28 APRIL 1849

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MINISTERS have propounded their Irish measures supplemental to the Rate-in-aid ; and, like the feminine postscript, the supple- ment contains the body of the policy which our...

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attiates anti Wroitebings in Varliament.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OE THE WEEK. HOUSE OP LOADS. Monday, April 23. Rio de la Pints: Lord Harrowbes Motion for Papers—Adjourned at 711. 25 m. Tuesday, April 24. Navigation Bill,...

Russia is the covert influence assumed to explain the change

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recently observable in the position of affairs in more than one part of the Continent. Bavaria and the larger German states demonstrate a new-born firmness in resisting the...

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Tirbt Aittitopolis.

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The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress gave the usual yearly dinner to her Majesty's Ministers on Wednesday, in the Egyptian Hall of the Man- sionhouse. Nearly all the members of the...

Tbt eourt.

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THE Queen held a Court on Tuesday afternoon, at Buckingham Palace. Count Schimmelpenninck, the Netherlands Minister, had an audience to deliver his new credentials; the Marquis...

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ffortign anb Colonial.

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FRANCE.—On Saturday, President Bonaparte having completed his forty-first year, an entertainment was given on the occasion, at which 2,000 persons were present, including...


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The Earl of Clarendon, accompanied by the Countess, returned from England to Dublin on Saturday. Viscount Monck died on Friday, at his residence in Merrion Square, Dublin; and...

'Ott lirobincts.

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An agricultural meeting is reported this week at Maidstone; its object, the modified one of considering the depressed state of the country, and the means of speedy and permanent...

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We believe that it is now pretty well understood in official circles that hfr. John Abel Smith, M.P. for Chichester, will succeed Mr. Ward as s ec retary to the Admiralty. The...


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SATURDAY. The House of Commons transacted a variety of business; some of which is sufficiently indicated by the simple mention in our Parliamentary index. The House of Commons...

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The Commons met today at twelve o'clock, to receive the

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report of the Rate-in-aid Bill: no objection having been made, the form was gone through, and the third reading fixed for Monday. Sir Lucius O'BstrEsr asked Lord John Russell,...

Last night's Gazette announces the appointment of Sir Henry Lytton

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Bulwer to be her Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipo- tentiary to the United States of America.

A numerous meeting of shareholders in the New Zealand Company

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was held yesterday at New Zealand House, to concert measures for averting the stigma and calamity of convict settlement in New Zealand. Mr. Aglionby, who presided, stated that...

The King of Wirtemberg abandoned his capital with precipitation, on

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the 24th instant, leaving an address to his people praying them not to force him to accept the suzerainty of Prussia as Imperial head of the United Empire. On the same day,...

Accounts from Hamburg intimate that the Schleswig troops under General

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Bonin gained a battle against the Danes on the 22d instant; and took Bolding, after fire had reduced it to ashes.

The Afoniteur of Thursday contains an official announcement, that as

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M. Napoleon Bonaparte, Ambassador at Madrid, was proceeding to Paris without leave, M. Napoleon Bonaparte was considered as having resigned, and his functions had been revoked...


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Jenny Lind has been dragged back to the stage of Her Majesty's Theatre by the insatiable public; and on Thursday she appeared before an audience tumultuous with delight. The...


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STOCK EIMANGE, FAIDAT AFTERNOON. The business and fluctuations of the English Stock Market have been unim- portant. The variations during the week have not exceeded 1 per cent;...

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REACTION A DREAM. Sift JAMES GlSAHAM declares that be takes his stand on the Re- peal of the Navigation-laws as the field whereon to fight the bat- tle of Progress and...

An excellent correspondent, whom we know to speak upon the

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best in- formation, directly contradicts the report that Jenny Lind had been induced M quit the stage by scruples of a religious nature: her religion, we infer, has a wider and...

At the New Strand Theatre, an excellent farce by Mr.

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J. M. Morton has been produced, under the title of John Dobbs. A young gentleman who seems to know everything in the world, and a Cockney swain who knows nothing, are placed in...

Romeo and Juliet has been produced with muoh " bravery

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" in the remote regions of Marylebone. Without striking into any new path, Miss Fanny Vining, (a rising actress,) Mrs. Mowatt, and Mr. Davenport, are perfectly familiar with the...

At Mr. Mitchell's Opera Comique, Auber's clever and well-known FraDia-

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solo has been finely performed. A new actor, M. Octave made his debfit as the robber. His voice is a light and flexible tenor, well Calculated for the comic stage, but...

