17 JUNE 1865

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During the debate Lord Robert Cecil, who had advocated the

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necessity of keeping up the connection between " the governing classes" and the University, and when charged with this phrase by Mr. Forster, wished to explain it away, or...

Another debate on the Catholic Oaths Bill came off on

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Monday, Sir. H. Cairns moving that such parts of the oath as compel Another debate on the Catholic Oaths Bill came off on Monday, Sir. H. Cairns moving that such parts of the...

A few hours before the accident happened Mr. Milner Gibson

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had been asked if Government intended to take any further pre- cautions to prevent such accidents, and answered with cool indiffer- ence in the negative. He only wondered more...

On Wednesday afternoon Mr. Goschen moved the second read- ing

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of the Bill for the Abolition of Tests at Oxford in a speech of conspicuous ability, the great coherence and force of which, as a speech, have been but very inadequately...

Mr. Villiers' Union Chargeability Bill got through the Lords after

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all without much trouble. Nobody opposed it except the Duke of Rutland, and only twenty-four peers voted with him, against eighty-six on the other side. The only point made by...


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A NOTHER and still more frightful railway accident was re- ported on Saturday. On Friday the tidal train which left Folke- stone for London at 2.30 approached a bridge between...

A statement said to have come from Tiflis announces that

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a Russian army of 50,000, under General Endokimoff, has been defeated at Chimkend, on its road to Taschkend, a general in com- mand of 150,000 Usbeks having attacked and routed...

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Lord Derby asked Lord Russell on Monday night how he

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recon- ciled the cessation of war in the United States with the pro- clamation of President Johnson, threatening to regard as pirates any vessels that might attempt to enter...

The Times publishes a rather remarkable letter from the Parana.

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Nobody knows anything about that region, but the writer says Lopez, the Dictator of Paraguay, has seized several provinces on the upper waters of the vast river, which belong to...

This day week the Prince of Wales dined at Fishmongers'

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Hall, and was as happy as distinguinhed visitorh always are on such occasions to enjoy the very fresh entertainment of a City ban- quet. The Prime Warden drank .his health and...

The Bishop of Chester (Dr. Graham) is dead, and another

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piece of ecclesiastical promotion falls to Lord Palmerston. If he lives much longer he will have refurnished the whole Bench.

_Le liressager du Midi announces that the Maritime Prefect of

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Toulon has discovered a mode of blowing up men-of-war at a distance. The agent is electricity, and it is not necessary to touch the vessel. He actually blew up a vessel of...

It is stated with some appearance of authority that Parliament

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will be dissolved on the 10th July, or as near that date as public business will allow, and that the elections will be hurried forward so as to avoid the harvest, which promises...

Mr. Davis is indicted nominally for authorizing the invasion of

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the District of Columbia in May, 1864. We suppose that this is 'the act selected in order to clear the question of the legal difficul- ties that might be raised on the...

The University of London is still a mystery to the

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Tories. Lord Cranborne and Mr. Gathorne Hardy both spoke of it on Wednes- day as an academical failure. It is neither academical nor a failure. It teaches nothing, only tests...

The brothers Barry, accused of having' defrauded certain in- surance

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offices by making false returns of property destroyed by fire at their warehouse on two different occasions, were acquitted on Thursday at the Central Criminal Court, both on...

At the meeting of the Geographical Society on the 12th

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inst. papers were read from Captain Pally, wino has penetrated to Riadh ; the capital of the lkialiabeautact in Atrabia, and the ruler of whinh sways all the NejecV or highland...

Herr von Bismark did challenge Herr Vi chow, but the

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member by the advice of his whole party declined the summons. He would not account, with Conservative fire-eaters all round him, for words spoken in the Chamber with the pistol,...

An incident, happily very rare in England, occurred on Mon-

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day, a judge being compelled to apply to the magistrate at Bow Street for protection against a suitor. Matthew Reilly, a labourer, brought a charge of scandal against one Price,...

Mr. Ralph Osborne is very savage. The electors of Liskeard,

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who think the Liberal Ministry pure gold, do not want to see it perpetually tested with acids, and are hunting about for another member. They have pitched on Sir Arthur Buller,...

