22 MARCH 1963

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W ITH the wrath of the National Union of Teachers already heavily on his head over the rejection of the Burnham salary recommenda- tions, Sir Edward Boyle is in a difficult...

Portrait of the Week

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'WORRY, WORRY, WORRY, money, money, money,' complained the Tristan da Cunhans when asked why they hated Britain and had decided to return to the South Atlantic. After an earlier...

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The Spectator

N o. 7030 Established 1828 FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 1963

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I HE purpose of this week's meeting of the NATO Council as seen from London was to draw up proposals for the establishment of a multinational nuclear force, so that a definite...

Trouble in the Hoggar

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r"1" HE French nuclear explosion in the Hoggar I has placed those who have worked for a Franco-Algerian rapprochement in a difficult position. It is true that Saharan tests take...

Politics versus Aviation

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W IlEnIER a cosy house party at Chequers can cure the ills of the aircraft industry is open to doubt. But it was a good idea for which Mr. Julian Amery deserves credit. As major...

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A Chance to Act

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fret the extradition agreement for the re- turn of political offenders between South Africa and the Central African Federation, the South African Government must now be ex-...

Castro's Choice

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By HUGH O'SHAUGHNESSY AVANA—The National Amateur Talent Show had finished with performers and audience linking arms and shouting their lungs out in an impassioned rendering of...


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Spring Books Articles, reviews, stories and poems by Klistoseny AMIS, JOHN BETJEMAN, ALAN BRIEF'', RONALD BRYDEN, ROBERT CONQUEST, DONALD DAVIE, JOHN DANIEL, D. I ENRIGHT,...

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The Useless Press

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By HENRY FAIRLIE T Dounr whether people have ever been more I confused about the meaning of the words which they use in political discussion. The most absurd example occurred in...

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Randolph Rampant

The Spectator

By ALOYSIUS C. PEPPER N o one who has talked to an American or continental journalist during the, past week about the affair of Mr. Randolph Churchill and Private Eye can fail...

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Tovarich Non Grata

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I don't find it surprising that M. Michel Tatu, the correspondent of Le Monde in Moscow and widely considered one df the best-informed re- porters of the Russian scene, should...

Ex Cathedra

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An agreeable story of the present mood of pro-Wilson propaganda in the Labour Party has just reached me. I believe that Mr. Richard Crossman, MP, has been entertaining a number...

Lit Crit

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I'm sick of novels About hovels, And fumbling with whores On North Country moors. I'm tired of abortion, And 'T' Owd Man' who's a 'Caution,' And words of four letters From...

The Penguin Chase If and when Sir Allen Lane, the

The Spectator

creator and controller of Penguin Books, decides to retire, who will succeed him? He is a mere sixty, and full of vigour, but for a long time has been given to wishful thoughts...

Big Rory's Cell

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The first of the admirable series of folk con- certs which Mr. Rory McEwen is presenting at Cecil Sharp House was, through lack of pub- licity, a wash-out. So Mr. McEwen stirred...

Marie Bonheur

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The Taurus Group is a serious but little-sung company of French, Hungarian, American , Canadian, and native artists' who have banded together for four years past at the Chiltern...

Away From It

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Mr. Kenneth Tynan's appointment as literary manager of the National Theatre is an imagin - ative one, and I much look forward to seeing the results of his large talent for all...

Spectator's Notebook

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M R. GEORGE BROwN will be arriving in Washington only a few days after Mr. Harold Wilson's first encounter with President Kennedy. This is no doubt a mere quirk of co-...

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The Conservative Crisis-2

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Attitudes and Slogans By ANGUS MAUDE T HERE has been a Conservative majority in the House of Commons in forty-two of the Years since 1900 and in thirty-six of the years since...

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Fog Landings for Airliners

The Spectator

By OLIVER STEWART O N one of the days of fog and snow at London Airport, when near-zero visibility had stopped airline operations, a Varsity aircraft penetrated the peasouper...

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Ned, Nic, and Incomes

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By STEPHEN FAY AN incomes policy is elusive, almost an illusion. Britain seems to have one; then she hasn't. The Treasury occasionally says there is one, and nobody likes it....

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Conditions of Freedom Uneasy Alliance G. F . Checking the Liberals

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Fifty Thousand Abortions The 'Wealth' Tax Gerald Byrne F. A. E. Pirani R. A. Walker Aleck Bourne, FRCS Elliott and Prof. J. G. Bullocke, A. I. Aldous Estate Agents Bill P. M....


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SIR,—If Mr. Critchley's article on the Uneasy Alliance is an example of the 'wisdom' lacked by the US Administration, it is fortunate that the Admin- istration has intelligence...

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SIR,— Leslie Adrian finds it odd that the reputable independent agencies are fighting this Bill. He would not find it so odd if he had not- been misled by its sponsors about its...

