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The Times of Saturday last publishes from a correspondent at

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Teheran an account of a singular warning sent by the Russian Legation direct to the Persian National Assembly. There has been much disorder on the Russo-Persian frontier, and...

There is a world of significance in the reservation of

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Baron Marschall, the chief German delegate, who said that Germany would never, save in case of imperative necessity, resort to the employment of these terrible engines of...

The news from Morocco is distinctly better, though we cannot

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wholly share the optimism of M. Regnault, the French Minister, who speaks of the disorder as a local rebellion. The French are taking no further steps towards the military...

The Notes on the Newfoundland fisheries exchanged between Sir Edward

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Grey and the American Ambassador have been published as a Parliamentary paper. The modus vivendi which has been drawn up for the coming winter is very much like that of last...

The reports from the Hague during the past week have

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been voluminous rather than encouraging. The Times correspondent, however, dwells with legitimate satisfaction on the fact that the scheme for the High Prize Court, as finally...


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T HE St. Petersburg correspondent of the Times learns that the Anglo-Russian Convention will be ratified next Mon- day, and will be published soon afterwards. Meanwhile a...

*** The Editors cannot undertake to return Manuscript, in any

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The Legislative Council, or Upper House, in Cape Colony has

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succeeded in forcing a Dissolution on the Government, although Dr. Jameson, the Premier, protested that he would hold out against it indefinitely. The crisis arose when Dr....

The Times of Thursday publishes a message from a corre-

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spondent who has had a conversation with Mr. Roosevelt at Oyster Bay. Mr. Roosevelt will go to Washington next week, and then the autumn campaign in preparation for the Presi-...

On Monday the War Office published papers dealing with the

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Territorial and Reserve Forces Act, and containing (1) a " model scheme " for establishing County Associations ; (2) suggestions as to the first steps to be taken towards the...

The progress of the railway dispute has brought us within

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measurable distance of a general strike. The matter stands thus,—that while extensive demands for shorter hours and higher wages are preferred by the men, the companies refuse...

The conflict between masters and men unhappily is not confined

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to the railways. The disputes in the shipbuilding trade have been revived in the last few days by the action of the Boilermakers' Society. Last month a provisional agree- ment...

On Saturday last Mr. Haldane delivered a speech on the

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Army scheme at the opening of the new headquarters for the Scottish Horse at Blair Atholl. We need not follow him in his re-exposition of the Act, but may draw attention to the...

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Last week we quoted the significant comments of the Tim

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es on the new Australian tariff. These proved too much for the equanimity of their well-known correspondent " Tariff Reformer," who proceeded to rebuke the Times for its...

Personally, the Bishop disapproves of these marriages ; but in

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this, and all matters not contrary to the law of God, and on which the public conscience has been long exercised and finally reached a definite conclusion, he holds that...

We regret that the demands on our space render it

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impos- sible for us to do more than briefly summarise the more important passages of the Bishop of Carlisle's admirable diocesan address delivered on Tuesday. Dr. Diggle holds...

Under the heading of " Sinn Fein and Ireland "

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the West- minster Gazette has been publishing a series of interviews with leading spokesmen of different sections of Nationalist opinion. All are interesting and instructive,...

Finally, in the most weighty language, the Bishop con- demns

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the denationalising attitude of Churchmen towards the Deceased Wife's Sister Act. As the result of half-a- century's careful examination, the conclusion has been reached by the...

The Committee organised by the National Service League for the

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purpose of studying the Swiss Militia system on the spot have returned to this country after what has evidently been a most interesting and successful visit. The Committee,...

Bank Rate, 4k per cent., changed from 4 per cent.

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Aug. 15th. Consols (2i) were on Friday 82-1--on Friday week 82k.

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THE RAILWAY CRISIS. I N industrial struggles, as in war, those disputes are the most dangerous which come unexpectedly and hurry one party into an irretrievable and disastrous...

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I N any great new departure in administration two things are necessary,—an abstractly perfect scheme, and a popular response to it. It is impossible, of course, to judge...


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T HE managers of the Roman Church are evidently alarmed, probably not without reason. The modern spirit, the essence of which is that all dogmatic statements, whether in...

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I T is some time since we heard anything enlightening about the progress of reforms in China, but this week the Peking and Shanghai correspondents of the Times give us material...

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MOTORISTS AND THE FUTURE. T HE motor-car problem decreases in difficulty

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very slowly. Four or five years ago, when legislation seemed likely to check, if not to abolish, the chief abuses of the new method of locomotion, it was easy to be optimistic...

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THE PASTORAL EPISTLES. T HE Pauline authorship of the Pastoral Epistles

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has been disputed, and defended, by great authorities,—disputed on the ground that the Church conditions alluded to in the letters to Timothy and Titus are such as could not...

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T HOSE who have studied the recent developments of aeronautics are confident that the outstanding achieve- ment of the twentieth century will be the solution of the problem of...

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A HOPEFUL spirit, which is an essential part of every angler's nature, is more needed in fishing for salmon than in any other kind of fly-fishing. There are so many blank days,...

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THE SWISS MILITIA SYSTEM. [To THY EDITOR OF TRIO " SPECTATOR:1 Srn,—During a period of seven fully occupied days in the present month an English Committee of Inquiry,...

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[To THZ EDITOR Or THZ .. SPECTATOR.1 Sia,—The maiden voyage of the `Lusitania' was undoubtedly a notable event in the history of Transatlantic steam navigation, • NOTE.—An...

