23 JULY 1831

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by leave ! he was in a delicate state of

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health, which had sometimes prevented him from attending the House recently, still he was proud to say, that he was It has been our earnest wish to publish lists of the...

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The attention which for some time past has been fixed

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on the Congress, has during the last week been directed solely to the King of Belgium. His progress has been noted by our brethren of the Daily Press with a minuteness which...

presentations took place :- The Bishop of Cloyne, by the

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Bishop of Ferns. Mr. Boteler, on his appointment to be one of his Majesty's Counsel, by the Lord Chancellor. Dean of Clonfert, by Mar. Wellesley. Hon. E. Herbert, by the E. of...

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OPEIVING or LONDON BainuE.—The following are the arrange- ments at

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present agreed on. " The Royal tent is to be pitched at the London side of the Bridge, near to the place on which Fishmongers' Hall stood ; and will command an unobstructed view...

ROBERT TAYLOR. —A complaint has been made at Union Hall

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Office, by Waiter, keeper of Horsemonger Lane Gaol, of an attempt on the part of this man to assassinate him. Walter's story is, that he and his assistant found a bottle of...

Mu. Coxe.—This excellent old man, at the wool dinner at

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Thetford, on Friday last week, made what may perhaps be called his fiirewell speech to his constituents. On his health being drum:, lie addressed the company at some length. Ile...

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against Captain Graham altogether ; against two or three of

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the Yeo- manry they have returned bills of " manslaughter." The relatives of the deceased declined prosecuting. The Government go on, we suppose, be- cause they think they must...

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ENTENSIVE ROBEER-i.--The warehouses of Mr. Butterworth, the law- stationer, were . ptuoricreri

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last week, of not less than two tons weight of books in quires. The value to the trade was little short of 4,0001., and the whole sum received for the plunder by the thief did...

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ROYAL JAUNTS.—It is reported that the King will be at

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Portsmouth' . in about three weeks, to inspect the fleet, which is to return for that pur- pose. His Majesty will afterwards honour his Grace the Duke of Rich- mond with a visit...


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SPECTATOR OFFICE, SATURDAY, Two O'CLOCK. The contents of a private express which has been received from Paris not having yet transpired, we are quite destitute of news this...

Mu. Hesitissox's PoiarleaL ECONuMY.—The following jets d'esprit has been discovered

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among the late Mr. Huskisson's papers ; it is in his own handwriting. "Fraternal dialogue between John:Bull and his brother Jonathan. (Dated July, 1855.) Jonathan—You arc a...

CHOLERA.—The Government of Hamburg has declared, that all vessels from

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Russia must undergo quarantine ; and that all vessels from any port of the Baltic must be looked o.r as suspected. The disease now rages in St. Petersburg with frightful...

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. COLLINSON and YouNoirusRAND, Newcastle-upon - Tyne, milliners—Witsom and TURNER, Old Cavendish Street, Oxford Street, tailors—J. and W. DAvls, Lan-...


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The Rev. J. Huyshe, RI.A. of Brasennose College, Oxford, has been appointed to the Prebend of Cotton, in the Castle of Exeter, vacant by the death of the Rev. J. Pitman. Patron,...


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Arrived. At Gravesend, July 19th, Orontes, Baker, from Bengal and Madras; Frances, Chalmers, from the Mauritius ; Dryade, Heard, from New South Wales; and Lavinia, Brooks, from...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENINC.—Consols closed on Saturday at 83/, flat. The flatness was chiefly attributed to some very large sales of Exchequer Bills by the Bank of England,...


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WAR-Orrice, July 19.-2nd Regt, of Life Guards: A. C. Streatfield, Gent. to be Cornet and Sub-Lieut. by purchase, vice 5Iartyn, promoted-10th Light Dra- goons: Cornet J. Rowley...


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JULY 23.—The following Gentlemen of this University4vere lately ordained by the Lord Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry :—Deacons—J. Colley, B.A. St. John's Cotlege; W. M....

EDINBURGH IMPROVEMENTS.—It will afford satisfaction to our numerous readers in

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Scotland to learn, that the improvements which are already far advanced for the benefit and adornment of the Northern metropolis, are now about to be completed. The Committee of...


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BIRTHS. On the 8th inst. at Belvoir Park, county Down, Ireland, the Lady of Sir ROBERT BATEsoN, Bart. of a son. On the 16th inst. at his house at Kew, the Lady of the Rev. R....

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BRITISH. Salim. Mon. Tues. 3 per Cent. Reduced . 624 a 824 52t a per Cent. Consols ....... d2 LI I? 62 9 1 , l 2 e * Ditto fur Account ........ d 3 k 1 83 1 Siper...

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THE SCHEDULES. IN framing . the Reform Bill, it seems to have 'oeen the wish of Mi- nisters to stick as close- asTossible to the old system—to make no alteration which was not...


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IN the talk about Tithes on Monday, Lord BROUGHAM mentioned, as one of the great advantages cf the Archbishop of CANTER- BURY'S Composition Bill, that it does not make a...

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WE are glad to learn that Colonel TORRENS has given notice of a motion in the House of Commons; which will probably lead to a rational inquiry into the best mode of conducting...

BRITISR STATISTICS.—We have this week possessed ourselves of a copy

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of the first printed part of Mr. Marshall's Statistical View of the Resources and Condition of the British Empire. The part before us is a Mpographical and-Statistical display...


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Is it possible that Ministers should be ignorant of the evils which have arisen, and are daily increasing, through the delay of Parlia- ment in passing the Itefarin Bills ? At...

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WHAT should we say of a man who, having found his watch was going wrong, beat it against a wall till it broke into a thousand pieces, with a view of repairing its errors ? If...


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Penes, Facts relating to the Punishment of Death in} the Metropolis. By Edward Gibbon Wake Ridgway. field, Edq TRAVELS, The Life and Adventures of Nathaniel Pearce. Written...

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PEARCE . S Life and Adventures is a very extraordinary narra- tive

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of the residence of the author in Abyssinia. PEARCE was a runaway apprentice, who, after being some time a seaman in various situations and in many quarters of the world,...

We have been much charmed with Mr. Storn's little book,

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en- titled A Key to Reading,—not because we have found it to contain any thing very new or profound, but 'because it shows that right views on the subject of early education are...

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BUCKINGHAM PALACE, AND A NATIONAL GALLERY. A GALLERY, for the reception of the pictures forming the national col- lection, is now no longer a desideratum merely, it is become a...

Mr.TIUBS, in his Knowledge for the People, or the Plain

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Why and Because, has now completed the Zoological series. He has ransacked a good many authors, and has collected a number of facts respecting the birds of the air, the beasts...

A critical periodical has lately been started at Edinburgh, under

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the title of Presbyterian Review and Religious Journal. The ob- ject of the work is to give an account of the state of theological literature in the Scottish Church, and we have...

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THE bronze statue of Major CARTW RIGHT, erected in Burton Crescent, was on Wednesday last thrown open for public inspection. It repre- sents the venerable champion of Radical...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. SIR—Residing in the neighbourhood of the district where the Truck System is in operation, and having had occasion to examine its effects, I am...