21 NOVEMBER 1863

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This claim and its consequences is discussed in another place,

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but it is as well to state the ground facts of what may be a dangerous squabble. It may be held, then, to be certain that the Five Powers did, On 'May 8th, 1852, select Prince...

The Times publishes from a private letter the prices now

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asked at Charleston for provisions. Butter, which was before the war abbut 6d. per lb., is now 16s. 8d.; coffee, which was about 71d., is now 19s. ; tea, which was 2s. 2d. to...

Mr. H. Berkeley, M.P., made another speech at Bristol, yester-

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day week, in which he rebuked Sir John Trelawny for retiring from his Church-rate agitation, declared his own passionate fidelity to the allot Society, professed readiness to go...

In the Upper House of . the Prussian Diet, on Thursday,

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Count Buinski protested against a paragraph in the Address to the Throne expressing gratitude to the Government for the measures adopted to prevent the spread of the Polish...

At the last meeting of the Royal Dublin Society, Dr.

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Mapother read a very good paper on the food of the Irish, 'after which Cap- tain Henry gave an account of a "mess" he had established to secure his labourers better food, and...

The intelligence from New Zealand is, on the whole, very

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favourable. There has been no further engagement, but it licar appears that there is a considerable English patty among the natives, and the Australian settlers were coming in...


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rpHE event of the week has been the death of the King of Denmark, which changes the question of Schleswig-Holstein from the most irritating of bores into one of some urgency and...

The election for Andover terminated in the complete defeat of

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the Liberal candidate. The numbers at the close of the poll were— Mr. Humphery, 130; Mr. Hawkshaw, 83. Mr. Humphery, in his address after the close of the poll, paid great...

The Russians seem to be pretty well assured that war

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will come in the spring. According to the Times, they are preparing new works for the defence of Cronstadt, mounting 300-pound guns on them, and facing earthworks with iron. The...

We have received a statement on what should be first-rate

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autho- rity, that Earl Russell retires from the Cabinet, and is succeeded by Lord Chirendon. We record the report with deep regret, for though we cannot either suiliort or...

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The conquest of China advances. According to the mail re-

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ceived this week (Shanghai, September 20), General Brown, com- manding the British land forces, Captain Sherard Osborne, com- manding the Anglo-Chinese fleet, and Mr. Lay,...

The intelligence from America has for the past fortnight been

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all of one description. The confidence of the Republican Adminis- tration is every day increasing. General Thomas is safe at Chatta- nooga, and General Meade has been ordered to...

A letter from the Emperor of Russia, dated the 13th

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October, relieving his brother Constantine of the viceroyalty of Poland, has been published this week. It is, like all Russian documents, excessively verbose ; but the meaning...

Nothing whatever has been done during the week towards assembling

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or refusing a Congress. The Danish catastrophe tea& to make it more probable, and the refusal of the Emperor to lay down bases to make it more unlikely. Meanwhile, the proposal...

King George of Athens is trying to play the role

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of Citizen King. He goes about almost unattended, has had his throne in the Cathedral taken down, rebukes courtiers who wear gold lace, and has mounted his establishment on the...

The Court-Martial on Colonel Crawley commenced its sittings on the

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17th inst., at Aldershot, and the proceedings promise to drag their dreary way over weeks of time and hundreds of pages of type. The President of the Court is Lieutenant-General...

The Bishop of St. David's has published a very liberal

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and scholarly charge, to which we hope to draw attention next week. It is the only episcopal production we have seen of late years which really takes careful note of the...

There is a general report in Oxford that the Professorship

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of Ecclesiastical History is to add another to the long list of jobs which have lately disgraced the higher University appointments. The story is, that it is to be given,...

Mr. Adderley writes to the Time. to support the view

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that you should not attempt to reform the criminal, but only to nauseate him with crime, and for that purpose attacks Lord Grey for asking longer sentences for men who are "so...

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On Saturday last, Consols left off at 921 "buyers" for

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money, and 911 1 ex div. for account. Yesterday, the closing quotations were :—For transfer, 924 ; for time, 911 / ex. div.

Although the whole of the fresh arrivals of bullion have

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been taken for export purposes, and although nearly 360,000/. in gold has been withdrawn from the Bank of England, the present week's return is somewhat favourable. The decrease...

The proposed Swedish Loan will not be brought forward for

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some time.

They have a custom in Yorkshire of hiring all servants

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at annual meetings, called statute fairs, which are, moreover, attended by eervante who are in place, and intend to re-engage. As these meetings, which are, in fact, huge...

The Courts of Aldermen and the Common Council have been

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discussing Alderman Rose. He got his votes of thanks for his conduct as Lord Mayor; but speeches condemning him for trying to force the prerogative, and, as it were, take a...

A curious case was decided on Saturday before Vice-Chancellor Wood.

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In 1849, Mr. Gye wished to become lessee of the Royal Italian Opera, but had not sufficient funds. His friends, however, -came forward, and one of them, Colonel Brownlow Knox,...

We regret to perceive that the approach of winter is

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already telling in Lancashire. The return for the first week of November shows an increase of some 500 in the amount of pauperism. It seems clear that the number of applications...

