24 NOVEMBER 1860

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A momentary calm has settled over the aspect of politics

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on the Continent and at home. Some prominent politicians have been seen and heard in public places, but there is no absorbing topic, no striking event. Mr. Gibson has done...

The selection of Mr. Abraham Lincoln as the successor of

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gr. Buchanan has not taken anybody by surprise. It is, however, one of those facts entitled to be called great ; for Mr. Lincoln has carried the entire North, except New Jersey....

The Italian news presents no novelty. Francis IL seems determined

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to stand fast in Gaeta, and the Italian army be- sieging him find difficulties in approaching the place. The French continue to prevent an attack by sea, which would pro- bably...

The constituency of Reading has returned Mr. Pigott by a

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large majority after a smart contest. Southwark is embarrassed with candidates. Mr. Fawcett seems to have a good chance, but at a meeting where Mr. Fawcett was preferred to Mr....


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THE gold exodus, although the subject has lost the first blush of interest, still occupies the attention of financiers. The remarks we ventured last week, in the absence of...

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et 311rtroyolis.

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A movement has been sent on foot by some members of the Common Council to found a free library fOr the City. It is opposed by Mr. Alderman Sidney, M.P., and Mr. Cox, late M.P....

int Court.

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Tan return of the Prince of Wales has been followed by greater anima- tion in Court life. The list of visitors at Windsor Castle includes the names of the Duke of Newcastle, the...

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The nomination of candidates for Reading took place on Monday. Mr. Sergeant Pigott addressed the electors, commencing with a defence of his profession, which had been sneered at...

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The Empress Eugenie is now in Scotland. Her object in travelling, according to the Noniteur and the Post, is to dispel the " overwhelm- ing despair " caused by the death of her...

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Judgment was delivered on Saturday by the Court of Common Pleas in the case of the D'Arcy minors. The Reverend Patrick Kearney and Lady Catherine Petre applied for the custody...

ifeartgit c fraurr.—The Imperial Government does not relax its war upon

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the IT1tramontane and Pro-Papal party. M. Billault, the Minister of the Interior, has followed up his circular against Peter's Pence, by one of a more sweeping operation. It is...

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Lieutenant Allen, a prisoner in the Queen's Bench, convicted in

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India of the manslaughter of his Native servant, was yesterday brought up by habeas corpus, and discharged on the ground of informality in the removal from India. The habeas...

The Itioniteur of yesterday published a convention concluded between the

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Governments of Sardinia and France, arranging several questions in reference to the annexation of Savoy and Nice. It is determined that the portion of the Sardinian debt...


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The New Zealand colonists now in England had a meeting on Thurs- day, and have given publicity to their resolutions. I. That in reference to the existing disturbances in the...


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SATURDAY MORNLNO. The President of the United States recently expressed to a distinguished English statesman, in the most distinct and emphatic terms, the satis- faction with...


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STOCK EXCBANOE, FRIDAY APTHRROON• During the early part of the week the markets for English Securities remained in a dull and inanimate state ; the uncertainty then prevailing...

The election of Alderman for Walbrook Ward terminated yesterday, in

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a poll between Mr. J. C. Lawrence, builder, and Mr. John Linklater, solicitor : Lawrence, 73; Linklater, 64. Majority for Lawrence, 9.

The Empress of Austria arrived at Plymouth, on her way

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to Madeira, on Friday morning. She had arrived at Antwerp on Tuesday, and she quitted that place on Wednesday, in the Victoria and Albert, accom- panied by the Osborne. When the...

It is said that as the Pope refuses to consecrate

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Monseigneur Maret, the Bishop of Vannes, the Emperor has resolved to dispense with the Papal exequatur. It seems there is a precedent by which the imposi- tion of hands by three...

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Advices from Constantinople to the 17th have been received. It

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is reported that the ratification of a loan contracted for by M. Mires, was sent to Paris on the 16th. The Levant Herald states that the foreign re- presentatives are about to...

