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Very properly the Archbishop of Canterbury added his voice to

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that of the Prime Minister and leader of the Opposi- tion. He spoke with great simplicity, as well as emotion, of her religious temper of mind and its influence. The character...

To-day, by the express direction of the King, is to

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be observed as a day of general mourning. In regard to dress the wishes and needs of the public at large have been judi- ciously and considerately met by the intimation in...

The Queen was happy not only in the circumstances but

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in the place of her death, for, as the Sovereign of the greatest naval Power, it was only fitting that her Fleet should escort her on the way to her grave. This duty was carried...

In the House of Commons Mr. Balfour was hardly less

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happy than his uncle in setting forth how great was the loss sustained by the nation from the political side. Very moving was Mr. Balfour's account of the vast amount of public...

The King's messages of tbanks to the Navy and Army

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were issued on Monday. In the former the Sing mentions the keen solicitude with which the late Queen watched over the vast progress of the Navy during her reign, and the pride...


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I N the House of Lords on Friday week (January 25th) Lord Salisbury, in proposing the Resolution of condolence and congratulation, made a speech which can truly be said to have...

* s o The Editors cannot undertake to return Manuscript, in any

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There has been during the week an interesting discussion as

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to whether the great Commonwealths of Canada and Australia should not now be called Kingdoms, and the King accordingly have added to his titles " King of Canada " and " King of...

The King has made the German Emperor a Field-Marshal in

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the British Army, and thus William IL now holds the highest rank attainable in both our fighting Services. He has for several years been Admiral of the Fleet,—the equivalent...

On Wednesday at a special Court of the Governors of

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the Royal Scotch Hospital Lord Rosebery delivered a striking speech on the Queen. He insisted that the public at large did not yet realise the full nature of the loss they had...

Count von Billow, possibly dreading the fate of Conni Caprivi

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in 1894, has capitulated to the Agrarians. In his maiden speech to the Diet on January 9th, he declared his eonviction that Prussian agriculture needed powerful support....

The news from South Africa points to another determined effort

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on the part of De Wet to break south into Cape Colony, General Charles Knox reporting what seems to be a rear- guard engagement south of Welcome on the 29( h, and Lord Kitchener...

Through the general commanding the forces of the United States

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in Manila, General MacArthur, the United States has paid the memory of the Queen the most striking tribute ever paid to the memory of the Sovereign of another nation. He has...

At the ceremony of investing the Crown Prince with the

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insignia of the Garter the King made one of those remark- ably happy and tactful little speeches for which he is justly becoming renowned. After informing the Prince that it had...

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We are glad to note that Mr. Brodrick has addressed

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a letter to the Mayor of Guildford a propos of the unpatriotic decision of the Guildford Town Council that no Reservists should be eligible for employment iu the town...

In Giuseppe Verdi, who died last Saturday in his eighty-

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eighth year, the last, and in some respects the most remark. able, of the great composers of the nineteenth century has passed away. The son of a poor peasant in the Duchy of...

M. Clemenoean's new paper, Le Bloc. has strengthened the bands

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of the opponents of amnesty. In his opening number he quoted a statement attributed to Pere du Lac—Superior of the Paris Jesuits—that he had "never had anything to do with the...

The Vienna correspondent of the Times writes very gloomily in

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Thursday's issue as to the political outlook in Austria. The Reicharath met on Friday, and the general expectation, he tells us, is one of trouble andeven disaster. The worst...

The Diluits of Monday publishes an instructive article on the

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recent trials of the new French submarine boat at Cherbourg. The tone adopted by the writer is eminently judicial. The trials, he admits, have established the naviga- bility of...

Bank Rate, 5 per cent.

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New Consols (21) were on Friday 961.

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O NE of the most remarkable features of the striking tributes paid by the foremost statesmen of the day to Queen Victoria in Parliament was Lord Salisbury's statement that...


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THE QUEEN'S FUNERAL. T O-DAY the Queen's body will be laid to. rest at Frogmore with expressions of national reverence and sorrow such as have been bestowed on few Sovereigns....

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M R. BALFOUR in his touching speech in the House of Commons pointed out how the Queen at all times and seasons, in sickness and in sorrow, was obliged by the instant need of...

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T HE maintenance of good relations between France and England is so important alike to themselves and to the peace of the world that every indication that points to the growth...

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'1 1 HE Royal Commission to inquire into the treatment I. of the wounded in South Africa has at last issued its Report, though the appendix containing the evidence on which it...

