19 JUNE 1953

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IAIN HAMILTON: At Spithead ROBERT TOWNELEY: American Atomic Plenty J.

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P. W. MALLALIEU : Antigone and Cricket WOLF MANKOWITZ: Wild Animal Farm WITH 51st FINANCIAL SUPPLEMENT OSCAR R. HOBSON : Back into Crisis? JOHN HUNSWORTH : Banking on the...

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T EN THOUSAND people have rioted in East Berlin. They now go back to their homes, under Russian martial law in front of Russian tanks and machine guns. But they have, for a...


The Spectator

No. 6 5 2 1 FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 1953 PRICE 7d.

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Cross-Currents in Russia

The Spectator

Some weeks ago, G. M. Orlov, the head of the economic section of the MVD, was attacked in the Party press in customary terms for inefficient performance of his duties in...

President Calling the Tune ?

The Spectator

To the confusing accompaniment of book-burning, witch- hunting and fire-side chats, President Eisenhower seems at last to be beginning. to call the tune in Washington. The...

The King of Cambodia

The Spectator

While Prime Ministers-designate come and go in Paris, a strange tragi-comedy is being played out in Indo-China. That ruritanian figure, Norodom, King of Cambodia, broke a royal...

The Final Touches

The Spectator

At the time of writing, United Nations and Communist nego- tiators have just met for the first time for a week, to consider the progress that has been made by liaison officers...

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Much Ado

The Spectator

No man in his senses.would go to the stake for commercial television. If the Government bends before the storm of high-minded protest that has blown up, and abandons its scheme...


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F OR the second week in succession Parliament did, not start work until Tuesday. Members of the two Houses had been given a whole-holiday on Monday so that they could go to see...

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A T the heart of the Labour Party Executive's policy statement Challenge to Britain is a search for the true dividing line between the public and private sectors of what has...

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N Friday night, not for the first time, I watched, against a background of lustre and distinction, Mr. Aneurin Bevan enter the Throne-room in Buckingham Palace wearing a lounge...

At Bay " But why is it called ' commercial

The Spectator

television' ?" enquired my friend from Ruritania. "Because,' I said, " it will be controlled by private enterprise and partly used for advertising." " Why then do you not talk...

,Clear Profit Has anybody any idea how much money the

The Spectator

State makes out of shooting? How many millions of pounds do sporting (as distinct from fishing) rates bring in every year? Gun licences at 10s. each and game licences, which...

Boys will be Boys Speaking in the House of Lords

The Spectator

on Tuesday, Lord Wavell suggested that both public schools and grammar schools ought to scrap half their fixtures with similar institu- tions and " arrange to play more games...

Furry Friend my Foot I wrote some weeks ago in

The Spectator

disparaging terms of Nutto, my resident grey squirrel, and since then several readers have asked for more news of her. She still uses my house as a sort of pied d terre, but...

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At Spithead

The Spectator

By LAIN HAMILTON F ROM early morning until midday on Monday the traffic in Portsmouth Harbour and outside was every bit as thick as that which bumpingly navigates the boating...

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Tubman's Liberia

The Spectator

By THOMAS HODGKIN CCROM now on your lives will be regulated by protocol," we were told by a junior official of the Liberian State Department on the occasion of the state visit...

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American Atomic Plenty

The Spectator

By ROBERT TOWNELEY Washington. T HERE is something almost schizophrenic about American policy-making at the moment. On the one hand, President Eisenhower works valiantly...

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India's Chance

The Spectator

By RAJA HUTHEESINGs T HE future of South East Asia depends upon China and India. All the men and millions poured into this area by Britain, France and the United States cannot...

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Wild Animal Farm

The Spectator

By WOLF MANKOWITZ W HAT happened was that the lady bought the hamsters for her niece; also a small book telling you how to keep hamsters. The niece left the hamsters but she...

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OPERA Britten at Bay Gloriana in the flesh was something of a disappointment musically, though the spectacle designed by John Piper was quite as good as rumoured. The...


