24 JANUARY 1969

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The union-Castle line

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One of the gravest sins of omission during the Conservatives' thirteen years of office was their failure to grasp the nettle of trade union reform. So it has fallen to a Labour...

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A modest Presidency

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Sixty years ago Lord Bryce, that acute obser- ver of the American Commonwealth, re- marked of the Presidency that 'when the choice lies between a safe man and a brilliant man,...


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Jan Palach, a Czech student, burned himself to death in Wenceslas Square, Prague, in protest against the Russian occupation. Tension rose as another volunteer attempted...

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Democracy in action

The Spectator

POLITICAL COMMENTARY AUBERON WAUGH As Parliament reassembled on Monday, outside observers might not have thought that it had any particular reason to be pleased with itself....

A hundred years ago

The Spectator

I-ranz the 'Spectator', 23 January I869—The Ad- miralty has issued a Circular directing that all officers under their command shall be as eco- nomical as possible, particularly...

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Room at the inn

The Spectator

CHRISTOPHER HOLLIS The York Redundant Churches Commission has given the go-ahead for plans to convert two mediaeval churches—the fifteenth century St Saviour's and St...

Mr Nixon prepares to listen

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AMERICA JOHN GRAHAM Washington—The largest republic on earth has a new President, and amnesty has been declared. The political commentators are full of what they consider...

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Lagos feels the strain

The Spectator

NIGERIA PETER ENAHORO f Peter Enahoro, brother of the Federal Nigerian Information and Labour Minister Chief Enahoro, is a former editor-in-chief of the 'Nigerian Daily...

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Captain courageous

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ULSTER CORNELIUS O'LEARY Belfast—Tuesday night marked the opening of a new phase in the tribulations of Ulster with the launching of Mr William Craig's campaign against...

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J. W. M. THOMPSON Historians rummaging among the minutiae of our period may wonder how Mrs Castle's White Paper on trade union law came to b%given the theatrical title In...

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Reflections of a middle-aged novelist

The Spectator

PERSONAL COLUMN SIMON RAVEN 1. H. Plumb's 'Where are the novels of yester- year?' was published on 10 January, and 'A reply' by Marlin Seymour-Smith on 17 January. This week a...

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Counting the cost

The Spectator

MEDICINE . JOHN ROWAN WILSON We are constantly being told that the future of medicine lies in the earlier diagnosis of disease, and particularly of cancer. As everyone knows,...

Dim image

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EDUCATION STUART MACLURE There can few to whom it would come as a surprise to discover that the corporate image of the teaching profession is not particularly bright. I suspect...

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Happy return

The Spectator

TELEVISION STUART HOOD If you want to weigh up the qualities of some political leader, which kind of television pro- gramme do you feel would help you most? That—or something...

Change in the air

The Spectator

THE PRESS BILL GRUNDY It's not often that texts for sermon and epilogue come so handily together, but page 6 of Mon- day's Guardian provided both; one must obviously grab what...

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Nominalism and realism in Academe

The Spectator

TABLE TALK DENIS BROGAN I ought to begin this week's sermon by ad- mitting that I am using my title in no very scholarly way. I know the difference between mediaeval and modern...

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Who now reads Bolingbroke ? BOOKS

The Spectator

JAL PLUMB Henry St John, Viscount Bolingbroke, baffled the world from the moment that he set foot in the House of Commons in 1701. His repu- tation for brilliant debating skill...

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Sweet Williams

The Spectator

MARTIN SEYMOUR-SMITH With the exception of a part of Paterson and a handful of poems in surprisingly few anthologies, it was not until 1964—the year after his death at the age...

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Hot and cold 4 MAURICE CAPITANCHIK The Orange Envelope Mario Soldati (Andre Deutsch 30s) The Education of Davey Porteous Ronald Chapman (Collins 25s) The Tower of Strength...

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Special Indias

The Spectator

FRANCIS WATSON A Special India James Halliday (Chatto and Windus 42s) Gandhi and Modern India Penderel Moon (English Universities Press 15s) The Army in India (Hutchinson 55s)...

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Man and mask

The Spectator

PETER DAUBENY This is a beautifully detailed documentary of a man and his period. It is a book everyone interested in the theatre must read. It catches with amazing accuracy,...

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The Memoirs of Desmond Fitzgerald 1913- 1916 (Routledge and Kegan

The Spectator

Paul 35s) True romance NICHOLAS MANSERGH The Life and Death of Michael Collins Eoin Neeson (Mercier Press. Cork. 40s) 'Put him in. to get him out' was the slogan which...

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Shorter notice

The Spectator

The Illustrated History of Medicine Roberto Margotta (Paul Hamlyn 63s). Hippocrates to Barnard, beautifully illustrated with pictures which may perhaps be regarded as a little...

Caro and the passionate object ARTS

The Spectator

BRYAN ROBERTSON The sculptures by Anthony Caro, now exhibited in full force inside and outside the Hayward Gallery by the Arts Council, should not be assessed as individual...

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Funny Girl (Odeon. Leicester Square, `U')

The Spectator

CINEMA Fanny peculiar PENELOPE HOUSTON The Party and the Guests (Academy Three, `U') The Thomas Crown Affair (Metropole, 'A') We were overdue, probably, for a real drench-...