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THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. THE choice of Mr. Abraham Lincoln for the Presidency of the Ilnited States, in succession to Mr. Buchanan, is a remarkable event. As a matter of...


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On the 13th of November, at Parham Park, Sussex, the Honourable Mrs..Curzon, of a daughter. On the 14th, at Hilton, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel...

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ALTHOUGH the war in New Zealand had not taken any larger proportions at the date of the latest advices, it is manifest that the question out of which it sprung has grown...


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THE great project of expelling the stranger from Italy, begun with so much effect in 1859 by the aid of French arms ' and carried so much nearer to completion in 1860 by Italian...

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TICE meagre results of the last session of Parliament have only contributed to stir up the friends of Law Amendment to early exertion. The necessity of reform is now so...

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Ertttr to tlJt allot . .

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TREATMENT OF JUVENILE DELINQUENTS. Hardwieke Court, Gloucester, 17th November, ISGO. Sin—As you have mentioned my name in your article on juvenile crime in London, and as I...


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IT is nearly two years since we brought to the notice of our readers an Association for Promoting the General Welfare of the Blind. Since that time, the Association has become...

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ESSAYS ON ANCIENT AUT. * Deedalus, as a representative name for a treatise on sculpture, may be allowable enough, and we should never have thought of entering upon a dispute as...

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Wmin geologists have been constructing the history of the earth's surface out of its own inherent testimony, other inquirers have traced back the origin and migration of nations...

THE ANSAIDEEH on NI:Telma OF SYRIA. * THE rocky backbone of

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Syria is composed of three principal sec- tions—the Mount Cassius to the North, Lebanon to the South, and between these the Ansairee mountains, considerably lower than either,...

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WE propose to give a brief notice of two works on social philo- sophy, under one heading. Social science being the most com- plex of all sciences, there is scarcely any man that...

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NEW NOVELS. * Hope .Evermore; or, Something to Do. There is

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much clever- ness in this tale, and it will be read with great interest by many persons ; but it is not calculated to please those who are fasti- dious enough to expect a...

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CONSTABLE'S EDUCATIONAL COURSE. * AFTER a careful examination of these little

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books, we are able to give a favourable report of them. To all whom it may concern,— to parents, teachers, schoolmasters, and schoolmistresses,—we say that this series of...


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A Popular Manual of Botany. By Christopher Dresser, Ph.D. — This is a good and useful little book, but we believe the author would have made a better work, if he had not had the...

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lint 9.rts.

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"TILE MAT QUEEN." Our readers will remember that, some years ago, we claimed their admiration for a delightful book of sketches, called A Children's Summer, ,f.- from the...


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_Robin Hood has been performed at Her Majesty's Theatre this week on the usual nights, but with Mr. Swift instead of Mr. Sims Reeves in the character of the Outlaw. We are not...

ff4t S4tatrts.

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There have been several novelties during the past week, but none of much importance. At Drury Lane, there is a version of Les Patter de Marche, called The Billet Dour, in which...

Madame Clara Novello, after a brilliant farewell tour in the

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provinces, took her final leave of the London public at St. James's Hall on Wednes- day evening—this being, at the same time, a total retirement from pro- fessional life. She...


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" Modern Minstrelsy, comprising Biographical Sketches and Specimens of the Poetry of Living Poets; " Fancy Tales from the German," by G. S. Laurie, H. M. Inspector of Schools ;...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, NOVEMBER 20. Bankrupts. — Enwsun ANSELL, South Street,

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Manchester Square, draper—ArrHan Avatar and CHAMPHEYS POWELL, St. Mary Axe, ship-brokers—WILLIAM OWERS JEN/rums, Uggeshall, Suffolk, horse-dealer—JOHN JENNEKOS, late of Gough...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &shard. Monday. Tuesday. Wants. !Stun. Friday. S per Cent consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Annuities 1830...