The Spectator

Tititnic. (Leicester Square)—Le Ragazze di Piazza di Spagna. (Studio One). BRILLIANTLY directed by Jean Negulesco, Titanic, the story of the great liner's first and only trip...


The Spectator

Epstein and Underwood AT the Leicester Galleries, a new series of portrait bronzes by Epstein ; at the Beaux Arts, a comprehensive and partially retro- spective selection of...

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The Stockholm Festival

The Spectator

EARLY in June, while celebrating its seventh centenary, Stockholm inaugurated an annual festival of the arts. In the theatre, usually closed for the short summer, the...

Troilu — s and Cressida. By William Shakespeare. (0.U.D.S.) A STILL summer

The Spectator

evening, a leafy background, and the somnolent twittering of birds would seem a more appropriate setting for a rosy romance than for such a play as Troilus and Cressida, which...


The Spectator

The Private Life of Helen. By Andre Roussin and Madeleine Gray. (Globe.)—Eastward Ho ! By Ben Jonson, George Chapman and John Marston. (Mermaid : Royal Exchange.). I HAVE...


The Spectator

Ballet Workshop. (Mercury.)—Bulbul and his Oriental Ballet. (Scala.) IN Ballet Workshop's last programme of the season, two of the four ballets are by Peter Darrell. Les...

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A Question of Angles

The Spectator

Egyptians once had made an early try, and then a modern master caught the trick : full-face and profile with a single eye. It serves in art. But life will not permit such...

Sporting Aspects

The Spectator

Antigone and Cricket By J. P. W. MALLALIEU I N 1921 I was taken to see the Antigone in Bradfield's Greek Theatre. I knew the play because we had been doing it in the Sixth Form...

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Report by Alice Fay The usual prizes were offered for a sample day's programme from commercial television stations operated by any of the following: Manchester Guardian, Daily...


The Spectator

Set by Joyce Johnson Ancientimythology provides an explanation of the origin and nature of the narcissus and sunflower. Readers are asked to invent a legend which explains the...

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The Way of Michael Scott SIR,—If I write frankly in criticism of Michael Scott, it is because I believe that he is a man with a capacity to do good in Africa, but that he has...

Commonwealth and Empire

The Spectator

SIR,—Has the phrase "Commonwealth and.Empire" any political or logical reality at the present time ? The use of the two terms implies a perceptible differentiation; but, if...

New Poets

The Spectator

SIR,—The third volume in the series of anthologies of new poetry which are appearing under the imprint of Messrs. Michael Joseph will shortly be in hand. The title will be New...

Politics in the Bathroom

The Spectator

SIR,—Your correspondent, Mr. Paul Sheridan, presents art interesting variation of the old adage about leading a horse to the water. Apparently you can also lead water to a...

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Day's End Evening along the valley has more blue haze

The Spectator

than dusk in it. The last bus goes bouncing and swaying down the road, lit up like an exhibition, it seems, for night is a long time in coming. The little owl calls and, in the...

Holmes, Sweet Holmes

The Spectator

sm.,--1 think that " Picklock Holes " made his appearance in the pages of Punch some time in the nineties, or at any rate about the turn of the century.—Yours faithfully, J....


The Spectator

ALTHOUGH I may find it hard to explain why it is so, I have a soft spot for the rowan tree. It is not only because it takes my eye when we are over the hill of summer and on the...

Long-term Work

The Spectator

There i. a solid satisfaction in having a good heap of compost or manure it the garden when it i d s needed, and there is -even more satisfaction in having bedding and border...

Swarming Bees

The Spectator

As sure as summer comes and heat rises on the roads and May blossom is out, the bees swarm. I thought about it when we settled the colonies at the end of the path near the...

Horse Oil

The Spectator

While walking through the undergrowth in the wood, my foot 'struck against a bottle and the, bottle shattered on a stone, and, although the air was heavy with garlic, I knew the...