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(TO THIE EDITOR OP THS spEcrrATort..) SIR,—In your last number a correspondent who signs himself "An Anglo-Indian" sets out a ridiculous composition by a so- called Bengali...

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[To THE EDITOR Or THE "SPECTATOR. " ] Macphail's letter in your last issue has recalled to me a passage in Wilks's "Mysore," a very interesting but, I believe, little-known...


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Bra,—How hard put to it is the Anglo-Indian (Spectator, September 14th) when he has to quote one more crude speci- men of Baboo English in order to explain to untravelled...


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[TO THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] Sra, — I am an old man, and have seen strange things in my time, but never one more strange or startling than the rapid, silent advance of "...

[To THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR."] SIR, —The amusing letter in

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your last issue induced me to search for one which came into my hands last year, written by a Cape " coloured " man to a trader. Many of the natives and coloured people go in...

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[To THE EDITOR Or THE "SPECTATOR."] SIR, —In the Spectator of August 31st Mr. Burgess asks the amount of the pension which can be secured by a payment of a penny a week during...


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UPON A WESTERN BEACH. Is it love ? is it hate ? this clasp by the sea of the land, Entangling, swaying, revolving, escaping by to the strand, Escaping, yet never escaped,...


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THE GLOUCESTER FESTIVAL. THE programmes of the provincial Festivals are always of the nature of a compromise between the claims of those who hear too little and those who hear...


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[To THE EDITOR OF THE "EPECTATOR."] SIR, — Mr. Frost in the Spectator of September 7th describes my proposal as a dream. It may appear so, but it, or some adaptation of it, is...

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AN OPEN LETTER TO PLUS X.* Mn. JOHN MURRAY has just published under the title What We Want an open letter to Pius X. by " a Group of Priests." The letter was written in...

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with much truth that the continuance of the great Secession struggle for four years was either a paradox or a miracle. Yet, even after Sherman's giant stride across the South in...

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Tars is a work well worth doing and well done. It is scientific enough to command confidence, and not too scientific to be readable. It is a thoroughly engaging inquiry into the...

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THE title of this bulky and well-printed volume is somewhat misleading. It is in reality a chronicle of the Roman Empire, supplemented by useful sections on the Saracens and the...

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THE SECRET AGENT.* MR. JOSEPH CONRAD on the few occasions hitherto when he has laid his scene in England has failed to exert the sombre fascination which marks his pictures of...

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Her Brother's Letters. Anonymous. (E. Grant Richards. 3s. Gd.) —These

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letters, which are supposed to have passed between a man and his sister, appeared serially in America, and apparently excited considerable attention there. They are interesting...


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agree with Mr. Arnold White, who contributes a preface to Mr. Edmondson's book, that its publication will serve any useful public end. Mr. Edmondson is a man with a grievance....

fferridge of Reality Swamp. By William Hay. (T. Fisher Unwin.

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6s.)—A story of convict life in " Mantilla" in the old days of transportation. It contains several extremely exciting episodes, and is well and picturesquely written, although...

READABLE NOVELS.—The New Religion. By Maarten Maartens. (Methuen and Co.

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Gs.)—The " New Religion" is medicine in some of its later developments. Mr. Maartens does not believe in it, and says so with much energy.—The White Countess. By Florence...

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[Under this heading we notice such Books of the week as have not been reserved for review in other forms.1 The Sorrows of Ireland. By "Pat." (West Strand Publishing Company. 1s....


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The Memoirs of Ann, Lady Fanshawe, 1600 - 1672. (John Lane. 16s.)—Horace Walpole was less than just to the Memoirs of Lady Fanshawe when he described them as dwelling "chiefly...

Tasso and his Times. By William Boulting. (Methuen and Co.

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10s. 6d. net.)—Of Tasso himself there is not much to be said, and what there is is mostly of a painful kind. The fifty-one years of his life (1544-91) were years of decline and...

The Woollen and Worsted Industries. By J. H. Clapham. (Methuen

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and Co. 6s.)—There is much in this volume which is beyond the purview of a reviewer. The materials, the machinery employed, the processes, and methods generally of the...

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Book Prices Current : Vol. XXI, October, 1906 — July, 1907. (Elliot

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Stock. 27s. 6d. net.)—The sales during the year were somewhat more numerous than usual, and the rarity and value of the books considerably above the average, A First Folio...

The Bible Story. By Helen N. Lawson. (Macmillan and Co.

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8s. 6d.)—In this volume, which has for a sub-title " The Beginnings of the Christian Church," we have the Old Testament story told in simple language suited to the...

The Story of Byfield. By John Lewis Ewell, D.D. (G.

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E. Littlefield, Boston, U.S.A.)—Byfield is a parish in Essex County, Massachusetts, comprising parts of three small towns, Newbury, Rowley, and Georgetown. In the story which...

The Myths of Greece and Rome. By H. A. Guerber.

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(George G. Harrap. 7s. 6d. net.)—The sub-title promises the reader "the signification and origin" of the myths, as well as the stories themselves. As a matter of fact, this...

NEW Enrrfoxs. — The Life of Robert, First Lord Clive. By the

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Rev. G. R. Gleig, M.A. (John Murray. 2s. 6d. net.)—This was first published in 1848, and has been four times reprinted. We notice an error that other biographers have copied...

We have received two maps, Asia and Canada, from Messrs.

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W. and A. K. Johnston. The scale of the first is 144-5 miles to the inch, of the second 44. It will give some idea of the vastness of the Dominion if we state that with this...