19 MARCH 1831

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THE Ministers were last night outvoted, by 236 to 190, on the question of the Timbereluties,—notwithstanding an attempt to reeder the change more palatable to the parties...

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ENGLAND AND WALES. [Note—The words printed in Italics are proposed to be inserted in the Committee.). - PREAMBLE. Whereas it is expedient to take effectual measures for...

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PEOPLE IN SCOTLAND. PR EAMBLE—Whereas the laws which regulate the election of Members to serve ill the Commons' House of Parliament for Scotland are defective, whereby great...

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The Austrians are said, when the last accounts came away,

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to have been preparing for the immediate passing of the Po; and if their resolution held, they must ere now be at Modena. If so, the question of French intervention, and of a...

it, for the unfortified part has been destroyed—still remains . and

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it still remains in the hands of the Poles. Warsaw has not capitulated, nor is there any immediate prospect of its capitula- tion. In this news there is the less reason to...

THE KING.On Friday last;the King returned to Windsor,. where he

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remained till Wednesday. On Wednesday, his Majesty arrived in town early, for the purpose of holding a Court and levee. At the Court, Ad- miral Digby was invested with the Order...

The French Ministry has been modified, as we stated it

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would be in our last,Number. M. CASIMIR PERRIER is President of the Council; the remaining members are—Baron Louts, Finance; BARTHE, Keeper of the Seals ; MONTALI VET, Public...

The Regent of Belgium seems but little disposed to conciliate

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the favour of the Five Powers. He has addressed a proclama- tion to the Luxexnburghers, in which he tells them that he will -defend the integrity of the Belgian territory, come...

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REFORM MEETINGS. — The meetings throughont the country have been so numerous,

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that we cannot attempt giving even a list of them. The Hampshire county meeting, where Sir Thomas Baring, and indeed the whole of the family of Baring, with the exception of...

COMMON Cottarert..—A pretty considerable row has occurred in the Common

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Council, arising out of the never-to-be-determined question of Secondary. The last day on which the Court of Aldermen sat, Mr. James took the oaths. On Thursday, a memorial was...

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The Company's ships Thomas Coutts and Duchess of Atholl have arrived from China. They sailed on the 18th Nov. in company with the Dunira and William Fairlie,, which they left at...


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SToca ExcriANOE, Fainar EvaNugo.-We have had some considerable fluc- tuations in the price of Stock this week ; but the Market has shown a far greater degree of firmness than we...

THE Loan CHANCELLOR'S LEVEE.-At the last levee of the Lord

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Chancellor, among other noble and distinguished guests, the Court cir- cular mentions the Duke of Wellington? Omnia versantur urna ! EARL DARNLEY.-This - nobleman expired very...


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OXFORD. - MArtcrr 19.-On Thursday last the following degrees were conferred :-Mazter of Arts-J. Leach, Brasennose College-Bachelors of Arts-NV. Bromehead, Scholar of Lincoln...


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The Mir. J. Lowe to the Canonry and Prebend aRiecall, in the Cathedral Church of York. The Rey. W. Wellington, B.A. to the rectory of Upton Hellions, Devonshire, vacant by the...

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BIRTHS. On the 7th inst. at Sir William Ouseiey's, Foley Place, the Lady of WILLIAM G. OUSELEY, Es q . of his Majesty's Le g ation in the United States, of a son. On the 6th...


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TRUSTEES OF THE NATION. NOTHING is More remarkable in the present state of opinion re- specting Reform, than what appears to some a general careless- ness as to the details of...


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WAR-OpPICE, March 15.-2nd Regt. Life Guards: Capt.J. N. Reed, from the half-pay, to be Capt. vice W. Milligan, who exchanges—Royal Regt. of Horse Guards : Cornet W. E. Banner to...

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WE reiterate our opinion that the beneficial effects which would flow fame the imposition of a Property-tax, in lieu of the numerous taxes that at present perplex the state,...


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Two political declarations appeared yesterday. -The one issues from a society which publishes the names of its managers, and the place of its meeting; the other from certain...