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Off balance HILARY SPURLING A Delicate Balance (Aldwych) Life Price (Royal Court) The Royal Shakespeare Company last week completed its excellent American season—and I can...

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ffolkes's tycoons-4

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The Spectator

MONEY NICHOLAS DAVENPORT It may have been noticed that whenever I express the reasonable view that equity share prices are high enough, discounting, as they do, a continuance...

Save or prosper?

The Spectator

PORTFOLIO JOHN BULL A reader has written to say that he 'com- pletely fails to see the wisdom or prudence of purchasing equity shares at the present exalted prices.' He goes on...

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New light on Eden—and Munich

The Spectator

Sir: The very interesting article by the Provost of Queen's College, Oxford, in your issue of 3 January, on the subject of the 1938 Cabinet Papers, prompts me to comment, if I...

Market report

The Spectator

CUSTOS The equity market is dominated by takeover situations as never before. Unilever is negotiat- ing the terms of a takeover with Allied Breweries. The price of the latter...

A Bill of Rights

The Spectator

LETTERS From S. C. Silkin, MP, Brigadier H. C. T. Stronge, Charles Janson, Lord Sudeley, the Rev H. E. Steed, D. A. Loosemore, Brendan Farrow, Simon Raven, Dr A. K. M. Hutchin....

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Sir: In order to clear up any misunderstanding on the

The Spectator

part of Mr Peter Townsend (Letters, 17 January) or of others, I should like to restate my position in words (so to speak) of one syllable: There is at present some reason to...

Common sense about colour

The Spectator

Sir: I read with interest Mr James Mottram's letter of 10 January, particularly the paragraph referring to intermarriage between races, 'from which no certain benefit derives...

Sir : Simon Raven's common sense (3 January) has already

The Spectator

been advocated in a number of Hollywood 'B' movies. The more colourful version of the argument is presented by one tough to a lot of toughs, as follows: `See here. There's...

Sex and science

The Spectator

Sir: Mr Desmond's letter of 10 January is very misleading. He challenges Dr Rowan Wilson's statement (13 December) that 'vaccination and the development ur anti-bacterial drugs...

The novels of yesteryear

The Spectator

Sir: Professor Plumb (10 January) says that Russia produces no great novels. Mr Seymour- Smith replies (17 January) that Dr Zhivago probably excels any works of the 'thirties....

Sir: I do not quite agree with the view of

The Spectator

Professor Plumb (10 January), a common one today, that the novel isn't what it used to be. Certainly fiction has suffered since the figure of a hero may no longer interest us....

The stupid party

The Spectator

Sir: Mr M. G. K. Pierson (Letters, 17 January) writes from the Hill House, Bodenham, but he ought to be reminded that this is not quite the same place as Mount Olympus and that...

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Towards a Bigamy Bill ?

The Spectator

Sir: May I point out to M. B. Cadbury of Canada (Letters, 3 January) that not all Catholics hold what he calls a 'sectarian view' on the question of divorce? The word 'bigamy'...

Sir: To hell with Waugh. I support Britain for helping

The Spectator

a Commonwealth country. I'd rather support Nigeria than a gang of power- crazy Ibos who, if not stopped, may well become Africa's terrible copy of Hitler and his thugs.

Britain and Biafra

The Spectator

Sir: One is often surprised by the amount of havoc and injury small-minded and ignorant, prejudiced persons inflict on mankind. James Donaldson (Letters, 3 January) is an...

Sir: Sir Denis Brogan should distinguish be- tween trailing his

The Spectator

Scottish kilt and making squalid innuendoes. He writes (17 January): `The "Titantic," built in Harland and Wolff's at Belfast, was sunk, not surprisingly, by an ice- berg.' She...

Table talk

The Spectator

Sir: In 'Table talk' (10 January) Sir Denis Brogan ascribes the saying, 'We are none of us infallible, not even the youngest of us,' to a Master of Trinity, one Thompson, living...

Sentimental journeys '69

The Spectator

AFTERTHOUGHT JOHN WELLS At this chilly and inclement season of the year, writes Barry Grovel, Advertising Manager of the Sundry Trash, a lot of people, very naturally, start...

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No. 537: Octet

The Spectator

COMPETITION Competitors are invited to compose an eight- line poem or stanza of a poem on any one of the subjects given below, using four of the fol- lowing five pairs of words...

Chess no. 423

The Spectator

PHILIDOR White Black 8 men 10 men V. Zabunov (Hon. Men.. BCF Tourney 113). White to play and mate in two moves; solution next week. Solution to no. 422 (Fink): Kt - Kt 6,...

No. 535: The winners Trevor Grove reports: Competitors were in-

The Spectator

vited to compose an extract from the plot of a new political thriller set against the background of a Commonwealth Conference in London. Evidently disappointed by the negligible...

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Crossword no. 1362

The Spectator

Across 1 Give Kitty a grooming in the cellar (8) 5 So one proclaims one tries (6) 9 'Oh, —, when sorrows come they come not single spies' (Hamlet) (8) 10 Tennyson's Arthur (6)...