1Je pectator, Yalu 18t1), 1853

The Spectator

ALLSOPP'S PALE ALE " rules the Court,. the Camp, the Grove," and whether in the club, the pic-nic, the mess-room, or the tented common of Chobharn, is equally acceptable,...

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The Spectator

Nothing Existentialism From Within. By E. L. Allen. (Routledge. 18s.) ALICE met an Existentialist when she went Through the Looking Glass. He was called the White King. Alice...

The Young James.

The Spectator

Henry James : The Untried Years, 1843-1870. By Leon Edel. (Rupert Hart-Davis. 25s.) More than twenty years' study of James's books and uncollected essays, the willing help of...

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Infernal Machine?

The Spectator

The German General Staff. By Walte'r GOrlitz. Translated by Brian Battershaw. & Carter. 30s.) HERR Goiturz's account of the German General Staff provides a study of its history...

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Out of Darkness

The Spectator

VAN 'GOGH has been treated almost as harshly by posterity as by his contemporaries. The one neglected him ; the other has sentimental- ised him. The man who had such a horror of...

Such is The Soldier

The Spectator

The Chronicle of Private Henry Metcalfe. Edited by Lieut.-General Sir Francis Tuker. (Cassell. 10s. 6d.) THE vices and the virtues of the ordinary man are displayed in the most...

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• Anglican Period Piece

The Spectator

CLAUDE BLAGDEN, the author of these delightful memoirs, was born in 1874 and brought up in a country parsonage in Buckinghamshire. He was sent to Bradfield—for which to the...

The Spectator


The Spectator

Honour the Shrhie. By Francis Clifford. (Cape. 12s. 6d.) Videhi. By C. L. Holden. (Macmillan. 15s.) Honour the Shrine, which describes an episode of war in Burma, is a first...

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By CUSTOS THE recent course of the stock market has been as uninspiring as the weather. Events at Spithead, Nottingham and Ascot have, no doubt, diverted some attention from...

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51st Financial Supplement FRIDAY, JUNE 19,• 1953

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Back into Crisis?

The Spectator

By OSCAR R. HOBSON YEAR ago, in contributing the introductory article to the Fiftieth Annual Financial Supplement of the Spectator; I used the heading "Is it Slump?". If I now...

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anking on the Monetary Curb

The Spectator

t BY JOHN HUNSWORTI - 1 17 is now just over a year and a half since the monetary weapon was wi thdrawn from the museum where it had lain as a relic of far-off (la ys the r and...

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Banking in the British Commonwealth

The Spectator

a y J. 0. N. PERKINS %tics the overseas countries of the British Commonwealth are highly d e pe ndent upon their international trade, the main forces affecting their banking...

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Life Assurance

The Spectator

Opp • • ortunthes By J. H. J. DAY, F.C.I.I. IT cannot be said about many commodities that the price paid by the c onsumer today is no higher than that which ruled prior...

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The Growing Importance of Pension Schemes

The Spectator

By A CORRESPONDENT Th iRTY years ago the number of group pension schemes in force in t his country was comparatively small. Since that time the import- ance and value of pension...

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Investing in Building Societies

The Spectator

By EDWARD MYATT THREE MILLION people received a welcome addition to their incomes early last year, when there was a general increase in interest rates practically throughout the...

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The Economics of the Labour Party

The Spectator

THE last Labour government was defeated in the middle of an unsolved economic crisis, and although the connection between the two events was not sufficiently clear to establish...

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Solution to Crossword No. 733 kirimparin geeing 5 0 gm El

The Spectator

01 i9111Rion GI El MIIIIIIIIMEICIU il 1111 rum:mg n l!I n El Firinfiliggli lanliginN Eltall111130 n 141 151 Fl glicuriM 1 13 u m n mi 1.48101111111al ntl : pp Solution on July...

THE "SPECTATOR" CROSSWORD No. 735 IA Book Token for one

The Spectator

guinea will be awarded to the sender of the first correct solution opened after noon on Tuesday week, June 39th, addressed Crossword, and bearing NUMBER of the puzzle to 99...