17 JUNE 1848

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Never was a stranger Whit Monday passed in town or

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country. Although the calendar had converted the vernal into a summer holyday, the weather reconverted it into winter, with the whole- sale disappointment of drenching rain ;...

The position of affairs in Paris grows more and more

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unsatisfac- tory. By a melancholy maladroitness, Ministers have converted the question of an electoral return into one of restoring the Empire. They did not need to render their...

Mr. John O'Connell is in a "'ix" so ludicrous, and

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yet so pain- ful, that amusement gives place to a feeling of compassion for him. It is clear that the Repeal Association has come to an end for want of funds : it is equally...


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TEE one night on which Parliament reassembled might be taken as a type of the session : much talk, little deed ; various subjects, few settled; ,partial} confounded, differences...

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Zbe jrnetrpoolis.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Saturday. The report of the In- spector of Weights and Measures was brought up by Alderman Copeland. Alderman Wilson stated that the penalty of...

The aspect of the contest about Schleswig-Holstein is more threatening

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than ever. The Danes are recovering lost ground in the field ; and in Selina therstre:fortiibell.by AleTresenetottf Princes from Russia andYlweden,.conveyingftt distinnt...

Debates anb len:Kerbing% in Vatliament.

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LEICESTER: BOROUGH CORRUPTION. Shortly after the reassembling of the House of Commons, on Thursday, Mr. STAFFORD moved the issue of a writ for the borough of Leicester, in the...

Abe iSourt.

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THE Royal Family passed the early days of the week at Osborne, without any incident worthy of note. They left Osborne on Wednesday, and ar- rived safely at Buckingham Palace....

Mexico is threatened by a ratification of the peace with

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the "United States : " threatened," we say, because peace with the 'Government at Washington means, that open war shall be con- Verted into a lawless and treacherous process of...

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ebe Wrobintes.

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A large and influential meeting of merchants and bankers, convened by requisition, was held on Tuesday at the Sessions-house, Liverpool, to con- sider the Government measures...

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The cause of Repeal has gone through odd phases this week : its present position is more uncertain than at any former time. In our last number were indicated the preliminary...

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The Conde de Mirasol left London on the 9th, for Madrid. M. Isturitz, the Spanish Minister, has left London for Madrid; intrusting the affairs of the Legation to M. de Tacon,...

of the somewhat precipitate withdrawal of General Wrangel from Jutland

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on the 24th May. Both the Danish Government and the Frankfort Diet have rejected the teems of mediation proposed by Lord Palmerston; the Germans before, and the Danes since...

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SATURDAY. LonD JOHN RUSSELL surprised the House of Commons, last night, by pro mulgating more than his promised "statement of intentions" on West Indian affairs: he propounded...


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On the 7th June, at the Rectory, Tooting, the Wife of the Rev. It. W. Greaves, of a daughter. On the 10th, at Broughty House, Forfarshire, Mrs. Donald Douglas, of a daughter....

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Advices from Paris to Friday evening describe a scene of

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extraordinary excitement in the Assembly, caused by the receipt of the subjoined detter from Louis Napoleon. " London, June 14. "Monsieur le President—I was about to set off in...

We have much pleasure in announcing that M. Olozaga, the

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distin- guished Progresista Deputy, has succeeded In effecting his escape from Spain. He arrived in London yesterday, having taken refbge on board the Trafalgar when that ship...

Letters from Altona, to the 13th instant, state that the

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King of Denmark has been to Malmoe, and, with the Swedish King, reviewed 16,000 troops there; that 4,000 Swedes have landed in Fiinen, from Gottenburg; and that a groat Russian...

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402 Strand, 14th Tune 1848. SIR—Amidst the virtuous indignation against Chartists and mobs with which the English press teems, there is not a line to be found deprecatory of the...


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We cannot comprehend the policy which governs the management of the Royal Italian Opera, especially in regard to the engagement and employ- ment of Madame Viardot-Garcia. The...


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STOCK EXCHRNOE, FRIDLT AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market has been considerably firmer than for some time. The books of the Three per Cent Consols dosed on Tuesday. The price...


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AsarvED-At Gravesend, 11th June, Boyne, Vincent, from Bombay ; and Harrison Chilton, Kay, from Ceylon; 12th, Minerva, Clinch, from China ; and Mary Ann, Guy, Pram the Cape;...

