PROBABLY at no period since January of last year have affairs in Italy been in a more critical position than at present, and yet it seems to us that the difficulty admits of an...

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WILY does not some Member of Parliament extract from the Minister of War an explanation or an apology for the conduct of the officers of the Royal. Army commanding at New...


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To see how the interest of the public has kindled around our first national rifle match is most satisfactory. From the first shot sped by the Royal touch and charmed with the...

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IN the course of the Bankruptoy debate, Mr. Roebuck threw out a suggestion of the highest importance; which, however, did not receive the attention it deserved: Any alteration...


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THE PROFESSOR AT THE BREAKFAST-TABLE. THERE was no incident in the late Mary Russell Mitford's visit to America which so surprised and delighted her as her discovery of Dr....

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MAYES OF ORA138. • AMERICA is unreasonably impatient to possess a

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great national poet as intrinsically her own as Shakapeare is English, Burns Scotch, Goethe German, and Dante Italian. She may have an emperor sooner—absit omen ! Young as she...

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of Lord Macaulay are com- prehended some of the earliest and some of the latest works which he composed. Of the ten articles published in Knight's Quarterly during the author's...

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CROWE'S HISTORY OF FRANCE. • IN recording the political and social

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phenomena of Historic France, Mr. Crowe undertakesto survey the subject from an English point of view. He is not a picturesque nor in any high sense of the word a philosophical...

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The season that had lost its way has found it at last. Summer is yeomen in, and tourists' books come with it Mr. Walter White, liberally interpreting the Shropshire proverb, ALL...


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The departure of the Queen will bring the London season to an earlier termination than usual. The two Italian Operahouses are preparing to close their doors. At Her Majesty's...


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A volume or" Speeches in Parliament and Miscellaneous Writings of the late Henry Drummond," is announced as forthcoming by Messrs. Bosworth and Harrison, Regent Street Meagre....

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It was only recently that:in speaking of the sculpture in

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the Royal Academy Exhibition, we were led to expatiate a little upon the prevalent Want of ability to, execute our more, important public monuments. A casein point is now too...


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BRITISH FUN D8. (Closing Priem.) Ballard. Monday. I'Veaday. Widnes. Thera. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Annuities 1880 Annuities...