15 APRIL 1837

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THE exhausted subject of Irish Municipal Reform was the pretext for two weary debates in the House of Commons on Monday and Tuesday. Long enough before midnight on Monday,...

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The Foreign intelligence this week is again very scanty. The

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Paris papers supply nothing but rumours about the crise Minis- terielle, which is not yet over. Go MOT, MOLE, NIONTALIVET, and SouL - r, have each of them endeaveured to form a...

liftbatet an practrtfingtin /3 adiament.

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• IRISH CORPORATION REFORM. lathe House of Commons, on Monday, Lord Joins Rotuma. moved the third reading of the Irish Municipal Bill. Honourable gentlemen opposite,...

From Spain there is a rumour that Don CARLOS had

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received a large sum of money from the Northern Powers, for the clothing of his army. It is said that Mesernzsam. has a plan for raising some raaney by admitting British cotton...

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About fifty influential electors of Westminster assembled at the British Coffeehouse, Cockspur Street, on Monday evening, to consider the state of the representation of...

The trial of James Greenacre for the murder of Hannah

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Brown, and of Sarah Gale for aiding and comforting him, was commenced in the Central Criminal Court on Monday, before Chief Justice Tindal, Justices Coltman and Coleridge, and...

tbt Ceurt.

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tr i m death of Lady De L'Isle, the King's eldest daughter, which hap- pened on Monday at Kensington, has turned the Royal Palace of Windsor into a house of mourning. The Levee...

A most respectable and well-attended meeting was held at the

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Castle Inn, Hampstead Heath, on Wednesday evening, to petition Parliament in favour of the Government measure for the abolition of Church-rates. No attempt was made to exclude...

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The Countess of Lincoln, daughter of the Duke of Hamilton,

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is seriously indisposed. The Earl of Lincoln arrived in town on Satur- day, but was recalled to the seat of his fiither, the Duke of Newcastle, where Lady Lincoln was staying....

The crisis hag not come, but is fast coming. In

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Manchester some serious fames have taken place. A calico-printer, one of the oldest in the trade, wh 1828 was understood to be worth 50,000/., an old house engaged in spinning...

Irbe Country.

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Messrs. Baring and Bonham Carter have addressed two letters to their constituents at Portsmouth, promising to become candidates again whenever a dissolution shall take place....

Lady De Lisle and Dudley, eldest daughter of the King,

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and a great favourite with his Majesty, died on Monday night, at Kensington Pa- lace. She had scarcely recovered from a confinemetit when she was attacked by the influenza ; and...


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The Earl of Ilehester, brother-in-law to the Marquis of Lansdowne, has been appointed Lord-Lieutenant of Somersetshire, in the room of the late Marquis of Bath. Really the...

A meeting was held at Reading on Monday evening, for

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the purpose of taking into Consideration the measure proposed by Govermnent for the abolition of Church-rates. The Mayor presided, and the numbers present are estimated at...

The Marquis of Waterford, with the Honourable Mr. Villiers, Mr.

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Reynard, Sir F. Johnstone, and eight other 'gentlemen," have been kicking up rows at Melton Mowbray, bruising watchmen, breaking windows and lamps, smearing doors and shop-signs...

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New York papers, to the llth of March, have been

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received by the packet-ship Pennsylvania. The commercial adviees are unfavourable. No specie has been shipped from the United States. The latest dates from Liverpool received in...


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wan.orrics. April 14 --6th Begt. of Drag. Guards - Brevet Major D. Ilay to be Maim . , by purelisse, vice Stephenson, who retiree; Lieut. I. Jones to be Capt. by pur- chase,...


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BATIMDAY NIGHT. ACCORDING to the Paris papers of Thursday, the French Ministry • would probably, after all, be reconstructed by Gerzar, and be essen- tially Doctrinaire....


