25 MARCH 1848

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THE revolution in Vienna, the flight of Metternich, and the striking manifesto by King Frederick William of Prussia, have capped the series of surprises by which Europe has been...

The demonstration of the Nat Anik Guard in Paris, last

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wee. produced a reaction. Mei - . claim +re'keep up the select compa 7 nies, and to retain the practice by which each company of the force chose its own officers, however...

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Debates anti 113rottahvgs in Varliament.

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Navy Esrimerne. The House of Commons, on Monday, having gone into a Committee of Supply, Mr. WARD moved the Navy Estimates; and in doing so discussed the general policy of our...

Our Government has resolved on the prosecution of the three

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prominent members of the Irish Confederacy, Mr. Meagher, Mr. Mitchel, and Mr. Smith O'Brien: they have been held to bail on charges of seditious writings and seditious speeches....

The _proceedings ip Parliament continue to occupy but a sub-

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Ordinate place in public attentio'n. The principal act this week ins been to pass an important section of the Navy Estimates— the number of men asked by Government. The...

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Zbe lattropolfs.

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At a Court of Aldermen, on Tuesday, the Lord Mayor read a letter from Sir George Grey, announcing the Queen's safe delivery of a Princess. Sir Peter Laurie, as the oldest member...

gbe Q ourt.

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THE Queen has enjoyed uninterrupted health. The following bulletin was put forth yesterday morning, as the last that would be issued- " Buckingham Palace, March 21, Mae A.Y....

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St. Patrick's Day was unusually quiet in Dublin. The ward meetings were none of them very exciting; some were even thinly attended. Reso- lutions to petition for Repeal were...

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A meeting was held at Manchester on Friday night, to celebrate the "marriage of the two bodies of the English Chartists and the Irish Re- peaters. Mr. Feargus O'Connor, Mr....

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_foreign attb

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Arisrata.—The movement at Vienna has assumed the character of a complete revolution, and Prince Metternich has fled. On Monday the 13th instant, the session of the Diet of...

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The Prince and Princess de Joinville, and the Duke and Dutchess d'Aumale, arrived on Wednesday morning at Dartmouth, by the Solon steamer. They landed on the same day, and have...

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SATURDAY. The intelligence from Germany maintains its paramount importance. " Prussia " has ceased to exist : it is by the will of Frederick William merged in " Germany." The...


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On the 5th March, at Rome, the WItb of Calverley Bewicke, Esq., of Balaton Hall, Lancashire, of a son. On the 15th, In Wimpole Street, the Lady of John Blight, Esq., M.P.. of...

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ARRIVED—At Gravesend, 20th March, Malacca, Conant, from Bombay ; and 22d, Favourite, Rezey, from Mauritius. In the Downs, 21st, Lady Valiant, Turner, from Mauritius ; and 23d,...

At Monmouth, yesterday, Captain Somerset was elected Member for the

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County, in the room of Lord Granville . Somerset, deceased.

The news of the insurrection at Vienna became known at

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Milan on the evening of the 16th; and the people learnt that the Central Congregation of Lombardy was summoned to a National Assembly in Vienna. On the 17th, however, the...

In the Home of- Commons, last night, the order of

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the day for going in- to Committee of Supply gave rise to diversified discussion. Lord JOHN Russets, endeavoured to save the public time by making a forcible appeal to the...

The Court Circular of this morning announces; that " the

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Princess Se- phia is indisposed, at her residence at Kensington."

The Paris papers of yesterday have reached town. Among the

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usee mass of details indicating the chronic perturbOqn of the country, we no- tice meetings in Paris of Germans and BelginiBepnblicans, for purposes of drill, in order to join...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FILIDAT AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market, which had evinced symptoms of improvement from the commencement of business on Monday, received an additional...

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CERTAIN of the revolutionary chiefs in France have undertaken to lead a crusade against the employing classes; and, for many reasons, the movement is not to be slighted. It is...


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GOVERNMENT AND PEOPLE. Eunore exhibits a wondrous spectacle, of its governments called to account by its peoples. East and West, North and South, with the oldest of existing...

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Tau public will learn with satisfaction that several of the Metro, politan Clergy are engaged in an important movement for the public advantage. A report, adopted by a Committee...

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TEE Irish people are entertained at the shortest intervals with lessons in sedition and rebellion, which are meant as a present amusement, but to be useful hereafter. Minute...

At Covent Garden, nothing but Tancredi has as yet been

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performed, notwithstanding the comparative failure of Alboni, the management, ap- parently, not having been prepared to meet such an unexpected occur- rence. It has turned out...


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Mr. Lumley is giving us a dose of Verdi before Easter, which, we trust, will serve for the whole season. We have already had three of that com- poser's operas—Ernani, Attila,...

We are really much obliged to the dramatic authors of

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the day for their frequent illustrations of a doctrine that we have repeatedly set forth,— namely, the necessity, in most cases, of fixing the attention of an audience by the...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Stn—I have attended many Election Committees of the House of Commons; and the conclusion was always forced upon me, that if the same...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. SIR—We are under our system of administration so accustomed to see ques- tions, merely of general importance to the community and not affecting...


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The season of the Ancient Concerts began on Wednesday evening, under the direction of the Duke of Cambridge. The music was partly of a fune- real character, in consequence of...

The character of Virginias, which Mr. G. Brooke has played

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at the Olympic, has given him one opportunity more to exhibit his physical qua- lifications, which are unquestionably great. At the same time, a ballet has been attempted; in...

The termination of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bean's very successful

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engage- ment at the Haymarket impels the manager to the trial of new means, including a revival of Colle7 C i ibber's .Double Gallant, and a fresh transla- tion of the French...

At the Adelphi, an attempt has been made to turn

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the Parisian mime Paul Legrand to some account, by making him, in a new piece called The Comrades, represent a dumb servant, who by his fidelity and address saves a French...

The engagement of Mademoiselle Natbalie at the French Theatre is

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drawing to its close, and Lafont is to be the next "star." Mademoiselle Netball° gives some brilliancy to her exit by her successful performance in Le Gant et l'Eventail; well...

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TOTAGTS AND TRAVEL!, s e l ec t Letters of Chrtstopher Columbus, with other Original Documents relating to bls Four Voyages to the New World. Translated and edited by E. H....

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A rboETICAL translation, after all, is an original work, abstracting mat- ter and structure. Here and there a passage may be picked out from a great poet, engaged upon the...


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THE exhaustion which was felt in Mr. Cooper's last novel of Mark's Reef has become distinctly visible in Captain Spike or the Islets of the Gull. There is perhaps not so obvious...

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Boosts. Narrative of Events in Borneo and Celebes, down to the occupation of Labuan; from the Journals of James Brooke, Es*, Rajah of Sarawak, and Governor of Labuan. Together...

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AmataALrr, March 20.-The following promotions have this day taken place, con- sequent upon the death of Admiral R. Matson : Vice-Admiral of the Red Sir A. Drummond, K.C.H., to...


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FARTIGUISHIPS DISSOLVED. Lloyd and Co. Stockport, builders ; as far as regards Goodwin Lloyd-St. John a n d Co. Worcester, encaustic-tile-manufacturers -IInathorne and Co....

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