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Much anxiety has been occasioned this week by the refusal

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of Messrs. Aorr]NGuEA and Company, bankers at Paris and Havre, to accept bills to a large amount drawn upon them by the United States Bank. It is not certainly known, at the...

Mr. SIIEU.'s reelection for Tipperary, which took place on Monday,

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is proclaimed by Ministerial newspapers as a triumph. There was no opposition to the Vice-President of the Board of Trade—had his seat been in the slightest danger, he might...

The continuance of unsettled weather increases the anxiety re- specting

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the crops and produce of the harvest. There has been heavy rain in all parts of the country, but particularly in the North ; and though the quantity of wheat eventually taken...

While congratulations on the suppression of Chartism have been freely

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indulged in, the Sheffield professors of that faith have given proof that their spirit is as yet unsubdued. Sheffield has been seriously disturbed by the proceedings of...


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DIE annual process of revising the lists of Parliamentary voters has commenced in the Metropolis, and in some provincial towns. Except in places where party-spirit, irritated by...

The Spanish civil war is nearly finished. On Sunday, Don

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CARLOS, closely rtirSited ESeA.RTERO, crossed the frontier, and surrendered himself to the French Sub-Prefect of Bayonne. It appears that up to the last moment he was undecided...

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Accounts from Constantinople mention, that the British naval officers in

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that city had received orders to join the fleet at Tenedos immediately ; whence it was inferred that a demonstration at Alex- andria was intended. Asia Minor is infested by...

The half-yearly meeting of proprietors of Bank Stock was held

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on Thursday, for the purpose of declaring a dividend. The Governor moved that the dividend be 31 per cent. for six months ending in Oc- tober next. In reply to quegions from Mr....

The harvest in France seems to have been less productive

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than the public accounts transmitted to this country led us to suppose. The price of bread in Paris is very high—fqd. the quartern loaf; and disturbances have occurred in the...

Affairs in Switzerland are still in a troubled state. The

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German Swiss of the Upper Valais have declared their resolution to resist the constituted authorities. A scuffle ensued between the police and the populace, and a policeman was...

Zbe Court.

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THE Queen has now a large party at Windsor Castle. We find the following names of distinguished guests at her Majesty's table during the week—the Duke of Wellington, Lord...

Ebe Alittropolts.

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The revision of the list of Parliamentary voters for the city of Lon- don commenced at the Guildhall on Monday, The Tories have put is 150 claims; and 310 objections. The...

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At the Mansionhouse, on Thursday, Thomas Trimmer, a man of

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re- spectable appearance, was charged with assaulting Mr. Lewis Loyd, the senior partner in the banking-house of Jones, Loyd, and Co. Mr. Loyd stated his complaint to the Lord...

In the Central Criminal Court, on Tuesday, William Napier, was

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tried on a charge of obtaining brandy on which duty had not been paid, from the Customhouse warehouses at the London Docks, by means of forged orders. There were five...

DEPARTURE OF THE NEW ZEALAND COLONY. [From the Morning Chronicle.)

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The Directors of this Company, together with a vast number of persons in- terested in the colonization of New Zealand, made an excursion to Gravesend on Saturday last, for the...

An election of a minister, to succeed the late Mr.

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Sheppard, at St. James ' s, Clerkenwell, is going on in that parish. The polling com- menced yesterday, and will be continued this day and on Monday. At the close of the poll...

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Zbe Vrobincts.

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.The annual exhibition of the East Suffolk Agricultural Association took place at Saxmundham on the 12th instant. The Earl of Strad. broke, President of the Association, Lord...

courts Millet city on Monday. There are 288 objections made

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by both parties, 776 by Liberals, 1379 by Tories. Liberal claims 297, Tory c laims 229. Mr. J. II.. Richardson, a leading Chartist orator, was arrested at his residence in...

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On Thursday evening and yesterday morning, the stage - coaches from the

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Smith and West of England did not arrive in London till some hours beyond their time, the roads being in many places flooded and bad from the recent heavy rains. The...

At the Liverpool Police-office, on Friday, a distressing case of

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seduc- tion came under the notice of the Magistrate. The unfortunate young At the Liverpool Police-office, on Friday, a distressing case of seduc- tion came under the notice of...

Doncaster Races commenced on Moejety ; but on that day

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the ripe- ning was not remarkable, and the comise. : of high degree not nu- merous. The race for the Si. Leger Stakes. on Tuesday, was one of the greatest on record. Such...

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The Sligo Cliat»pion states, that Lord Palmerston has determined upon

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registering fifty electors upon his estate in that county ; and that this number would be sufficient to turn the scale in favour of the Minis- terial party at the next general...

A " hereditary- bondsmen " letter from Mr. O'Connell, at

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Darrynaue, to " The People of Ireland," appears in the Dublin Pilot of Wednesday. Its object is to rouse Irishmen to make." another effort" for the good of their country. Mr....


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Mr. Shell was again elected for Tipperary, on Monday last. He was proposed by Mr. Cornelius O'Callaghan, and the Catholic Archdeacon Laffan seconded the nominatim. We take a few...

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Throughout Scotland, the rivers were swollen to an unusual height

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by the late rains, and much damage was done to the crops. In Edinburgh, ' on Saturday, the weather is described as " absolutely disastrous "—strong winds with torrents of rain,...


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The crops and probable produce of the harvest attract and almost engross public attention. The prevalence of rainy weather at the close of last and during the whole of this...


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Mr. Mackenzie of Scatwell has signified to his political friends, that be will not contest the Inverness Burghs at the next election. The present Liberal representative of the...

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The Marquis of Londonderry has left England for Lisbon ;

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and, it is said, will not return till he has sailed up the Mediterranean—how far is not mentioned. The Duke of Devonshire has returned to Chatsworth. The magnificent Rae...