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The Philharmonic concert of Monday—the last but one—was pro- nounced, by the unanimous voice of the audience, the best of the season, and probably of many seasons; for it did...

Drury Lane Theatre has been the scene of a disgraceful

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riot, got up by certain members of the theatrical profession, who are indignant at the occupation of (save the mark!) the " national" establishment, by the French company of the...

At Her Majesty's Theatre, Jenny Lind has been performing every

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even- ing; and has repeated her parts in the Elisir d'Arnore, the Sonnambula, and Lucia, to enormous houses. The principle of combining a number of first-rate artists in one...

The revival of Money at the Haymarket has proved a

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fortunate experi- ment, chiefly on account of the very great delicacy and discrimination with which Clara Douglas is acted by Mrs. Kean, and the passion and earnest- ness...

Mr. Sterndale Bennett gave an excellent morning concert on Thursday;

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affording quite a feast of good music. His orchestra comprised the best members of the Philharmonic band, and consequently did the greatest justice to the instrumental pieces...

Madame Dulcken's concert, in Covent Garden Theatre, yesterday morn- ing,

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was on a scale corresponding to the magnitude of the place. She had the chief stars of the Royal Italian Opera, with the orchestra and chorus of that establishment; besides a...


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MEN FOR THE TIMES. IT is not a constitution, so much as a man, that is wanted in France. The National Assembly takes its time about a constitu- tion ; but the slightest glimpse...

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MR. HUME'S REFORM MOTION.* Oun expectation of fruitful results from

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Mr Hume's motion is very moderate. The appeal to the country, for which the occa- sion was furnished by Lord John Russell's " offensive little speech" of the Finality genus, has...


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THE English drama confesses its decay by the last delirious at- tempts at self-preservation. Like the hand-loom weavers, or frame-work knitters, or members of any other moribund...

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HUSBANDS are indebted to the Ecclesiastical Courts for gra- dually approximating to a definition of what constitutes "legal cruelty" in the married state. In the case of...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 6 Haverstock Terrace, Hampstead, 13th June 1848 Sin—I perceive by a letter from Mr. Bain in your last number, that he dis- putes the novelty of...

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ROMiticAt. Ficinow, Harold, the Last of the Saxon Kings. By the Author of " Rienzi," " The Last of the Barons," &c. In three volumes Bendey. TgAvitot, $eco Sections of Bush...

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THAT wealth or costliness and power of entertainment do not always go together in real life, has been a subject for witty remark in all ages ; but in the matter of books one...

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THE first volume of this remarkable work presented the phtenomena of the universe as rigorous science describes them. The " Triumphant arch, that Mfg the sky When storms...

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Harokl, the Last of the Saxon Kings. By the Author of " Rienzi," &c. In three volumes. The History of British India. From 1805 to 1836. By Horace Hayman Wilson, M.A., F.R.S.,...

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ROYAL ACADEMY: THE LAN DSCAPES. If ever." the modesty of nature

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" is needful, it is in landscape-paintin g; and in no branch of art is it more amply repaid, insomuch that perfect obedience is consummate power. Even the painter of feebler g...


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EXHIBITION OF THE OLD MASTERS AT THE BRUME INSTITUTION. THE collection exhibited by the British Institution possesses unusual in- terest, as brin g in g to g ether specimens of...

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A marble group, by Mr. J. H. Foley, is exhibited at the shop of Messrs. Dickinson in New Bond Street. It represents Ino sporting with the infant Bacchus. The nymph half lies...


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At its house in the Adelphi, the Society of Arts displays the first of a series of annual exhibitions, which are intended to aid, with a general sub- scription, in forming a...


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OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, June 9.-Royal Regt. of Artillery-Major-Gen. J. W. Smith, C.B. to be Col. Commandant, vice Lieut.-Gen. Salmon, dec. JUNE 10.-Corps of Royal Sappers and...


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Tuesday, fuse 13. PARTNHISHIMI DISSOLVED. H. and C. Hall, Church Street, Kensington, toy-dealers--Burnley and' Co. Leeds, machine-makers ; as far as regards W. Oldham-Haire...

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Thum. 3 per Cent Camels Ditto for Account *per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 9 per Cent India Stock, 104 Exchequer Bills, 3d. per diem India Bonds,...