At the Covent Garden Opera, Mademoiselle Angri appeared on Tuee-

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l e y Rosina in the Barbiere di Siviglia. The musk of this part is quite sl ued to her voice, which is properly a mezzo-soprano, extending into the regions of the soprano and...

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THE controversy on our naval and military expenditure illus- trates the fable of the gold and silver shield : a onesided objec- tion is met by a onesided reply, neither...


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BUT for repeated experience of the fact, one might be surprised at the readiness with which, on favourite occasions, the most rational and practical men choose to set aside...


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SET morality keeps up a kind of dodging chace after sym- pathy with criminals, in the manifest hope of seizing it and quite exterminating the "morbid sentimentality "; yet...

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" GENIUS" consists in a special capacity for some particular kind of labour; not, as soi-disant geniuses who have no such gift too often fancy, in an inspiration which...

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Lincoln's Inn, 18th April 1849. Sur—If the waste districts of Ireland are to be fertilized by means of a sale of encumbered estates, two subjects will require the attention ot...


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United Servir..e Club, 24th April 1849. Sin—I take a great liberty with you, but I shall be extremely obliged by your giving me your opinion in one of your next numbers, as to...

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TOWNSEND'S RAMBLES IN NEW 13017TH WALES. * Bin. TOWNSEND is a nephew of Mr. Jesse, so well known for his works on natural history; and he possesses much of his uncle's love for...

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Cornevvall Lewis exhibits a considerable improvement upon his former work on the Government of Dependencies.t It has less pedantry of manner ; it is faller of matter both real...

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Mr. Beggs's Inquiry into the Extent and Causes of Juvenile

The Spectator

De- pravity received the second prize for an essay on the subject, when the first was awarded to the Reverend Mr. Worsley, whose book we noticed lately. Mr. Beggs has taken a...


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Taz author of this volume is a man of cultivated tastes, with an eye for the beauties of natural scenery and a love of the picturesqueness and sentiment connected with a...

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Merry-Mount, a Romance of the Massachusetts Colony, is an at-

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tempt to exhibit the manners of the Puritan founders of New England, contrasted with the reckless and riotous conduct of some adventurous Cavaliers who had gone to the New World...

Archdeacon Hare's Sermons Preacht in Herstmonceux Church are characterized by

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the author's plain directness of purpose, and a racy old simplicity partaking more of the age of Luther and Latimer than of these days of artificial style. In the Archdeacon's...

Twice-told Tales, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, are of American origin, and

The Spectator

may have appeared in some American periodical publication un- known to us. They consist of a series of tales, and of descriptive pieces such as Washington Irving carried to the...

Family Failings exhibits the mischiefs that ensue from Mr. Leigh's

The Spectator

doting on his eldest son ; from the ingrained selfishness of Luke Leigh, encouraged by his father's foolish fondness; from the flirting tendencies of his wife ; from the pride,...


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Boons. Travels of his Royal Highness Prince Adalbert of Prussia in the South of Europe and in Brazil; with a Voyage up the Amazon and the Xingu, Translated by Sir Robert IL...

Recurring to our brief notice of M. Louis Blanc's Appel

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aux Hon- netes Gene, a respectable correspondent invites us to correct an error he conceives we have fallen into. He alludes, he says, to the "hint that Louis Blanc would have...

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DIORAMA OF ROSENLAUL The new picture at the Diorama in

The Spectator

the Regent's Park represents the valley of the Rosenlani. It is a deep glen in the Bernese Alps, hemmed in between the loftiest mountain-peaks, which in the distance reach to...


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NEW SOCIETY OF PAINTERS IN WATER COLOURS. THE Exhibition season seems fairly to commence when the New Water Colour Society opens; and this season commences well. The walls are...


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WAR-OPPICE, April 27.-Ist Life Guards- Cornet and Sub-Lieut. A. Walsh to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Leslie, who retires ; H. Wyndham, Gent, to be Cornet and Sub•Lieut, by...


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Tuesday, April 24. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Ashworth and Co. Oporto, and J. Ashworth and Co. Lisbon, merchants-T. and W. Wilson, Bristol. liuendrapers-Goodman and Taylor, Great...


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On the llth April, at Kingston Russell, the Lady of Morton Grove Mansel, Esq., of A son and heir. On the 20th, in Eaton Square, the Wife of Edward Divett, Esq., M.P., of a...

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BRITISH PUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &turd. Monday Illiesday. Weeks'. I per Cent Consols 921 92 93 92 Ditto for Account 919 92 92 921 3 per Cents Reduced 909 909 909 909 3j per...