15 JUNE 1833

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IF a measure were complete without details,—if the mere passing of resolutions, and the sanction of a principle, were sufficient to set great questions at rest,—then, indeed,...

The Dutchess DE BERRI has been put on board a

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French frigate, 48Rucr , • rs of the att1C lig Pies.% and sent off, with her baby, to Paler French Opposition in the Chamber are very angry at her escape; but sure, on the...

The determination of Russia to make good her footing in

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Tur- key, is clearly indicated by the latest accounts from the East. Silo continues pouring in large bodies of troops as fast as her means of transport from Odessa will permit,...

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The King of Belgium opened the new session of the

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Chambers on the 7th instant, with a speech from the Throne. He stated, that in consequence olt the late convention with Holland, a partial disarming would take place ; that the...

• igebatn1 allbt Procerbingt? in Pail/uncut.

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1. THE KING'S REPLY TO THE ADDRESS OF THE HOUSE OF IJOMMONS. Lord ALTHORP appeared at the bar on Monday, with his Majesty's answer to the address of the House respecting the...

The Marquis of PALMELLA arrived at Oporto on the 1st

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instant, 32' company with Captain NAPIER, and about six hundred troops, principally Poles. It is expected that Don PEDRO'S affairs will be bald:Red by PALMELLA'S arrival, as he...

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Etc Court, Tie King and Queen, on - Monday, honoured the

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Duke and Dutchess of Northumberland with their presence at a grand breakfast at Sion House. The Duke and Dutchess of Cumberland, the Princes Charles and Alexander of Salms, and...

erbe About two thousand householders and inhabitants of Marylebone met

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iiDn Monday, at Allen's Riding School. Admiral Sir R. Stopford, Sir Andrew Green, Sir S. De Benyon, Captains Wood, &c. were among the multitude. The chair was taken at two...

The Merchant Tailors Company had their annual dinner on Tuesday

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last. Mr. Matthias Attwood, the Master, was in the chair ; and among the guests were the Dukes of Wellington and Buccleugb, the Marquises of Chandos and Salisbury, Earls of...

Sir James Scarlett applied on Tuesday to the Court of

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King's Bench for a certiorari to remove the indictment against Mr. W. J. Bankes from the Sessions into that Court, should a true bill be found against him. Sir James read an...

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The Earl of Glengall, accompanied by the Marquis of Westmeath,

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and his solictor, Mr. Rowley, attended at the Mansionhouse on Satur- day, to meet the charge preferred against him by Dorah Butler, of being the father of one of her children....

The most.violent storm that has within living memory been wit-

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nessed at this season of the year, visited the Metropolis on Tuesday last. The wind blew with great force early in the morning, but towards the middle of the day became a...

A watch-box on Blackfriars Bridge was burnt on Wednesday. It

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appears, that a man who had been smoking, threw his pipe over the watch-box, and it fell with some lighted tobacco on a quantity of straw behind ; the wind fanned it into a...

On Saturday last, Mr. John Campbell, a young artist, shot

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himself in a fit of temporary derangement. He was rather dissipated, and be- came embarrassed in his circumstances. His brother (Mr. Campbell, the sculptor), who had frequently...

eijr Country.

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A sale of goods, belonging to a Mr. Chatfield of Riverhead, near Sevenoaks, which had been seized for the payment of Church-rates, was advertised to take place a few days since;...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY T IGHT. The Tories are actively engaged in preparing the list of a new Ministry. There have already been several meetings, and some good dinners. A few...

The Chronicle of this morning is again full of dire

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forebodings of the consequences of the approaching collision between the two Houses of Parliament, which the rejection of the Irish Church Reform Bill is to produce. The Times,...

The Times has discovered that the Queen was not enthusiastically

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received by the multitude during her progress through the City on Thursday to St. Paul's, but on the contrary, that she was violently hissed and hooted. When Earl GREY'S...

An inquest was held, on Wednesday week, on the body

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of the soldier who was killed at Middleton, in the county of Cork, on the day when the attempt was made to serve the processes for the collection of Dr. Austen's tithe. The...

