15 JULY 1848

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ALREADY, a month before the recess, the conviction begins to dawn upon both Houses, that this, one of the longest sessions on record, held at a time when legislation on various...

Revising his earlier intent, General Cavaignac maintains for some time

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longer the rule of martial law in Paris. Passing events illustrate the policy of that course; its present success in preserv- ing life and order sanctions it. If the deference...

Some expectation was created by the announcement of a new

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Carlist insurrection in Spain under Cabrera: but hitherto, so far as one can pierce through the mist of falsification that pre- vails on every side in Spain, the achievements of...

The power wielded by the authorities in Ireland is not

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sufficient to secure the safety of the Queen. The visit of the Sovereign, recently promised, has been indefinitely postponed : all the ad- vantages, therefore, which were so...

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Debates anb routbings fu Varliainent. SIJG.au-DUTIES.

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In the Rouse of Commons, on Monday, the adjourned debate on the Btagar-duties was continued by Mr. MUNE, Lord Gzonaz Burariscis, Lord JOHN Roger:Li., and Mr. GOnmsuust, and...

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IN the morning of Monday, the Queen and Prince Albert with their dui- dren visited the Zoological Gardens in the Regent's Park. In the evening, the Queen went in state to Drury...

be IFIttrop olio.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday, for the despatch of business. The Chairman of the Officers awl Clerks Committee reported on the: ease of Mr. Hockley Wood,:the...

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• Zbe 113robincts.

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At the close of the poll for the borough of Yarmouth, on Saturday, the numbers were—Sanders, 414; Rumbold, 384; Bagshaw, 300. Mr. San- ders and Mr. Rumbold were declared duly...

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• The Home Secretary has made the following reply to the address of seventy-one Peers and Membeis . of Parliament, urging strenuous courses spinet the Irish Clubs, an abstract...

_foreign ant; eolonial.

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Faastca.—General Cavaignac continues to take energetic measures to- wards restoring firm government. The Reprisentant dee Peuple newspaper was suspended on Tuesday, for an...


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The Caledonian Railway has made a sudden and sweeping reduction of its fares between Edinburgh and Glasgow, in competition with those charged by its rival the Edinburgh and...

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The Queen has been pleased to appoint John William Dupre, Esq., to the office of Procurator-General in the island of Jersey, in room of Sir Thomas Le Breton, appointed Bailiff...


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SATURDAY . Parliament has usually its "long Friday," as the Opera its "long Thursday ": yesterday's sittings were briefer than usual, and of an ex- hausted interest. The Lords...

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Dr. Kennedy, the Catholic Bishop of Killaloe, has headed an

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important movement in favour of Repeal, but against the plan of agitation by clubs. Dr. Kennedy, the Catholic Bishop of Killaloe, has headed an important movement in favour of...

.Reports prevailed in town yesterday evening, that Paris was again,

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on Thursday, in an openly disturbed state; even that barricades had linen raised against the Government. Arrivals today, of yesterday's date, show these reports to have been...

Mr. Macready's benefit at Drury Lane Theatre, on Monday, was

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made the occasion of a species of display now rare in this metropolis. Formerly a " state " visit of the Sovereign to the two " Royal" houses was a matter of course at certain...

The Queen has appointed Captain the Honourable Joseph Denman to

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be one of the Grooms in Waiting in ordinary on her Majesty, in room of Admiral Sir Ed- ward Codrington, who has resigned. The Post-office authorities have announced that from...

Arrivals this morning from Vienna, of the 9th instant, give

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sense parti- culars of important events in [Lingerie and the Sclavonic provinces on the Anstrian and Turkish frontiers. Sclavonia and Croatia are in fall revolt against Hungary;...


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Both the Operahouses have betaken themselves this week, on - the " extra " Thursday, to a masterpiece of Mozart—Le Piazze di Prime*: 'at Covent Garden, repeated, as before; at...


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AusivEn.—At Gravesend, July rah, E. Robinaen, Leyland. from Calcutta ; and Iris, Tanner, from 3fauritins ; 10th, Sultan, Gardner, from Singapore; John Edward, Kell, from Maria;...


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&Meg Exestart0E, FRIDAY APTEattoon. The English Stock Market has been gradually improving during the whole of the week; and today, during the settlement of the Consol Account,...

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M. Chopin, the celebrated pianist, Whose first matinee we lately noticed, gave a second last week,,at the residence of a noble amateur, the Earl of Falmouth; which, like the...


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REBELLION IN IRELAND IMPROVED. IT is impossible to contradict the opinion of many well-informed persons that the actual state of affairs in Ireland must result in rebellion at...

The situation of a gentleman who having married a widow

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has reason to believe that the first husband is still in existence, would naturally be ex- pressed in a serious if not a tragic form. Southernee Isabella is something like a...

The Olympic Theatre, which is always ready to be opened,

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has com- menced a summer season, with a vaudeville company, not very brilliant, nor very bad. The prime of admission are low, and other theatres are shutting-up; so that the...

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A co/cranes:now in the House of Commons, this week, goes far- ther to sink official statesmen than-perhaps-anything which has happened in Parliament. It will he recollected that...


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THE " real measure for Ireland "* stands a good chance of be- coming law in the present session, in spite of untoward procras- tination. The bill that came down from -the Lords...

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Tern 'freedom of the press is not secured only by laws to protect It against tyranny, but also by the absence of covert or illicit con- neiion with official departments....


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THE restoration of the English drama—if indeed the - English drama is to be restored—must be brought about by rendering theatres attractive to the intelligent class of...

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ECCLUL4312CAL - BISSONS, History of the Jesuits, from the Totindition of their Society tone Suppression by Pope Clement XLV. ; their Missions throughout the World ; their...


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Tan silver orb of night has ever smiled with tutelary beneficence on lovers; and so likewise, at the Guildhall on Monday—Lunee dies—a pair of lovers found in Moon, the Alderman...

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a German litterateur and professor, who acquired considerable distinction as a mineralogist. He was born in Holstein, about 1773: his father was, a medical practitioner, but...

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MR. WRAY appears to have been engaged in sugar-planting in Jamaica, the Straits of Malacca, and the East Indies; but, as in the case of other practical men, his experience seems...

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IS a rarity in these days of flashy rapidity ; for it is a close, painstaking, solidly-written novel, in whieh truthful delineation of characters, man- ners, and all the...


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BOOKS. Madame de Malguet; a Tale of 1820. In three volumes. Italians at Home. By Fanny Lewala, Author of' D ogena," &c. Translated. from the German by the Countess D'Avigdor....

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On the 13th June, at Government House, Newfoundland, the Lady of his Excellency Sir John. Gaspard le Merchant, of a daughter. On the 7th Jule, at Clifton Park, near Bristol, the...


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Tuesday, July 11. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Pennington and Burrowes, ostrich-feather-rnerchants-Monre and Co. lenetturela Street, tea-agents-Hilton and Co. Manchester,...


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Results of the Registrar-General's return of mortality . in the.Metropolis for the week ending on Saturday last- Number of Summer deaths. average. Zymotle Diseases 338 .... 257...

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BRITISH F Prices.) Tuesday. Witloss Muss . Friday. N S. &used, (Closing Monday. 3 Drto 8 6 1eXd- for moi l 87 841 871 87 1 i r 861ex 4. 87 871 671 871 Spec...