Mademoiselle Rosa Bonheur has received the Cross of the Legion

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-of Honour, and all French sentries therefore must present arms to her as she passes. She is the first female artist who has been decorated in France.

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The Emperor of Austria has paid his :promised visit to

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Pestb, and has been very cordially received—that is to say the populace shouted"Eljen!" with great heartiness, and the Conservative noblesse thronged the royal antechambers. It...

The Prince of Wales on Saturday opened another of those

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monster hotels which have become a marked feature in London. This one, "The Langham," an immense building of portentous ugliness, with bow windows stuck on like wens, a...

The closing prices of the leading British Railways yesterday and

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on Friday week were as follows :- Friday; June 9. Frido. Tune 1e. Caledonian .. .. .• .. .. •• 184 .. 83 Great Eastern .. .. .. 4 7 1 .. 48 1 .. Great Northern .. . .. 183...

Mr. Darby Griffith has observed a 'law' in railway accidents.

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The unlocked door is always 'the one thatis downwards—on the ground, and he asked Mr. Milner Gibson on Thursday night whether it was not "extremely improbable this should...

Mr. Roebuck has a very high opinion of women. In

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the debate on the Law of Evidence Bill on Thursday, introduced by Sir Fitzroy Kelly to permit the parties to a breach-of-promise suit to give evidence in their own case, Mr....

An advance of one-quarter per cent. has taken place in

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the value of Consols during the week, the closing prices on Saturday last being 901 + for money and 901 for account, whilst yesterday they left off at 901 + for delivery, and...

The great borough of Bodmin is being canvassed by two

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"in- tellectual twins," Mr. Heritage ana Lord Ranelagh, in company, both of whom appear to have reached a very high standard of ori- ginality in the form as well as the matter...

Whether The Record is in any degree ashamed of its

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language in calling Mr. Mill a Satanic ' philosopher we are not quite sure, for the incidental reference of the responsibility of the paragraph to a "correspondent," of whom...

The prospectus of the East London Railway, to complete the

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Metropolitan system, has been issued by the financial agents, Messrs. Chadwick, Adamson, M'Kenna, and Co. The required capital is 1,400,0001., and it is proposed to unite the...

Signor Vegezzi has returned to Rome and re-opened negotiations with

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the Pope, and it is probable therefore that some arrangement will be made for filling up the vacant sees. That arrangement will, we imagine, consist in allowing Victor Emanuel...

The leading Foreign Securities left off at the following prices

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yesterday and on Friday week :— 24 SO 7ti• 49/ Friday, June 9. Greek •• Do. Coupons .. Mexican.. Spanish Passive •• . Turkish per Cents., 1858.. • • • • 1882 ........ ,,...

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MR. GOSCHEN AND THE OXFORD UNIVERSITY TEST. M R. GOSCHEN'S speech on the University Test Bill on Wednesday afternoon will raise him a distinct step not only in the estimation...

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AfR. DISRAELI does not improve as a great master of fence. Thirteen years ago he was one night called upon In the House of Commons to face a dilemma which for him seemed...

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rr HE attempt of the Emperor of Austria to conciliate his 1 Hungarian subjects will, we fear, fail. We say fear, for just at this moment the weakness of Austria is injurious to...


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IT is always easy for those-who have suffered nothing to give truly Christian advice to the sufferers, and it is because such advice usually exercises so little influence, and'...

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ltf R. W. H. SMITH, the Conservative candidate for 1_V_L Westminster, has performed, and performed well, a very difficult task. He has contrived, while rejecting noisy. ....

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T HE revival of Twelfth Night at the Olympic, a revival of great spirit and admirable judgment except for one blot ridicu- lous enough to add to the laughter which the actors...

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T HE doctors are worse electors even than the teetotallers. The latter force all candidates who desire their votes to pledge themselves to support the first reading of Mr....

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1XTE now proceed to give some account of the HAYS of YESTER, 1' ► the family at the head of which stands the present Marquis of Tweeddale. The genealogy of these Hays, however,...