Sra,—If there must be a tax on capital with con-

The Spectator

sequent disincentive to thrift, is it not rather ridiculous to call £20,000 'wealth'? I suppose that £20,000 today equals about £5,000-£6,000 in 1939, and I can assure you that...


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SIR,—The prospect of bearing a probable or even possibly deformed child after taking certain drugs or an attack of German measles during the early weeks is obviously so...

CHECKING THE LIBERALS have noted recently a number of your

The Spectator

cor- respondents falling into the same complacent error as Angus Maude does (Spectator, March 15), in say- ing that 'the Liberal revival has been clearly, and perhaps fatally,...


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SIR,—I am surprised Mr. Davenport should have come out in support of an annual capital levy after such a superficial examination of the proposals. In Sweden unearned income is...

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Not Quite Dumas By CLIVE BARNES Ballet, for a number of reasons, is apparently just starting a boom of at present unpredictable magnitude. Possibly it will prove even bigger...


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The Great Cynic By DAVID CAIRNS It is not a work of genius, but it is the work of a genius. The music is full of inventive and beauti- ful things which are quite gratuitous...

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Recognition By NEVILE WALLIS WHEN Kurt Schwitters was in- terned in a Scottish camp during the last war, I was told a story not related by his son in his moving appreciation...

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Beyond Recall By CLIFFORD HANLEY THE saddest thing about the old trashbox is that it does function as a trashbox, in the sense that what goes into it is almost instantly...


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Boy's Own By ISABEL QUIGLY BOTH this week's films, it happens, are about boys; Sammy, the hero of ' this year's Royal Performance film, Sammy Going South (director: Alexander...

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The Calcutta Cup

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Look Sharp By OLIVER EDWARDS T Twickenham on Saturday England and Scotland met at rugby. Ground and stands are full. It's blustering and dry. The rival fifteens are reviewed...

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The Little Red Boxes BY MALCOLM RUTHERFORD W E'RE all Socialists now,' may have worn a little thin shortly after 1951, but at least, twelve years later, we might argue with...

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T. E. Lawrence to his Biographers. By Robert Graves and Liddell Hart. (Cassell, 42s.) AT last these extraordinary letters, hitherto only available in the signed, liniited...

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Bitch Empress

The Spectator

Catherine the Great. By E. M. Almedingen. (Hutchinson, 30s.) Catherine the Great. By E. M. Almedingen. (Hutchinson, 30s.) THE image: of Catherine the Great which E M....

Africanist Memorial

The Spectator

Order and Rebellion in Tribal Africa. By Max Gluckman. (Cohen and West, 32s.) PROFESSOR HERSKOVITS, who died very recently, was the dominating figure of African studies in...

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Degradation, Gusto and Style

The Spectator

Cain's Book. By Alexander Trocchi. (Calder, 25s.) A Man and His Master. By Francois Billetdoux. Translated by Ralph Manheim. (Seeker and Warburg, 18s.) The Hallelujah Bum. By...

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Mummers and Mimers

The Spectator

DURING the last decade a great deal of un- necessary attention has been paid in English- speaking literary circles on both sides of the Atlantic to poseurs who will be lucky if...

Scholar's Song

The Spectator

Assurance, purpose and the futile turns of verse deride us with our lively powers. Who is a poet that can read the loose analogies of passion? Out of use the definitions...

Hors d'CEuvre

The Spectator

WHO is Etiemble? Some will recognise the name as that of an arabist who is also a sinologue, as a literary journalist of charm who in the world of ideas is ever starting hares....

The Insomniac

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It takes four hours to get me off to sleep Or seven whiskies. Otherwise I watch The light fade off the ceiling, curse and writhe In my own putrefaction. If 1 drink, At four...

Pig-bodied mole, I pull you out Stiffened with rage from

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tail to snout With rage and terror in the light Wild to escape and wild to bite. Your tail erect lends me the grip By which like meat I swing you up. Out of this lawn I'll have...

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Investment Notes

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y CUSTOS T to, gilt-edged market had another mild shock and will be the more sensitive and certain to take fright at any further attack on sterling. The explanation of the last...

Veritable Geysers

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Freshwater Fishes of the World. By Gunther Sterba. Translated and revised by Denys W. Tucker. (Vista Books, 70s.) THE sheer enormity of men attempting to kill a gigantic...


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Tongues with a Tang

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By MAUREEN O'CONNOR T HAD the horrible experience of feeling like a 'stranger in my own country not long ago. That same blank look of incomprehension spread over someone's face...

Company Notes

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By LOTHBURY S tNcE the preliminary figures published by Tate and Lyle for the year ended September 30, 1 962, the price of the shares has improved, prob- ably on account of the...

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Consuming Interest

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The Testers Tested By LESLIE ADRIAN Shopper's Guide looks good in its new format. The spine is perforated and each page can be easily taken out for filing in a box that you can...