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Colonel Sir Robert Gardiner, K.C.B., of the Royal Artillery,. formerly Equerry to King, Leopold, has been appointed first and prin- cipal Aide-de-Camp to the Queen. Mr. More...

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It is in contemplation, we understand, to build two Roman

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Catholics chapels in St. Helier's ; towards which, it is said, the Right Reverend Dr. Griffiths, Roman Catholic Bishop of Olena in partilnis, has con- tributed the very handsome...

An English clergyman, (whose name is not mentioned,) stated to

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be a widower with two daughters, the eldest twenty - five years of age, committed suicide at the Tavern de las Cuatro Naciones, at Barcelona, on the morning of the 28th August,...

The Vernon, together with the Blenheim and Edinburgh, returned to

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Spithead on Sunday, in consequence of the heavy gales in the Channel. The following letter from Captain Denny to Mr. Green, the managing- owner, mentions particulars of the...

A change in the proprietary of the Courier. was announced

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in the columns of that paper on - Wednesday ; and we infer a change of editor- ship, and of politics, from the following manifesto, which accompanied the proprietary notice. a...

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The Graham's Town Journal quotes the following passage from Lord

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Durham's Report, relative to the disposal of land in the Colonies ; and asserts that not a sentence of it is inapplicable to the Cape of Good Hope- " Everywhere the greatest...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The intelligence from Paris this morning is important. The disco. tent of the people, in consequence of the scarcity of wheat and the high price of bread, has...

On the 3d of July, the following article appeared in

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the Morning Chronicle- d , THE CANADIAN Parsoxerts.—It having been found impracticable to put the Canadian prisoners upon their trial in England, in conformity with the...

Among the incidents of civilization derived from Europe, the settle-

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ment of Adelaide had, on the 31st of March, a suicide, and on the day following, a coroner's inquest on the body. A Mr. Kenneth aPIver had shot himself through the heart. The...

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Accounts from Bombay to the 1st of August, and from

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China to the 30th of May, have been received by overland mails from India. Mac- nEr SING died on the 27th of June, in his sixtieth year. In obedience to a formal order of the...

Despatches were sent off last evening from the Colonial Office

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for Mr. Poulett Thomson and Sir George Arthur. [See the paper " News for Canada," which appeared in the Colonial Gazelle on Wednesday, and is reprinted with some unimportant...


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Smell EXCHANGE, FAME APTERNO". A considerable sensation was occasioned in the City on Monday morning, by intelligence received from BIAS that Messrs. HOTTINOUER and Co., the...


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Arrived-At Gravesend, Sept. 14th, Elephant s. Reed, from Mauritius; 17th, Baretto junior, Fawcett, fr o m '.11atIras; 19th, Gilheit 11. , :i.ler,oit, l'wee.lie. from Singapore;...

Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the

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Bank of England, from the 25th June to the 17th September. LIABILITIES. ASSETS. Circulation £17,960,000 Securities £25,936,000 Deposits 7,781,000 Bullion 2,816,000...

The Messager des Chambres gives the following account of the

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ar- rangement for the payment of the United States Bank bills, which Horrismuun and Co. refused to accept- " The house of Messrs. Rothschild, which held a great part of the...

We learn from Paris that it was not only generally

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believed there that Mehemet Ali would give up the fleet, and waive his hostility to Khosrew, but that it was even said that tidings, either of these events, or of the consent of...

The following appears among the " leaders " in this

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week's Examiner. "A contemporary, who quotes the Vicar of Wakfield with much the same unlucky effect as if Sir Robert Peel were to cite Joseph Surface, is obliging enough to...

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Tim returns made under the Population Act of 1821 state the number of families in England and Wales, employed chiefly in agriculture, at 773,772 ; in trade, manufactures, and...


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NEWS FOR CANADA.* As soon as it was clear that the pelting of the pitiless storm on the head of poor Pow would nbt deter him from proceeding on his mission, we endeavoured to...

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THE extensive Metropolitan parish of St. James's Clerkenwell is at present the scene of a fierce party conflict, and an unholy scramble for pelt; between two clergymen of the...


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Tun time approaches when arrangements ought to be made for providing shelter during the winter months for the houseless poor: of London. It is melancholy to think that in this...


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Tins festival, like all entertainments of the same kind in our highly enlightened and most moral country, did not want amongst its other " notes of preparation" the nasal...

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The Grand Dutchess of Weimar has dedicated three rooms in

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the new part of the chateau to the memory of Goethe, Schiller, and Wie- land. They are ornamented by the painters Neher and Preller with scenes taken from the works of those...

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Tan English reader, whose expectations of this work have been raised by the praises lavished on it, or its author, may be somewhat disappointed; for it is rhetorical in the...


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ediTTITAL NVESTMATTOIV, irelund,- Social, Political, and Reli g ions. Ity Gustave Da Beaumont, Author of Marie, or Slavery in the United States," " The Penitentiary System of...

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THE two volumes which treat of this subject—Mr. SHAW'S Nar.■1 retire of the Discoveries (f Sir CharleS'Bell; . and Dates and Doenb s mitts of Modern Discoreries in 'the Nerrons...

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CAPTAIN MACONOCHIE'S volume contains a number of papers by himself and others, relating to New South Wales and Van Die- men's Land; whic h are 'resolvable into two divisions,...

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A DIALOGUE ON DRAWING. Is people did but know how easily they may learn to draw — what a useful and delightful acquirement it is—nay more, how much of every- day enjoyment is...

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BIRTHS. On the 16th inst.. in Great Cumberland Place, the Lady of GEORGE ROBERT SMITE4: Esq., M.P., of a son. On the 16th inst., in Charterhonse Square. the Lady of the Rev....