26 MAY 1849

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The news from Canada is very unsatisfactory ; and the

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private accounts are still darker than the published. Lord Elgin steadily perseveres in his course, and the Governor-General has succeeded in becoming the cockshy-general for...

All the tendencies of the day, throughout Europe, seem to

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be for war, hastening onward with no tardy approach. Losing ground in Hungary, Austria has invited the aid of Russia ; and the Emperor Nicholas instantly advances with a...


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Loan STANLEY has proved to be a very prudent Orlando : last week he-blew his horn; but he has not surrounded himself with a wall of slain; he has not braved the extreme fate and...

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Mbates anb Vroutbingsin illarliament.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Boum Ow LORDS. Monday, May 21. Firing at the Queen—Navigation Bill, de- bated In Committee: Lord Stanley's amendment on the 1st clause...

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Ebt fnetropolfs.

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The Metropolitan Financial and Parliamentary Reform Association held its first public meeting on Tuesday, at the London Tavern in Bishopsgate Street; Sir Joshua Walmsley, M.P.,...

be Q:Dourt.

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THE Queen held a drawingroom, in St. James's Palace, on Saturday after- noon, in celebration of her Majesty's birthday. Besides the members of the Royal Family, about seventeen...

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The election of a successor to the late Catholic Archbishop Crony was held in Armagh on Tuesday. The candidates were three: Dr. Dixon, Professor of Scripture in Maynooth, who...

ffortign ants Colonial. FRANCE.-The general result of the elections was

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summed up as follows by the Journal des Debats on Tuesday, and no modification of importance has since occurred- " Thirty-eight departments have elected candidates who all...


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Mr. Roason has issued an address to the electors of Chester, offering him- self as candidate in the event of any change in the representation, or, in the event of a dissolution,...

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The London Gazette announces that the Queen has constituted Rupert's

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Land, in North America, a Bishop's see and diocese, to be called the Bishopric of Rupert's Land; and her Majesty has appointed the Reverend David Anderson, D.D., to be Bishop of...

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The races commenced unfavourably on Tuesday; the wet weather for- bidding pleasure or sport. Towards noon it cleared up, and there were three or four hours of sunshine; " but,"...

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SATURDAY. The business in the House of Commons last night was various and, un- connected. A conversation arose on the subject of the annual financial statements in the course...

A violent debate arose in the French Assembly on Wednesday

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evening, upon charges made by M. Considerant against members of the Government: he accused them of conspiring to violate the constitution and destroy the Republic either on the...


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On the 16th May, at Shawford House, near Winchester, the Lady of Major-Gene- ral Frederick, of a son, still-born. On the list, at Ulcombe Place, Kent, the Lady Frances...

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At Covent Garden, the Sonnarnbula, on Tuesday, furnished the occasion

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for Persiani's last appearance as Amine, and Sims Reeves's first appearance on the Italian stage in London, as .E/oino. Persiani is certainly not forced to retire by any decay...

At Drury Lane, the German Opera company have performed Beethoven's

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Fidelio, with their wonted completeness. Great interest was given to the charming part of Leonora by the acting of Madame Walther; whose simpli- city, earnestness, and strength...

Last night's Gazette announces that the Queen has appointed James

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Ivory, Esq., one of the Ordinary Lords of Session, to be one of the Lords of Justiciary in Scotland, in the room of John Hay Forbes, Esq., resigned. The Lord Mayor gave an...

Mr. Hullah had a concert on Monday evening at Exeter

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Hall, similar to those which he has been giving for several seasons past, and the profits for a similar purpose—the completion of the fund for the new music hall which he is...


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The most striking incident of the week in the theatrical region belonged to the drama of real life and not of the stage. At the hour for beginning the opera at Her Majesty's...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY RYTEENOON. The French Funds declined in Paris during Friday, Saturday, and Monday, to the extent of 12 per cent: they have since risen about 5 per cent,...

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IF ever one regretted the decline of that Lynch law which used to deal summary justice on London pickpockets, it was when such miserable fellows as Bean and Hamilton were...


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THE FUTURE. .gPARTY-SPIIUT has run high in this country, and the manner of it Still so far prevails that a writer who can admit two sides to any question which has been under...

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THE natural fear that the boys at the Redhill Farm School might become a nuisance to the neighbourhood, as idle loungers of an immoral character, is obviated by Mr. Sydney...


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THE moral influences of "the Derby day" are curious. The open downs which extend from the coast of Sussex towards Lon- don terminate near the pleasant market-town of Epsom, and...


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[THE LETTER REFERRED TO IN OUR POLITICAL SUMMARY.] London, 234 May 1849. I will answer your questions as fully as heavy engagements and the short time may allow. You express...

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SEYMOUR ' S MORNINGS AMONG THE JESUITS. * IN his Pilgrimage to Rome, the Reverend Mr. Seymour confined himself to observations on general manners and society, the expression of...

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CONCLUSION OF THE FAIRFAX CORRESPONDENCE. * Tintsz volumes contain the conclusion

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of the Fairfax Correspondence, which our readers may remember broke off at the commencement of the Civil War.t The greater number of letters in the volumes before us relate to...

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Tuts volume of poetry emanates from the Delta of the Cavery or Cole- roon and does credit to the muses of Tanjore. There is not that entire freedom from the trammels of any...


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Tim object of Mr. Strickland and Dr. Melville in their elaborate quarto, is to bring together the original facts connected with the extinct races of birds that inhabited the...

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Booms. Essay on the Use of Alcoholic Liquors in Health and Disease. By John Chadwick, M.D., &c., Sybil; a Soul's History. By James lanes Machin, Author of T r aff or d , and...

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LAYARD'S MONUMENTS OF NINEVEH. This magnificent supplement to Mr. Henry Austen Layard's work, Kineveh and its Remains, consists of a hundred large prints, on fine stout paper,...


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The two pictures by Mr. Webster capitally illustrate what we have said Is to the necessity of a well-cultivated and good working imagination in forming a master. Within the...


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Tuesday, May 22. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. J. and Sc. Cook, Penton Row, Walworth, bricklayers—Green and Sheard, Lawrence Lane, woollen-warebousemen—W. and J. nossiter, Fronts,...


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WAR-OFFICE, May 22.-15th Regt. Light Drags.—Major. Gen. T. W. Brotherton, C.B. to be Col. vice Gen. Sir It. T. Wilson, K.C. dec. 5th Foot—Major-Gen. Sir J. Grey, K.C.B. from the...

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FOREIGN FUNDS. (last meta Quotation daring the Week ending Friday Evening.) higan Massachusetts (Sterting) 6 p•Ct. Mexican 6 - Mississippi (Sterling) I - New York (1.853)...