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On the 10th inst., at Burghley, the Marchioness of ExETER, of a daughter. FOn the 12th inst., jut Grosvenor Slitiare. the Right Hon, Lady Putaimoax. of a son aud lick. On the...

In the House of Commons, last night, after a long

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and serious dis- cussion, Ministers sueceeded in carrying the 5th of their Resolutions for the Coercion of Canada, by a Tory-Whig majority of 269 to 46. This resolution is by no...


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Arrived - Off Plymouth. Maree 12th, Boyne. Richardson, from Bombay ; Canton. and Tribune, Browse, from Mauritius. Off Falmouth. 12th. Duke of Bed. f or d. Bowen, from Bengal ;...

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The Courier states that the Reverend EDWARD STANLEY, brother of

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Sir JOHN STANLEY, and uncle of the Secretary of the Tressury, is to be the new Bishop of Norwich. This is a good Whig appointment.

Several Members of Parliament, and other gentlemen connected with Colonies

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and Colonization, use engaged in forming an association to be called the COLONIAL SOCIETY, concerning which we have received the following particulars. The objects of the...

The Morning Chronicle says that Mr. ROEBUCK'S second speech last

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night disgusted some of the friends of Canada—that " many left the House who would have staid and voted with him ; some voted against him who would otherwise have left the...

It appears by the Liverpool Price Current, that the stock

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of cotton on band on the 7th of April 1836 was 148,190 bags; on the 7th of April 1837, 2.59,710; and large importations may yet be expected, with a decreasing demand. This is a...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON'. The settlement of the Consol Account for April, which occurred on Wed. nesday, has invested the proceedings of the week at the Stock Exchange...

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A new play by SIIERIDAN KNOWLES, with the title of

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Brian Boroihnie, is announced at Covent Garden for next week ; and a "comic farce "—we have had enough of serious farces here.—is played to-night. We are also promised a new...


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THE Theatres open their) doors nightly, and are nightly filled—to a certain extent. There must be aprodigious number of people at a loss to pass away their evenings. Perhaps...


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THE STATE OF THE COUNTRY, ECONOMICAL AND POLITICAL. ON several occasions during the last twelvemonth, we have indi- cated the approach of a period of severe economical...

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MISAPPLICATION of charitable bequests, and violation of laws which they have sworn to obey, are offences contiuually, sterna- ii c ant, anti almost unavoidably committed by the...

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Tue second convert of this Society—which, in fact, consists of Messrs Mom and Foni:ES.—WaS on Monday night. It is a sort of second-rate Philharmonic, not bound down by the same...


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Geist, Tasterem, RUBINI, and LABLACRE, are released from their Parisian engagement, and have again appeared in our musical hemi- sphere. We have little to add to the bare...

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POILOSOPRV OF HISTORY. General History of Civilisation in Europe, from She Fail of the Roman Empire to 'the French Resolution. Translated from the French of M. Guisot,...


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THE design of' M. GUIZOT is to describe the nature, to investigate the causes, and to trace the progress of modern civilization. The period which the Lectures embrace commences...

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HAS the reader ever met with a brisk, active, roystering, young man, full of blood and animal spirits, with that recklessness and self-assurance which may be derived, as GUIZOT...

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We yesterday enjoyed a twat of the most exquisite kind,

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in the sight of a picture that realized all that can be conceived of the power of painting. It is a Alaedalen by CORREGIO, a hall-length the size of life : she leans on her...

A grand historical picture, by a young artist of the

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modern Flemish school, M. DE KEYSER, whose age is only twenty-two, will be ex- hibited next week at Stanley's Rooms in Maddox Street. The subject is The Battle ty` Courtrai, or...


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ENIIIBmoNs are coming on thick and threefold. The New Society ci Paiwers in Water alours opens to public view next Monday, at Exeter Hall ; the Old Smiiety, in Pall Mall East,...


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TOE German Prince has given us a much more lively and enter- tabling account of his trip to Algiers than the English poet; though, in point of solid information, Semilasso liz...