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Ma. NOBLE'S Orientalist is a chapter in the history of literature, in the form of letters : partly by description, criticism, biography, and example, it conveys a luminous idea...


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ORIENTALLI-. 1 Noble's Orientalist TREATERS. J CLASSICALLI- I Sotheby's Translation of the Bind 2 Vol.. Murray. t TERATURE• I f Colburn and FICTION The Turf. ... 3 Vols. 1...

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The Turf is one of those novels which pretend to

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expose the. vice and folly of the age. Their subjects usually are the idle and dissolute part of the nobility or gentry, whom post-obits maintain in extravagance and absurdity :...

Shall we be thought very heterodox indeed, if we tell

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the world that the news of a new translation of HOMER made but little sensation in our classical bosoms? "The blind old man of rocky Chios" was a spirited balladmonger in his...

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The melancholy death of Dr. ANDREW Tnomsow excited a sen-

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sation in Scotland which has moved one of her sons to express his feelings in verse. The lines on this lamented individual are written with some poetic impulse ; and among the...

The Pilot for six shillings ! and what is more,

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in one volume, and beautifully printed on good paper. This is a phenomenon in the history of literature, and augurs well for the extension of libe- ral tastes and entertaining...

The public have shown their estimation of the Narrative of

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Discovery and Adventure in the Polar Seas and Regions, by Professors LESLIE and JAMESON and Mr. MURRAY, by calling for a new edition of the work in a few months. We are not sur-...

The Court and Camp of Bonaparte, is a spirited anecdotic

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collec. tion of brief biographies of NAPOLEON, his Generals, and his Ministers. They are put together with industry, taste, and libe- rality. We think DE BOURRIENNE is somewhat...

The Court and Camp of Bonaparte, which forms the 8th

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Num- ber of the Family Library reprints, is an exceedingly amusing com- pilation; like all the works which leave Mr. MURRAY'S literary fabrique, it is well manipulated. The...

Dr. MOREHEAD . S Tour to the Holy Landis in dialogue,—a novel

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form of communicating the results of a tour: not, however, ill adapted to the peculiar country here described. The dialogue is well- conducted, spirited, and familiar, and...


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NEW PRINTS.— The most amusing of this week's novelties is " C asts," a series of miscellaneons■scraps and sketches by NJAI.MAR MOSNER., in which the modes of society at the...

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"Thy valley, sweet Devon ;" a Ballad. The Poetry by

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Captain CHARLES GRAY; the Music composed by JOHN MAY. These verses are sweetly written ; and there is a melancholy tender. ness in them which indicates that they were written...

Amphion. Nos. X. and XI.

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This cheap and useful little periodical we recommend to performerl on the Spanish Guitar. No. X. contains some of the airs which have been imPorted by the persons calling...


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GAZETTES. Tuesday, March. 15. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Brans and ANDERSON, jun. Aberdeen, merchants—JONES and Lys. Aldersgate Street, booksellers—scorr and DODDS, River Green...


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The Posthumous Compositions of REGINALD SPOFFORT H. The perusal of this work has recalled to our minds many delightful recollections of the hours we have spent in the society...


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March 17th, 1831. His Royal Highness the Duke of SussEr, President, in the chair. The following papers were read, " Proposed Plan for supplying Filtered Water to the Metropolis...

PANORAMA OF HOBART To w ar.—A new panoramic view of

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the capital of Van Diemen's Land, and the surrounding country, by Mr. Be RF ORD, is now exhibiting in the Strand ; and is interesting, not only from the notoriety of the place,...


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Wednesday, March 16th. Roomacx IMPEY MURCHISON, Esq., Presi- dent, in the chair. The following gentlemen were elected Fellows of this Society :—Charles Barclay, Esq. and Henry...

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PUBLIC FUNDS. - - BRITISH. 3 per Cent. Reduced . 3 per Cent. Consols ..... Eater. Mon. Toes. Wanes. Thum 75t M75176756 715 1 6 i 5 3 6 761241 6,7 1 4 761i6iii Ditto...