The Government of India is sending an Embassy into Bhotan,

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the large semi-independent State between India and China, and almost unknown to Europeans.

Greek Do. Coupons .. Mexican Spanish Passive • • ..

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Do. Certificates Turkish spar Cents., 1858.. " Consoffdes. , 1662.. . Annexed are yesterday's closing prices of the leading British Railways, compared with the latest...

The supply of bullion in the Bank of France still

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continues to decrease, the loss since the last return was made up being about 300,000/. Heavy shipments of specie have been made from Marseilles to India and Egypt.

The inquest on the murderer Hunt was reported this day

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week, and that on the bodies of his victims this week. These inquiries -confirmed in every detail the account of Hunt's design, which we 'ventured to give last week, proving,...

The society for " the Liberation of Religion from State

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Patron- age and Control" is beginning to revive, after the state of partial paralysis into which it fell after Dr. Foster's avowal of its aims before the committee of the House...

A great public meeting, attended by the highest officers of

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the Army—Lord Stanley, Lord Malmesbury, Sir Charles Wood, and others—was held on Friday, at Willis's Rooms, to consult on the erection of a statue to the late Lord Clyde. The...

In the early part of the week, Home, Foreign, and

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Railway Securities were heavy and drooping in price. Since then, however, the markets generally have shown more firmness ; but the business doing in them has been unimportant....

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THE NEW DANISH COMPLICATION. A NEW and a heavy care has fallen upon the world,—it has become needful to comprehend the question of Schleswig-Holstein. Hitherto it has always...

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Til RE is one nervous dread which, once thoroughly ex- ted, is always strong enough to upset the balance of England's political reason, and to drive every other considera- tion...

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T HE Crawley Court-Martial, whatever its'end, must pro- duce one good result. Beilig one of the few Court- Martials in which the public hff of' late yes taken an active...

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T OWARDS the end of last Session Lord Ellenborough, speaking in his place in Parliament as a chief of the Conservative party, denounced the Emperor Alexander as the "first...

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A KING has just departed life of whom it may well be said XX that his crown was uneasy on his head. The late monarch of Denmark was not born to the throne, and not brought up...

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MHE tide of Christmas nursery rhymes is beginning to set in,. and some very good ones are now before us, of which we have only one important complaint to make. They are too...

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I T was thought, when Mr. Dela fi eld broke fourteen years ago, that his fate would have warned the rich and the idle off their dangerous mania for interfering in opera...

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T HE recurrence to the old stock did not improve the wearisome mediocrity which seems the doom of a family who, while they have never been quite unequal to their position, have...

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November 17, 1863. TRERE is a curious illustration of the

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present temper of the French mind, and also a solemn lesson, in the mingled feeling of scepticism and moral unconcern with which the plan of a Congress has been received in...

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[FROM OCR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.] New York, November 7th, 1863. WHEN I wrote in my letter of September 18th (published in the Spectator of October 3rd), that the indications...

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ii 110

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RECENT MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENTS. NEARLY all the winter musical institutions of London have com- menced their performances. The Sacred Harmonic Society gave their first concert...


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WILLIAM BLAKE.* Ix is seldom, indeed, that a book appears from which we derive so vivid an impression of a completely unique character and unique life as this biography of...

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UNDER the above somewhat fanciful title the authoress of the volumes before us has given to the public the results of much research in a neglected but highly interesting field...

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MIL MARK LEMON'S NOVEL.* Tins is, as Mr. Lemon calls

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it, "a story" rather than a novel; that is, a tale in which the interest is intended to centre in a narrative, not in the delineation of individual character. And it is a good...

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Timm are few German towns which make such pleasiug im- pression at first sight upon travellers, particularly upon tra- vellers from England, than the capital of Bavaria. It is a...

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CAPTAIN WHYTE MELVILLE has not been well advised in quitting the clubs and the turf, and the fast society of the hour, which he knows, and therefore describea so well, for a...

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Otago as It Is. By S. Wekey. (F. F. Bailliere,

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Melbourne.) — A handbook of this colony, rather humorously denominated a guide to in- tending emigrants, considering that Mr. Wokey's advice is to avoid the colony by all means....


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a new and materially improved edition of the only good theoretic book on the foreign exchanges, of which we had occasion to speak so highly when it first appeared. Mr. Goschen...

The Report of the Secretary of the Interior, Mr. Caleb

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B. Smith, to the President of the United States, up to the 29th of November last, deals with the usual topics. With respect to the Indian tribes, Mr. Smith considers that the...

Poems. By Francis Charles Weedon. (Longman and Co.)—The author of

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this volume died at the age of thirty of consumption, and this volume of his poems is now published by the natural, yet partial, fond- ness of his relatives. The feeling which...

The Agitation for Abolition or Reduction of the Duty on

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Fire Insurance. By an Insurant. (Thomas Harrild, Shoo lane.)—This extraordinary production is issued by the association which kindly conducts the agitation alluded to in its...

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Victoria Tato Oslo ; or, Modern Astronomy Recast. By James

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Reddie. (Robert Hardwicke.)-- There seems to be a perfect mania in the present day for refuting the "Principia " of Newton. The other day we had to notice the strictures of Mr....