Major-General Sir James Carmichael Smyth has been appointed Lieutenant-Governor of

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British Guiana, comprehending the Colonies of Demerara, Essequibo, and Berbice. Sir William Russell, Chief Justice of Bengal, died on the 18th of December last. Sir Edward...

THE TORY PLor.---We find that our predictions yesterday respecting the

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Plot in the House of Peers to attempt the overthrow of the present Govern- ment, may be realized sooner even than we anticipated. Cabals and intrigues are going on in all...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENING. The departure of M. DEDEL (which has actually taken place), and the sinister rumours of the desperate designs of the Tories, have materially...

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WAR-OFFICE, Done 14.-6th Regt. of Foot-Ensign J. Gordon to be Lieut. with- out purchase, vice Ottcy, deceased; Ensign A. Barry, from the half-pay Unattached, to be Ensign, vice...


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HELP FROM THE PEOPLE WANTED. THE Chronicle is in great dismay about a Tory Plot. It seems that a parcel of Royal Dukes and others ere likely to turn out the Ministry, by means...


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BIRTHS. On the 12th inst., at Wootton Bassett, the Lady of the Rev. T. H. RIPLEY, of a son. On the 7th inst., the Lady of LEE STEERE, Esq., of Jayes, in the county of Sorry, of...


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PALEY said, that there was "not more paradox than truth in the much-decried apophthegm that an independent House of Com- mons is incompatible with the existence of the...


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Arrived-At Gravesend, June 9th, Pacific, Mortimer, from the Cape. At Deal, 13th, B.C. S. Reliance, Timmins, from China ; Wellington, Liddell, from Madras ; Ben- coolen, Tullis,...

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THE praise of the intelligent and humane is due to the Solicitor- General, for having at length taken up this abuse, and proposed a remedy for it. We feared that the notice of...

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No one can have forgotten, that numbers were induced to sup.. port the Irish Suppression Bill, and to view its arbitrary provisions without alarm, by the perfect confidence...


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WE have heard some few concerts in the course of our lives, and out of the number, about half-a-dozen claim precedence of all the rest. The concluding Philharmonic of this...


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As Mr. STANLEY is a Cabinet Minister and a leading member of Earl GREY'S Administration, one would be apt to imagine that the formal declarations made by him in the House of...


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WE read of no statesmen, in ancient or modern times, who regu- lated their political course by such truly Christian principles as the members of Earl GREY'S Administration....

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ANTICIPATION.—The People are entitled to hope that a House of

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Commons, consisting of the men of their choice, will labour zealously, ably, and efficiently, for the public interest. If they are disappointed in the extent of the improve-...


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TO THE EDITOR OF TIIE SPECTATOR. London, 11th June 1933. Stn—In a late Number of the Spectator, I have observed a statement rela- tive to a Mr. BEAMISH, a superannuated clerk...

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THESE Charming volumes are a most substantial addition to the stock of pleasant writing in the English language. They have been locked up in a sealed and corded trunk since...


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lluntnarnr, Letters of Dorm* Walpole, Earl of Orfora. to Sir Horace Mann, British Envoy at the Cant of Tuscany. Now first published from the Originals iu the posSC.i$:OR of the...

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THE author of Delaware is a very clever fellow, and w hat is more, a Very conceited one: his novel is not a fiftieth part so good as be calculates, but his second may be better...

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THESE letters may be had for less than the Canadian postage; and yet an emigrant of the superior, that is to say the wealthier and educated class, would freely give five pounds...

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BRITISH INSTITUTION. INSTEAD of the selection of pictures by the Old Masters, usually ex- hibited at the British Institution, Pall Mall, we have this year one of the Paintings...

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Mn. BURFORD having finished his View of Niagara, which he had laid aside to paint that of Antwerp, is exhibiting it, together with the latter, in Leicester Square. In the lower...

HAvnoN; has become quite the fashion,: since he has had

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all the Cabinet Ministers, and the principal leaders of the Liberal party in both Houses, to sit to him for his picture of The Refbrm Banquet, painting for Lord Grey. The...

H. B.'s last is a palpable bit (from a lithographic

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stone) at the Dear - Duke's folly ; not at his windows, which have been flung at enough. It is a portrait of tee Duke, framed (in a sash window), but not yet glazed The artist...