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[FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.] New York, June 2, 1865. I HAVE preferred to leave comment upon the revelations of the trial of the Washington assassins to the editors of The...

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THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR." June 12, 1865. very seldom hear anything of the sayings and doings of The Record, except when they happen to attract the notice of some of its...

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THE " SPECTATOR." SIR,—As one of those who has been accused of expressing sympathy with a "Satanic candidate," I wish, first, to thank you for your able and manly defence of...


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JOHN C.* ABOUT a year ago, within two or three days of the death of Clare the Northamptonshire poet, we drew attention to the unmerited neglect which had so quickly followed...

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THIS is incomparably the best book of travels, and we are almost inclined to add the best book of any kind, produced this year. A grand opportunity has been most worthily used...

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in these volumes we must generally blame the subject rather than the author. Biography, if not the highest form of history, is convenient, and may be made exceed- ingly...

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BELLE BOYD.* As the mist of prejudice clears away, a

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number of delusions, which throughout the duration of the American war have been received as recognized truths, will be exposed and laid bare. Foremost amongst these delusions...

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of the Syro-Egyptian Society and Secretary to the Anglo-Biblical Institute. He is well known as an Oriental antiquarian, and anything which he has to say in connection with...

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The Giant Giant Cities of Bashan and Syria's H4 Places. By the Rev. J. L. Porter. (T. Nelson and Sons.)—If intimate knowledge fits a man to write on Syria, certainly the author...

Missionary Geography. For the Use of Teachers and Missionary Colleges.

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(Sampson Low, Son, and Marston.)—This is an odd idea worked out in a very practical and sensible way. When the collectors go their rounds, and people, "as they often will," make...

Report on Cheap Wines. By Dr. Druitt. (H. Renshaw.)—Dr. Druid

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has reprinted from a medical journal a series of articles on the qualities, vinous strength, suitability to different constitutions and states of health, and prices of the...

The New Testament, Illustrated. Edited by E. Chtuton, Arch- deacon

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of Cleveland, and W. Basil Jones, M.A., Prebendary of York. 2 vols. (John Murray.)—These very handsome volumes are neverthe- less not of so costly a character as to take them...

The Theological Works of the Rev. John Howard Hinton. V

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als. IV. and V. (Houlston and Wright.)—These volumes, besides an essay on "The_ Elements of Moral Philosophy," contain two series of lectures on "Indi- vidual Effort for the...

Critical Writings. By Theodore Parker. 2 vols. (Trubner and Co.)

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—Selections from Theodore Parker's Unpublished Sermons. By Rufus Leighton, edited by Frances Power Cobbe. (Trabner and Co.)—The first of these titles is rather a misnomer. A...

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Primary Belief. By Richard

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Lowndea. (Williams and Norgate.)—Tho anther's original intention was to write a "plain, popular epitome" of Sir William Hamilton's metaphysical theories, but finding that ho did...

Spring and Autumn. By the Author of Morning Clouds. (Longman

The Spectator

and Co.)—A pleasant and graceful little tale, in which Maida Hatton, who is as near perfection as any lady can be, keeps two lovers apart because she herself is in love with the...

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Fifty Modern Poems. By William A Hingham. (Bell and Dalcly.)—

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This volume will not add much to the reputation of the author of Law- rence Bloomfielc4 nor at all lessen it. There is an admirable picture of the man who could do anything but...

Historical .Notes to the Lyra Germanica. By Theodore Kiibler. (Longman

The Spectator

and Co.)—The author is the minister of a German congre- gation in London, and his object is to tell Englishmen, with whom translations of German hymns are so popular, something...

Letters, Conversations, and Recollections of S. T. Coleridge. With a

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preface by the editor, Thomas Allsop. Third Edition. (Frederick Farrah.)—The only novelty in this edition is the preface, in which Mr. Allsop asserts openly what he had...

A Popular History of America. By Fli , obeth Cooper. (Longman and

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00.)—This excellent little work includes South America as well as North, and is written with singular clearness, and so far as we have been able to test it, accuracy, and...