27 MAY 1848

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THAT which was to have been the chief subject of debate in the House of Commons this week has been thrown over by the con- currence of Lord George Bentinck's two avocations of...

In Dublin the frivolous and vexatious trickery of the lawyers

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on the Rebel side continues to obstruct the forms of tustice ; and the State prisoners, with one added to their number, still mock the law. Other information which we receive in...

The Emperor of Austria has furtively abandoned his capital conveyed

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away by his Empress, on the plea that his health required a removal. This may be more than a pretence ; but the movement, if it have no other consequences, is such an exposure...

France presents the dulness ik annals proper to a week

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of com- parative tranquillity—anarmed tranquillity,- but *11 a repose after the int; ve &We' of the past. The Cotstualttee of National Assembly atilloriz t ed to prepare a...

Sir Henry Bulwer's diplomacy has resulted in his being tstfin-

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marily dismissed from Madrid by the Spanish Government ! The whole affair becomes more and more extraordinary. The tone assumed towards the Spanish Government by Lord...

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IDEbates anb Vrotetbings in parliament.

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ADMISSION OF JEWS TO PARLIAMENT. In the House of Lords, on Thursday, the second reading of the Jewish Disabilities Removal Bill was moved by the Marquis of LANSDOWNE, with a...

It has been reported in London that the mediation of

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England in the affair of Schleswig had been successful ; but we receive no corroboration of that statement from the seat of war. On the contrary, the newest report is, that the...

A noise is made in the United States about an

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"Irish Brigade" and subsidies levied by voluntary contributions to aid a war of Irish independence ; and the noise will probably increase. It is the product of an electioneering...

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be litetrop_oirs.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Monday for despatch of business. In answer to Alderman Salomans, Alderman Musgrove stated that the sub- ject of the City franchise had been...

gbe eouri.

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THE Queen and Prince Albert, whin the Prince of Wales and Princess Royal, visited the Queen Dowager, at Marlborough House, on Saturday. The Count and Countess of Neuilly came to...

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gbe Wrobintts.

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At the nomination for York city, on Monday, the Liberals were divided: Mr. Milner was opposed by two other candidates, more Liberal than him- self. Mr. Sergeant Wilkins proposed...

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More arrests in Dublin. Mr. Davin Reilly, the co-editor of the United Irishman with Mr. Mitchel, was arrested on Tuesday, for a breach of the 60th George HI., which prohibits...


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The Assemblies of the Established and Free Churches of Scotland com- menced their sittings on Thursday week. Lord Belhaven, the Lord High Commissioner, held a levee in Holyrood...

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The following letter by Mr. Joseph Hume appeared in the

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morning "Gentlemen—You are aw.are that this evening was fixed for bringing for- ward that important motion respecting the reform of the representation, which had been decided...

_foreign anti Colonial.

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F ,„,".—Events in Paris now proceed with a smoother current: appa- r ently, the events of the past few weeks have served only to damp the h o pes of disturbers; the authorities...

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SATURDAY. The motion for going into Committee of Supply gave rise to the, usual conversations—questioning Members rising in a cloud as thick as flksects before the feet of the...

Ersoat RACES.

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The hopes of sport on Tuesday, the first day of these races, were not wr y great; the entries for the Craven being neither numerous nor of high character. The fine weather, and...

Letters from Naples of the 18th instant have arrived. They

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give such de- tails of the frightful occurrences on the preceding days as lighten but little the colours of the narrative already received. The city has been placed in a state...


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On the 19th May. at Welton/. Vicarage, the Wife of the Rev. G. Domville Wheeler, Of a son, stillborn. On the 21st, at Selmeaton Vicarage, the Wife of the Rev. Henry Foster, of...


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Alarvgn—At Gravesend, 22d May, Pennyard Park, Weller, from Sydney ; Augusta Jessie, Kincaid, from Calcutta; and Isla, Taylor ; and Amelia Mulholland, Gray, from /deadline ;...

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The Gazette announces that Lieutenant William Woolridge, RN., has been

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appointed Lieutenant of the port of Gibraltar; and that William Dougall Chris- tie, Esq., has been appointed her Majesty's Agent and Consul-General in the Mosquito territory....


