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No small surprise has been excited by the appointment of

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Mr. Henry Barkly to be Governor of British Guiana in the room of Sir Henry Light. It is the Anti-Colonial Office appointing a re- presentative of real Colonial interests !...

General Cavaignac has not fallen in the contest to which

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he challenged M. Barthelemy St. Hilaire, and has won a great victory. The pamphlet which was to have been brought out as an electioneering device, he has dragged forth into the...


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LAST week we had to record the not unexpected death of Lord Melbourne ; this week a still more serious loss is sustained by the political world in the premature death of Mr....

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A further revolution has placed the Government of Rome more

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directly under the influence of the people: the Pope, besieged in his palace, has appointed a Ministry according to a list dictated by the besiegers, and he holds his secular...

The Emperor Nicholas has been marking his position in the

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politics of Europe by a complimentary tribute to two Austrian commanders, Windischgratz and Jellachich. To Windischgratz he sends the grand cross of St. Andrew, for coercing...

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Tim Queen and Prince Albert, with their children, remain in the Isle of Wight; daily taking their accustomed drives, rides, and walks, in the pic- turesque neighbourhood of...


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The Royal Society held Its anniversary meeting, at the rooms in Somer- set House, on Wednesday: at larger meeting of Fellows than was ever known assembled to elect a new...

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Cbt Vrobtnces.

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Sir Culling Eardley Eardley commenced his formal canvass of the West Riding of Yorkshire on Saturday, with an address to a large meeting in the Cloth Flail Yard at Leeds. He was...

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The Southern Reporter announces a "new agitation," under the auspices of " the Society for Promoting an Annual Sitting of the Imperial Parlia- ment in Ireland for Conducting...

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Mr. Macaulay has accepted the Rectorship of Glasgow University, and has informed the electors that he will visit the Western metropolis about the New Year, for the purpose of...

foreign anb

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Faueca.—The National Assembly devoted Saturday to the disposal of M. Barthelemy St. Hilaire's accusations against General Cavaignac for his conduct as Minister of War in the...

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The death of Mr. Charles Buller, President of the Poor-law Board, was known in town on Wednesday, and produced a general shock. Mr. Buller died at an early hour that morning, at...

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Although in point of writing The Jealous Wife is one of the poorest plays in the language, and in point of character is not much better, it will always remain on the stage,...

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In the French National Assembly, on 'Thursday, IL Ledru-Rollha opened

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the debate on the Roman affair; condemning the intervention as needless, inopportune, and counter to the spirit of the Paris Revolution of February, - which was to vindicate...

We have received some letters on the subject of macaroni,

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which attest the latent demand for that edible, could it be brought within reach of " the million." One correspondent wishes to know the detai:s of its manufacture, suspecting...

The plot of a new piece produced at the Lyceum

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under the title of An Appeal to the Public is by no means remarkable; resting wholly on the or- dinary confusion which arises from two persons having the same name. Its...

Letters from Madrid, of the 24th November, announce the removal

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of the unsuccessful Cordova from the supreme command in Catalonia, and the ap- pointment of General Concha to succeed him.

'Last night's Gazette -contains a notification by the Speaker of

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the House oT Commons, that he has been certified of the death of William George Frederick Cavendish Bentinck, Esq , commonly called Lord George &c., late Member - of Parliament...


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SATURDAY. " Civita Vecchia, Nov. 26, three p. m. " The Consul of France to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.—The Pope de- parted secretly on the 24th, at five o'clock in the...

It is stated that the late Mr. Jenny and Mr.

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Rush had long been-engaged in litigation on a mutual claim to the Stanfield Hall property. Mr. Ruish'ss family is one of respectability and standing; and he claimed to be a...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRZDAY APTIZIROON. The fluctuations of the English Stock Market have been immaterial. A de- cline of 4 per cent took place when intelligence of the disturbances...

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RETAIL POLITICS. THE two candidates for West Yorkshire are proper representatives of English feeling. Mr. Beckett Denison, the favourite on the side of the gentry, has been...

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STARVATION has fairly set in for the season in Ireland, with the murders, as appears by the multiplication of cases. The Irish season is at its height about the same time with...


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As Louis Philippe sent for M. Thiers when Paris was in open re- volt, so, when it is almost open war between British Guiana and Great Britain, Lord Grey sends for Mr. Henry...

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Paris, November 80. Events, at home and abroad,-are thickening like rain in the storm. Who would have thought that a French Republic should ever be called to exer- cise on...


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with our criminal population ?—that is a question which just now agitates many of the most enlightened and prac- tical minds in the country. Lord Ashley attacks that devoted...

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BIOGRAPHY, Memoirs of the Life of William Collins, Esq., R.A. With Selections from his Jour- nails and Correspondence. By his Son, W. Wilkie Collins. In two volumes. ANNUALS....

News has arrived of a disastrous eruption of the volcano

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of Kloet, in Borneo; which had been inactive for many years. The present eruption had spread deso- lation and death throughout the province of Passaronan, one of the meet...

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THE Annuals have this year an adventitious interest from the recent death of Mr. Heath, the reputed originator of the class, and certainly the designer of the larger Books of...

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Boons. The Keepsake, 1849. Edited by the Countess of Blessington. With beautifully finished Engravings, from Drawings by the first Artists, en- graved under the superintendence...

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On the 15th November, at Lisbon, Lady Seymour, Wife of Sir Hamilton Seymour, G.C.B., her Majesty's Minister in Portugal, of a.son. On the 24th, the Wife of Edwin Lankester,...


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Tuesday, November 28. PARTNEESHIPs DISSOLVED. Hyde and Hoskine,Loughborough, surgeons-Tindalland Brothers, Scarborough, ken-. mongers; as far as regards It. E. 'flndall-Todd...


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WAR - OPFICE, Dec. 1.-7th Drag. Guards-Capt. .1. T. Listen, from half-pay Bast. to be Paymaster, vice Smales, who has retired on half-pay as Capt. 1st West India Regt. 11th...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) 3 per Cent Comets Ditto for Account 8per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, 10* Exchequer Bills,...