18 MAY 1839

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LORD MELBOURNE'S Ministry is set up again : by what means, under what conditions, and with what prospects, will appear in the course of this narrative. Our authorities are the...

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The metropolis of France has been again time scene of

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insurrec- tion and bloodshed. An " imeute" of' a very serious description was commenced in Paris on Sunday afternoon. It was nearly three o'clock when a body of some two hundred...


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Lord JOHN RUSSELL has given notice of his intention to move a grant of 30,000/. for the purposes of National Education. The Tories are so indiscreet as to raise a clamour...

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Mimics EnIV lproutbinQs in Varliament.

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M/ N IsTERIAL EXPLANATioNs. The number of 3lembers in the I lou,;(_. of Conmums on Monday evening was unusually large, as it was expected that Sir Robert Peel and Lord John...

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Slit court.

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VISCOUNT MELUOURNE has had daily audiences at Buckin,sham Pa- lace. On Tuesday, the Queen stood sponsor to the infant daughter of Lord John Russell ; who was christened in the...

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A dinner "to commemorate the triumph of Reform "in the

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parish of St. Martin, was held on Tuesday, at Blackwell. About one hundred and fifty were present; Sir De Lacy Evans in the chair. The Queen's • health, prefaced by a long...

At a meeting of the London Precursor Association, held on

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Monday evening at the Crown and Anchor, Mr. O'Connell was eloquent in praise of the Queen, and in abuse of Sir Robert Peel. He levelled a blow at Mr. Hume, which nobody...

Vie _Metropolis.

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. The members of the Protestant Society for the Promotion of Reli- gious Liberty, held their twenty-seventh annual meeting on Saturday last, at the London Tavern ; the Duke of...

At a meeting of the Court of Common Council, on

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Thursday, it was unanimously resolved that a sum of money should be voted to the Gresham Trustees for the purpose of " illustrating the lectures." Mr. Baylis said— The...

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The Delegates to the National Convention assembled in Laurence Street

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Chapel, Birmingham, on Tuesday ; and, after some discussion, adopted and agreed to publish a "Manifesto of the General Convention of the In- dustrious Classes." This document...


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The Arbroath Journal mentions disturbances at Kirriemuir ; where a . "spirit of discontent" has prevailed, owing to a decrease in the rate of wages. Eight or nine weavers,...

EPSOM RACES, The weather on Tuesday, when Epsom Races commenced,

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was bleak and uncomfortable, and the attendance not numerous. The racing on that day does not require particular notice. Wednesday was the great Derby day, and the company...

On Saturday, an action brought by the noted Mr. Samuel

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Gray or Ballibay, against the unlucky Mr. Barrett, editor of the Dublin Pilot, for a libel, was tried in the Irish Court of Queen's . Bench. Mr. Gray had been described in the...

Vie Vrobintes.

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About five thousand persons, according to the Morning Chronicle, assembled in spite of a heavy fall of snow, in Clayton Square, Liver- pool, on Wednesday, to address the Queen...


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At a numerous meeting of Mr. Hume's constituents, held in Kit.: kenny, on Monday evening, a series of resolutions were Passed expres. sive of dissatisfaction with Mr. Hunie's...


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On Monday evening, a numerous meeting of the Marylebone Re- form Association adopted the following resolutions, unanimously- " That in the existing state of parties in the...

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The Chronicle this morning commences its first leading article thus-

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" We continue to till our columns with accounts from all parts of the country of the popular demonstrations at the deliverance of our Queen from ti e Tories, and the prospects...

" We are glad to see that the Reformers in

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Marylebone have come to the determinatiou to unite in supporting two candidates, to be named by the tee general bodies associated for the promotion of Liberal...

Two Chartist Delegates, Brown and Fussell, were arrested in Birming . -

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ham on Thursday night ; and, after an examination by the Magistrates, Brown, for whom bail could not be procured, was sent to Warwick Gaol, charged with using language tending...

Orders were received at Woolwich from the Master General of

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the Ordnance, for a troop of the horse brigade of the Royal Artillery at Woolwich to march on Monday for Bristol, in consequence of the Chartist disturbances. Accordingly, the A...

Prince Napoleon Louis Bonaparte has sent a letter to the

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newspapers, denying that he is in any way responsible for the insurrection in Paris. The Prince says- " The intelligence of the bloody scenes which took place has caused me its...

iscellaur o us.

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Earl Powis, who died on Thursday, in his eighty-sixth year, was Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire, Recorder of Shrewsbury and of Lud- low, and one of the most powerful supporters of...

Music, Fine Arts. and other matters ttnnychla:* . , yxcluded from these

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pops by want of room, will meet with ample attention in or.at number.

The announcement on Thursday by the Bank of their determination

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to raise the rate of interest to five per cent., has no doubt been anticipated by all reflecting persons ; for the state of the exchanges, and the rapid diminution of the amount...

On Monday evening, on his return from the House of

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Commons, Sir Robert Peel was followed by a great crowd of respectable persons, who cheered him. On turning into Whitehall Gardens, the Right Honour- able Baronet bowed, when he...


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SATURDAY. The Paris letters of Thursday mention a telegraphic despatch an- nouncing the capture by Espartero of "the fort and hill position of Guadamino," with 300 prisoners....


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTYRYOOX At the usual weekly meeting of the Bank Directors, held yesterday, it we determined to increase the rate of discount to 5/. per cent.; and...

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HUMBUG—WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. As for the calculations of profit or loss on the late political occur- rences, they are not good for much, resting as they do necessarily on...


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A SOCIETY of respectable gentlemen, calling themselves Friends of Religious Freedom, and consisting to a great extent of Dis- senters, dined together one day this week, and...

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"NOTHING," said Mr. WARD, at the Religious Freedom dinner, "could have induced me to propose the health of Ministers a fort- night ago : " but now— " Without going into detail...


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PREPARATIONS for another election arc becoming general. Every provincial newspaper supplies more or less of electioneering intel- ligence. It is evident that the Whigs cannot...

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Swan time since there appeared in the morning papers a long diplomatic- correspondence (if correspondence it might be called which was almost all on one side) about the...


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BY education the generality of people mean school-teaching; and when they hear of a Mr. SIMPSON lecturing on National Education, they are apt to conclude that it is a dry...

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CAUCASUS. CAPTAIN WILBRAHAM appears to have been one of the English officers employed at the court of Tehran in disciplining the army of Persia. On the determination of the...


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TRAVELS, Travels in the TransUaucasian Provinces of Russia, and along the Southern Shore of the Lakes Van and Urumiah. in the Autumn and Winter of 1837. By Captain Richard...

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DOME. Ms. SYMONS was an Assistant to the Commission appointed to inquire into the state of the Hand-loom Weavers and WAS sub- sequently employed on a "mission of inquiry . into...

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BOOKS. Travels in the Trans-Caucasian Provinces of Russia, Ace., in the Autumn and Winter of 1837. By Captain 11 [cumin Wiminanam, Seventh Royal Fusileers, lately employed on a...