29 JUNE 1844

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PARLIAMENT—at least the House of Commons—has this week sat more than its average number of hours ; but it is questionable whe- ther it has got through more than the average...

Lord HEYTESBURY has been chosen to succeed Earl Ds GREY

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as Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland. The party organs opposed to the present Ministers admit, that, looking to their range of choice, this is as unexceptionable a nomination as they...

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Debates anb 113rotettrings in Varlianunt.

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THE CORN-LAWS. On Tuesday, Mr. C. VILLIERS brought forward, in the House of Commons, his annual motion for a repeal of the Corn-law : on which occasion he spoke for nearly four...

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Vibe jriiittropolis.

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A Common Hall was held on Monday ; at which Alderman William Hunter, of Coleman Street Ward, and Mr. Thomas Sydney, of Ludgate Hill, were elected Sheriffs for London and...

Me Court.

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Tins has been a quiet week at Buckingham Palace. On Saturday evening, the Queen and Prince Albert honoured the Duke and Dutchess of Sutherland with their company at the...

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Five noblemen have been named as likely to be appointed to the Lord Lieutenancy of Ireland,—the Duke of Buccleuch, Lord Wham- cliffe, the Duke of Richmond, the Earl of...

jou* anti Colonial.

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FRANCE.—The troops of the Emperor of Morocco have made another irruption into the territory of the French in Africa. The event was announced by a telegraphic despatch, dated...

Ebe igirobinces.

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More agricultural meetings against the Premier's Currency Bill have taken place. On Saturday last, the Vale of Gloucester Agricultural Protection Society held a meeting, and...


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At a meeting of the Magistrates and Town-Council of Ayr, to con- sider Sir Robert Peel's Currency Bill, it was resolved, " that the inevitable consequence of the provisions of...

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A Cabinet Council was held on Monday afternoon, at the Foreign Office. It was attended by Sir Robert Peel, the Lord Chancellor, Lord Wharncliffe, the Duke of Buccleuch, Earl of...

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SATURDAY NiGii. 4 d VEIS In the House of Lords, last night, the question of opening letters at the Post-office was again under discussion ; the subject having been in- troduced...

The Caledonia mail steam-ship arrived at Liverpool this morning, from

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Boston, after a passage of ten days. She brings New York papers to the 15th ; which announce that the Senate of the United States have rejected the bill for the annexation of...

The Paris papers of Thursday contain little of political interest.

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The Chamber of Deputies continues to be occupied with railway bills ; as if it were intended to cover the whole surface of France with railways at once, to make up for previous...


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On the 19th June, at the Citadel, Plymouth, the Lady of Lieutenant.Colouel HALLI- /AM commanding her Majesty's Seveuty•lifth Regiment, of a daughter. On the 21st. at (Manley,...

The accounts from Madrid are to the 21st. Much interest

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has been excited there by a conference of Ministers at Barcelona ; respecting which speculation is rife. The proposal of Don Carlos, and the disso- lution of the Cortes, are...

A Cabinet Council was held at the Foreign Office to-day

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at two o'clock. All the Miuisters were present. The Earl of Lonsdale, Postmaster-General, and the Duke of Rich- mond and a deputation of the Highland Agricultural Society of...


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Amman—At Gravesend, 25th June. Ocean. Ward, from Sydney; and 27th. Stains Castle. Petrie. from China. Off Dartmouth, 25th, Lady Flora, Ford, from Madras. Off Portsmouth, 27th....

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PERROT'S benefit at the Italian Opera, on Thursday, was signalized by the London (lain of the renowned vocalist Signor MORIANI; who made his first public appearance in this...

Mr. C. KEMBLE is to give a second series of

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his interesting Readings of Shakspere. This elegant entertainment begins on Tuesday, at the St. James's Theatre ; to be continued on alternate nights.


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THE ruined temples of Baalbec, as they have been recently sketched by Mr. F. CATHERWOOD the architect, have supplied Mr. BURFORD with a subject for a small panorama ; which is...

At the French Theatre this week, Mademoiselle DEJAZET and M.

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LE- VASSOR have been playing the parts filled by Madame VESTRIS and Mr. C. MATHEWS in Grist to the Mill, an English version of La Marquise de Ca- racas; and by no means to the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Al.TERNOON. The English Funds experienced a decline of about k per cent on Wednesday, in consequence of the sale of 150,0001. Reduced Three per Cents by...

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" PENSgES DOMINANTES " ON THE SUBJECT OF BEING " SENT FOR." A MOST interesting exhibition of Mesmerism took place yesterday, at Dr. ELLIOTSON s in Conduit Street. A numerous...


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" Ir "—said Sir JAMES GRAHAM, in parrying Mr. DUNCOMBE'S last thrust against the new Spy system—" if he had so violated the law, he was also guilty of a misdemeanour, and might...

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The Court Journal announces that the Carlton Club intends speedily

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to dissolve, for the purpose of reconstructing itself, to the exclusion of the member (supposed to be Mr. Disraeli) who reported a private meet- ing for the Times last week. The...

THE SLAVE-TRADE SUPPRESSION TREATIES. ONE great cause—the main cause of

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the reluctance of Ministers to promote or even sanction an extensive system of free emigration from Western Africa to the West Indies—is the probable effect of such a measure...


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THE temperature in the beginning of the week was almost that of the Tropics. On Sunday men stretched their relaxed limbs in the shade, and sighed for a breeze ; which, when it...

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THIS volume completes the exposition of the principles of Govern- ment, and the description of the different forms of ruling that exist or have existed in the world. It contains...


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Tamara, Travels in Southern Abyssinia. through the Country of Adal to the Kingdom of Shoe. By Charles Johnston, M.R.C.S. lu two volumes Madden and Co. Patuclea.gs OF POLITICS,...

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this historical romance is laid in England and Spain, HILDEBRAND, OR TI1E DAYS OF QUEEN ELIZABETH. THE scene of this historical romance is laid in England and Spain, d uring the...

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A NOT unnatural prejudice has been created in many quarters by the false and tasteless view taken of mythi by many who have de- voted themselves to that branch of inquiry. Some...

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SEVENTH PHILHARMONIC CONCERT—MONDAY, JUNE 24. PART I. Aria, " La GiM iu Gondola," Mr. Ds BSVIAI. Sinfonia in C, (No. 1) Concerto in G, Pianoforte, Dr. F. MENDELSSORN Bea-...


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From June 21st to June 27th. BOOKS. A Short Abridgement of Britane's Distemper, from the yeare of God 1639 to 1649. By PATRICK GORDON of Ruthven. (Printed for the Spalding...

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THE performance of the St. Paul of MENDELSSOHN at Exeter Hall last night, conducted by the composer, afforded a musical treat of the very highest order. Imbued with religious...


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WAR-OFFICE, June 25.-Ist Regt. Life Guards-Capt. the lion. W. E. Fitzmaurice, from half•ray Unattached, to be Capt. vice Lord T. C. P. Clinton, who exchanges; Lieut. Sir C. W....


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Tuesday, June 25. PARTNER:41[PS DISSOLVED. Panting and Blackford. Malmesbury, auctherems-Aylieff and Whitelaw. Princes Street, Hanover Square, tailors-Tyrrell and Co....

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BRITISH FUN DS. (Closiug Prices.) Saturday. Monday. Tuesday Wednes . Thurs. shut 381 ex d. 981 99} 991 1021 1021 shut 121 121 121 12} 1974 1981 198} shut 75pm. 7 2 7 2 74 93...