16 NOVEMBER 1833

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Tee accounts from Spain, received during the week, render it no + improbable that a pretence will be afforded to the French Go - vernment for an armed interference in the...

The collection of the O'C000reLL Tribute was commenced throughout "universal

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Ireland, - on Sunday last. The amount received may be considered as a test of the state of Mr. O'CoN- NELL'S influence. It will be recollected that the Ministerial jour- nals,...

The King of the Belgians opened the session of his

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two Cham- bers, at Brussels, on Tuesday last. There is nothing striking or peculiarly interesting in the Royal Speech, except to the Belgians themselves. It communicates nothing...

The crops in the Southern provinces of Russia are said

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to have been extremely bad; and apprehensions are consequently enter- tained for the peace of the country. Russian boors resemble the Irish in this respect—they become turbulent...

No attack has been made by the army of Donna

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MARIA upon be Miguelite position of Santarem. Tee object of General SAL- ANHA seems to be, to compel them, by want of provisions, to va . cuate that strong hold, and then fall...

There are rumours in the French journals of late divisions

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in the Cabinet of Louts PHILIP on the subject of the projected in- terference in the affairs of Spain. It is now said, however, that the differences have been made up; that...

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Cbt Court.

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THE King and Queen remain at Brighton, taking rides almost every day into the neighbouring country, hut seeing little company. Among the visitors at the Palace during the week,...

The speculators in money-transactions, we understand, have recently become exceedingly

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impressed with the conviction that, whether by de- sign or accident, a great portion of the Dutch Stock has become the prone, ty of foreigners. Coupling this fact with the...

.ltte Slamming..

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Saturday last was the great 9th of November. The Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and other civic authorities, met as usual at Guildhall; went in procession to the Tower; and in the City...

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In the Court of King's Bench, on Saturday, Sir James

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Scarlett applied on behalf of the Earl of Stair for leave to file a criminal in- In the Court of King's Bench, on Saturday, Sir James Scarlett applied on behalf of the Earl of...

Thomas Lavender was brought before the Marlborough Street Ma- gistrates

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on Saturday, on a charge of being connected with a gambling- house in Pickering Court, near Bury Street. It was at this house that the lady who entered it in the dress of a man...

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Ow Wednesday morning, the second battalion of the First Regiment

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of Grenadier Guards, commanded by his Grace the Duke of Welling- ton; at present stationed at the New Barracks in the Bird Cage Walk, mustered in the usual place of parade, and...

be Country.

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The Earl of Durham attended a public dinner at Sunderland on Wednesday Week, to which he was invited by the principal inhabitants of that place and the gentry of the...

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Mr. Hammond, a member of Merton College, Oxford., went out

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yesterday week with Lord Radnor's fox-hounds, and in tilting a leap Mr. Hammond, a member of Merton College, Oxford., went out yesterday week with Lord Radnor's fox-hounds, and...

Our Inspector under the Factory Bill met the manufacturers in

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Taunton on Saturday last. They represented to him in strong terms the utter impracticability of the measure. The provisions, they say, are so vexatious that masters will be...

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The number of incendiary fires has frightfully increased in the

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county of Norfolk. There were five during the last week. One on Sunday night, which broke out in a large barn at Wootton, the property of Arr. Armstrong; but this, with great...

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The election of Councillors under the new act for Burgh Reform took place throughout Scotland on Tuesday the 5th instant. There- suit is, the almost total clearing out of the...


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Few persons who heard at the time, or who have since read the celo• looted speech of Lord Harrowby against the second reading of the Re- form Bill, can have forgotten the...

In consequence of the to the public peace, the the

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Lord-Lieutenant, and at the suggestion of our local authorities, sent down Mr. Seed, belonging to the Crown Solicitor's office, for gm purpose of bringing forward for trial such...

The Committee which sat last session on the salaries of

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the Officers of the House of Commons have in their report recommended the fol- lowing changes. The Speaker—Previously to the passing of the 30th Geo. HI. the emolu- ments of...

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Opiniana of tijc

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MILITARY FLOGGING. MonxiNG HrstAuo—Soon after his present Majesty came to the Throne, the public were informed by tome of the Journals that affect to be acquainted. with much...

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Mr. Heber's will has not yet been discovered, although the most di- ligent search has been made fa , . it, both in London and his house at Hodnet. It is ascertained that at one...

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The Temps states, that M. BARTIIE has made up his

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mind to pro- pose to the French Chambers a change in the institution of the Jury. His project is to give the majority of the Jury the right of condemna- tion, instead of...

Last week we copied a paragraph from the Daily Papers,

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in which a method of evading part of the present heavy duty on corn was pointed o it : it was suggested that a large bakehouse should be established at C dais for the supply of'...

The Polonais, a monthly publication, edited in Paris by Count

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Plater, gives an account of all the Ukases and other measures of the Emperor Nicholas against the Catholic religion in Poland. Among them are the following. Prince Sanguszko, a...

M. Volkhardt, a printer in Augsburg, has been sentenced to

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sixteen years' imprisonment, for a libel on the Bavarian Government. He is thirty years of age, and has a wife and two children. He was conveyed to the prison at Munich ; where...

Our Government have for the last month been urging the

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French not to interfere in Spain. When it was mentioned a few days ago that the French were anxious to interfere, one of the Ministers exclaimed, " Then they are downright mad !"


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SATURDAY. Mr. EDWARD ELLICE returned from the North country on Monday last, and has resumed his duties at the War-office. He is understood to be very busily engaged in the task...

Political corruption and subserviency were not the worst vices about

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the Corporation of Cambridge. Their gross peculation and embezzle- ment of the town property are still more glaring and criminal. It would occupy columns of our paper to detail...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The transactions in-English Stock during the week have been unimportant. The market has been frequently depressed ; but though the appiehended...


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BIRTHS. In Hans Place, Brighton, the Lady of Sir FRANCIS SHUCHBURGIT, Bait., of a daughter' In Montagu Square. the Lady of Major WtLzocx, of a son and daughter. At Rothertield,...

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FROM A CROAKER IN THE COUNTRY: of Trade and , Manufactures, it would appear that the opinions upon. Toy Landon Press has missed the grand fault of PousETT Scaope's the state of...


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of the Free-corn-trade part of the London Press. " Ill fares the land, to hastening , ills a prey, If Mr. SCROPE'S forthcoming book on political economy should sup. \The wealth...

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THE DURHAM LIBEL PROSECUTIONS. Tun Earl tf DURHAM'S character is now in jeopardy, for the first time. He not only perseveres in the libel acquits formerly threatened...


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AT the dinner given last week in Leeds to the members for that borough and the West Riding of Yorkshire, Mr. MACAULAY de- livered himself as follows on the subject of shortening...

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THE committee who managed the affair of the four geld cups presented to Lords GREY, BROUGHAM, ALTHORP, and RUSSELL, for their share in passing the Reform Bill, met the other...


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NOVEBRISER and December are usually blank pages in the chro- nicle of music. Our occupation, though not gone, is suspsnded. Festivals are over, and Concerts have not begun. The...


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Is it not evident that a financial crisis is approaching? We think so; and that it will come, in all probability, before another session is ended. In that case, half-measures...

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AT length the Manager of the two " National " Theatres has- shown us what he can effect by the united forces of his two com- panies brought together on one stage. Tragedy and...

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supreme contempt for it. In adverting to this candid declaration, we may of his fidelity to airy particular tenet. " Secondly—We might detail the numerous inconsistenciee by...

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THE Standard has returned to the Ballot question. It first copies what we said last week, on being called by the Standard as evidence against the Ballot, and then subjoins the...