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The clibfit of Madame Tadolini at Her Majesty's Theatre, on Saturday last, proved to be one of the most satisfactory that has occurred in our expe- rience. For many years (we do...

Yesterday's advices from Paris announce no breach in the tranquillity

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of the capital, now greater than it has been 8i11012 the 24th of Febriuuy. Yesterday's advices from Paris announce no breach in the tranquillity of the capital, now greater than...

The trial of Mitchel proceeds slowly; every inch of progress

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being opposed and pertinaciously debated. Au enormous time was consumed on Thursday in a con- test :over the jury-list--a challenge of the array. At last the Jury were sworn. On...


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" Dublin, Friday evening. " "By a preconcerted signal from the steam-frigate Amphion, we are enabled to state, upon the authority of our agent at Dublin, the important news of...

That the Earl of Shrewsbury had been converted to Repeal

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was reported in Dublin several weeks ago; but the fact is now attested by a letter from the Earl to Dr. Winter, published in the Tipperary Free Press. Lord Shrewsbury says that...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Although Stock has been brought rather freely to market, prices generally have improved. The range of Consols has been from 831 to 841; the...

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The English theatres are going on mournfully enough. Mr. and

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Mats' , Kean were to have appeared on Monday at the Haymarket; bate - tleman had a sudden attack of indisposition, and the appearance idis post- poned till Monday next. The...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. SIR—I beg to return my thanks for your courtesy in so promptly inserting my letter upon the Indian Land-revenue: it was written in Germany,...


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The upper circle of Mr. Burford's rooms is now devoted to a view of Paris, which conveys a lively idea of the existing state of the city. The spectator stands in the Place de la...

Donizetti's best opera, La Favorita, was produced at Covent Garden

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on Tuesday, with a new cast. The heroine interesting even in her frailty, was personated by Grisi. We may observe by the way, that we see no ground for the charge of immorality...

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DISTRESS AMONG THE ROYAL CLASSES. MORE of the royal classes thrown out of work ! Prince Williara is distinctly repudiated by the Prussians, at least for the pr e s ent; and the...

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the party of Messrs. Hume and Cobden the part of a free ally—a knight-errant who enters the field to fight on their side, and rides off again without claiming companionship. The...


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THERE is a Press movement on the subject of Colonization. Doctrines which not very many years ago we stood alone in maintaining have become common property, and "systematic...

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Oyu readers will recognize in our insertion of a second very lengthy epistle from an advocate of the land-revenue of India as levied on the existing system of assessment, our...

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Catlin's Notes of Eight Fears' Travel and Residence in Europe. with his North Ame- rican Indian Collection. With Anecdotes and Incidents of the Travels and Adven- tures of three...


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SOME settlement seems to be required on a point of law or cus- tom in the theatrical world. Squabbles in the green-room are as old as the bills; but printed squabbling in the...

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an Elizabethan " Saxon" by descent, an I r a Tory by family and.assceiation, but a Repealer by sentiment and jud g . ment—so far as the latter quality can avail hint on a...

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addition to our records of a difficultand dangerous branch of marine architecture ; interesting as an account of the risks and hard- ships which men undergo in the construction...

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Lays of the Deer Forest. With Sketches of Olden and Modern Deer_ hunting; Traits of Natural History in the Forest; Traditions of th s Clans; Miscellaneous Notes. By John...

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WAR - ormce, May 23.-3d Drag. Guards-Cornet W. H. Slade to be Lieut. by pur- chase, vice Oakes, who retires; A. Hunt. Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Slade. 3d Light...


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Tuesday, May 23. pIRTNERSHIPS DillsOLvED. Elliott and Watkins, Norwood, schoolmistresses-Swinborne and Co. Coggeshall, woolstapiers-Roberton and Co. Llmehouse, Mullen; as tar...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Soturd. Monday. Tuesday. Wanes. Thurs. Friday. 88 84 81 881 eil El Dra r o Tor nt Accoun i t e 81 tfl 84 81 848 041 3 per Cents...