1 JUNE 1833

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BOTH Houses of Parliament resumed their sittings on Thursday. In the House of Commons, the adjourned discussion on the Government plan for the abolition of Slavery was taken up;...

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The French Ministry were opposed on Monday last in the

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dis- tussion of a clause in the bill for regulating the sinking-fund, by the President of the Chamber of Deputies, M. DUPIN. The con- sequence was, that notwithstanding the...

The war in the East has at length been formally

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concluded. The Sultan has yielded in every point to his victorious vassal. In addition to the dominions which he possessed at the commence- ment of the war, MEHEMET ALI is now...

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1. ABOLITION OF SLAVERY. Sir RICHARD VYVYAN, on Thursday, presented a petition against the Government plan, from certain bankers, planters, merchants, and other petsons...

The ratification, by the Dutch King, of the preliminary treaty

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Which we mentioned last week had been concluded between Eng- htul, France, and Holland, arrived in London on Wednesday looming ; and an Extraordinary Gazette was published in...

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THE King's birth-day was celebrated at Court on Tuesday. The Queen held a Drawing-room at St. James's Palace ; which was most numerously attended. The Knights of the different...

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A very numerous meeting of planters, merchants, shipowners, and other persons "interested in the preservation of the West India Co- lonies," was held on Monday, at the City of...

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The Recorder, on Wednesday, made a report to the King

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of the prisoners in Newgate under sentence of death, convicted at the last April Sessions,—viz. Thomas Jones, William Jones, Edward Martin, James Smith, John Smith, William...

In the Court of King's Bench, on Wednesday, Sir John

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Campbell, the Solicitor-General, moved for a writ of certiorari to remove into that court the inquisition on the body of Robert Cully, the Policeman. He stated the case as...

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A few days since, the officers of his Majesty's Customs

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wide a sei- zure of thirty-six packages, eighteen of silks and the remainder in lace, of considerable value, on board the Sir William Curtis, belonging to Mr. N. M. Rothschild,...

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- 41Ett °wise Potdett Scrope has bm en returned to Parliament

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for 'Stroud, in the room of Mr. Ricardo, without opposition. He stated gm the hustings, that he was attached exclusively to no political party— he was neither Whig, Tory, nor...


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The latest accounts from Ireland state that tithes are collected with the greatest rigour. Sheep, pigs, furniture, even the clothes and bed- ding of the wretched peasantry, are...


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The "manifestations of the spirit" in Edinburgh continue. An elder of one of the churches called upon his minister a few days ago, and informed him that he felt himself under...


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Sir John Nicholl was installed yesterday as the new Judge of the Admiralty Court, in the room of the late Sir Christopher Robinson. Sir Edward Barnes the Commander-in- Chief in...

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The last account from the East, received by way of

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Paris, leave no doubt as to the conclusion of a treaty between MEHEMET Au and the Sultan ; to which the latter was induced to accede somewhat unex- iectedly, from the dread of...


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seEcTATOR. 24. Wilton ereseent, 27th May 1933. isra--iti your paper of yesterday, I observed, with no small surprise, words attributed to me, to the effect that beer-shops...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, May 29th, Adelaide, Guthrie, from Bengal. At Deal, 30th, H. C. Ships, Windsor. Proctor; and Marquis Camden. Larkins, from China; and Royal George,...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Reports were current this morning, that our Government, after having refused to co-operate with the French Ministry in any arrangement for checking the...

LONDON THEATRES.—The following manifestafrom the new Great Lessee of Drury

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Lane and Covent Garden, appeared in yesterday's Papers. 'The new and doubly responsible situation in which - I antadeeed, as lessee *beep Ebe,patent theatres, renders it. I...

Rio Janeiro Papers, to the 16th of April, state that

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on the 1001 — of that month, the Extraordinary Session of the Legislative Assembly was opened, when a speedy improvement of the currency was recom- mended. Some rebels had taken...

FIRE Arrn Loss OF LIFE.—TiliS morning, a. few minutes after

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four o'clock, the in- habitants of Arundel Street, Pauton Square, Ilayrnarket, were alarmed by hearing the cry of fire, and the springing of the rattles of the Police. within a...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENING. The ratification of the Dutch treaty, which was received by the Batavier steam-boat on Wednesday, has not produced so great a rise in the prices...

Another reinforcement has left Brest for Oporto. The number of

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troops now in the service of Donna MARIA (or Don PEDRO) exceeds 17,000; of which, SOLIGNAC will be able to take from 8,500 to 9,000 into the field. The plan of Captain NAPIER,...

We are glad to hear that the Marquis of Queensberry,

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who by Tory efforts ceased to be a representative of the Scottish Peerage on the late election, is to be created an English Peer, by the title, we believe, of Baron Solway.—Globe.

Considerable anxiety has been evinced at the Treasury to-day for

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accounts from Staffordshire. The opposition of Sir CHARLES 1VOLS- LEY is laughed at as regards himself, but it may be mischievous if ex- erted in favour of a Tory candidate....

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* REPEAL, OF CHURCH-RATES—NEW CHURCHES. IF the Government seriously contemplate a reform of the abuses which are allowed on alr• hands to exist in the English Church ....


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WE have been among the most earnest advocates for the reduc- tion of unnecessary offices and improper expense in every depart- ment of the public service. We have been fully...


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THERE are some tempers that cannot bear to be undeceived,— good trusting souls, that far prefer the easy pleasures of confi- dence, to the painful task of acknowledging the....

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SIR JOHN CAMPBELL maintains that the evidence given be- fore the Coroner's Inquest on CULL'S', "so far from Justifying a verdict of Justifiable Homicide, made it imperative on...


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WHAT is the distress of the country? What is its nature? Is it not that people have not enough to cat? Raiment is more easily procurable in this country than elsewhere,—that is...

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MR. BUNN, who has become lessee of both the great theatres, Drury Lane and Covent Garden, has put forth an appeal to the public in favour of his plan of uniting the present...


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THE bill for the reform of the Royal Burghs of Scotland, as amended by the Committee, has been on our table for some time; and we intended to call the attention of our readers...


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THE Ministerial partisans point with exultation to what they term the successful working of the Irish Coercion Bill. We would advise these gentlemen not to halloo before they...