21 MARCH 1857

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BY the prorogation of Parliament today, to be followed by immediate dissolution, the agitation to influence the constituencies, which was begun within the walls of both Houses,...

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PRIME/PAL BOSSINESS OF THE WEEK. House or Loans. Monday, March Hi. Income-tax Bill read a second time, Lord Derby's and Lord Granville's Speeches—Indemnity Bill read a second...


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Lord Derby's electioneering announcement last week, that on the second reading of the Income-tax Bill, he should offer "a few observations as to the circumstances under which...

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CO Curt.

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TIIE QUEEN held a Court at Buckingham Palace on Monday. Seiler Gonzales Bravo had audience, and delivered his credentials as Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary...

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There have been two electioneering meetings in the City of

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London this week —the first the adjourned sitting of the London Liberal Registration Association ; the second a meeting to enable Lord John Russell to appeal against their...

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Among the addresses of Ministers to the conatituenoies, the only pass sage bearing on the future in Sir George Grey's to the electors of Morpeth is the following " While it will...

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What course will be taken with respect to the Edinburgh election remains uncertain. No distinct opposition is offered to Mr. Black Mr. Cowan is the representative who calls...

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ENGLAND. ABINGDON. Mr. Burr, Conservative has retired. ANDOVER. The Honourable D. Foreeseue is a Liberal candidate. 1SHBUR'rON. Mr. J. H..Astell is a Conservative candidate...

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PRIM—There is at present a revival of the rumour that the French Ministry will be modified. It is stated that the recent illness of M. Mocquard, the Emperor's Chef du Cabinet,...

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A further correspondence between Lord Panmure and Sir John M‘Neill has been made public. It is more concise than the former correspondence, but quite as characteristic and...

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SATURDAY. The House of Lords sat yesterday to transact the remaining business of the session. The Earl of ELLENBOROUGH availed himself of the opportunity afforded by the motion...


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STOCK EXCEANOE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Company's vessel the Pera leaves Southampton today for India and China with 787,587/. in specie 776,000/. in...

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Whether it speaks the language of prose or of poetry, originality does not often thrive on the London stage. An original drama in four acts, entitled A Life's Trial, was...

M. Mario TJchard, an author new to the stage, has

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written a four-act comedy, entitled La Fiammina which has recently been produced at the Theatre Francais. The subject is the false position of a young gentleman, whose mother...

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ELECT10.7.1 NOTES. Gun last week's diagnosis of the political condition of the country has not thus far been contradicted by the symptoms that have manifested themselves. The...

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THE treaty with Persia recently concluded at Paris seems to have been greatly misconceived in some quarters ; a fact by no means remarkable, since the whole subject is so remote...


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A CORRESPONDENT who is not uninformed strikes out a suggestion 'which probably accounts for the obstinate preference given to the Euphrates Valley line for railway and...


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DETERMINED not to be beaten by any failure of the original arrangement, the managers of the Art Treasures Exhibition at Manchester have adopted some schemes not originally...

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BOWEING'S stem.' As we intimated last week, the Personal Journal of Sir John Bowring, and such remarks from personal knowledge as are mingled with his digests from other...

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AUBREY'S litiSCELLANIES. • THE name of John Aubrey is less familiar,

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except to literary students or antiquaries, than the facts which h is industry and the strange tales which his credulity treasured up. An indefatigable inquirer and a copious...

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Booxs. History of Europe front the .Fall of Napoleon in 1815 to the Accession of Louis Ntgolcon in 1852. By Sir Archibald Alison, Bart., D.C.!... Author of the of Europe from...

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'int arts.

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THE NATIONAL INSTITHTIDN. The tenth annual exhibition of this Society opened on Saturday last, in the Portland Gallery. Its old distinctive character fades out from year to...


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Mews. Dickinson, of Bond Street, have opened their gallery for an exhibition which challenges more than ordinary attention. The work' displayed consist, with casual exceptions,...


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On the 9d February, at Lucknow, the Wife of Captain Maya., Military Secretary to the Chief Commissioner, of a son. On the 14th March, at 29, Upper Brook Street, the Wife of D....


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FROM THE LONDON warm, MARCH 17. Partnerships Dissolved.—Baker and Co. Leadenhall Street ; as far as regards S. Baker—Marshall and Paul, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden,...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, MARCH 20. Partnerships Dissolved.—Bower and Co.

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Leeds or elsewhere, glass-manufacturers —Brown and Co. Princes Street, Hanover Square, tailors—Arnoll and Co. Barnstaple, biscuit-manufecturers ; as for as regards II. K....