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N O one knows what revelations science may hold in store for the twentieth century. Of all the possibilities, none is perhaps more unlikely than a proof of the existence of sen-...

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O NE of the most interesting sights in a great city is that of working opticians or watchmakers immediately behind a shop-window in full view of the crowded street. Hundreds of...

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A LMOST from the time of her marriage her late Majesty Queen Victoria was a practical and successful farmer. Her " occupations," to use the business word, were not mere bits of...

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[TO THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR. "] Sia,—In the article (Spectator, January 26th) which has the above heading you write thus : " Queen Victoria was not a woman of genius, and...


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[TO THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR.."] SIR,—Englishmen who have a fixed conviction of the dis- loyalty of Ireland should have been in Dublin last Sunday. The two Cathedrals were...


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THE LATE QUEEN AND THE WAR. [TO THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR. "] Sin,—Your statements in the first leading article in the Spectator of January 26th regarding the late Queen's...

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[TO THE EDITOls OF THE "SPECTATOR. "] SIR,—There is a story in Eckermann's " Conversations with Goethe" which enforces in a curious, if somewhat comic, manner the late Admiral...

[TO THE EDITOR OP THE "SPECTATOR."] SIR,—Thackeray, winding up his

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lecture on George IV., asked of his audiences : " What is it to be a gentleman ? Is it to have lofty aims, to lead a pure life, to keep your honour virgin ; to have the esteem...


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[TO THE EDITOR OP THE "SPECTATOR. "] SIR, May I be allowed to point out to Mr. Francis Darwin (Spectator, January 26th) that the remark to which he very naturally objects as an...


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[To THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR. "] SIR,—Having recently had some experience of the life and routine of a regimental depot or training school for recruits, I have read with...

1837 AND 1901.

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(To THE EDITOR OP THE "SPECTATOR.") SIR,—Probably many persons are now connecting promise with fulfilment, by gathering together notices of Queen Victoria's early days. Here is...

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&R.—Surely there can be but one definition ? A " gentleman " is a man of gentle birth, a member of the gentry, a member of a family " untainted by trade " (as the expression...


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SPECTATOR. "] Sis.,—May I contribute to your "links with the past" P In the following anecdotes and narrative it is my grandmother, Pamela, Lady Campbell, who is speaking. She...

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Bagehot. This is what he says in his essay on Sterne :—" It is wise to be suspicious of aged reminiscents ; they are like persons entrusted with untold gold ' ; there is no...

[To THR EDITOR OF TDB "SPECTATOR."] SIR, —The late Dean Stanley

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told me that be once conversed with a man who had seen the Highlanders in the rising of '45 pass through Cumberland. He said he asked him how he remembered this. " I was a boy,"...

[TO TER EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR:] Sfit,— . 1 am only seventy-five,

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so my personal recollections do not go back very far, but such as they are they are at your service. (1) I knew a very interesting old lady, Mrs. Burrows, the mother of Dr....

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A QUEEN is being buried; The greatest Queen of earth— Great in all queenly wisdom, Great in all Christian worth. Her bier is a gun-carriage, Her pall it is of white : Life...


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THE SOLDIER IN LITERATURE.* Frrotrorr has ere this sounded the clarion and filled the fife to good purpose, but he has never done better work than in rescuing from oblivion the...


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Sin,—I hope you will allow me emphatically to contradict the statement of your correspondent, Mr. H. R. Grenfell, that Lady Aldborough " went into every house in Paris wheie...

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THE letters of Thomas Gray need no praise at this hour, but they demand efficient editing, and in Mr. Tovey's new edition they are printed and annotated after the most scholarly...

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A STUDY OF FRANCIS HUTCHESON.* Dun justice has perhaps scarcely

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been done to Hutcheson in the history of modern philosophy, while of his personality little has hitherto been known. Mr. Scott's excellent work will help to remedy both of these...


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The Victoria History of the Counties of England, the first fine volume of which appears at the opening of the new century, is conceived and published on a scale worthy of a...

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THE trilogy of stories of the Franco-Prussian War begun by the MM. Margueritte with their fine novel, Le Desastre, pub- lished in 1898, is worthily continued in Les Troncons du...

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THE ANGLO-SAXON REVIEW. The Anglo - Saxon Review (Mrs. George Cornwallis - West, 49 Rupert Street, W., 21s. net) is this month arrayed in a binding taken from a book dedicated...


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War and Policy : Essays. By Spenser Wilkinson. (Constable and Co. 15s.)—Nearly all these essays have seen the light, yet the best, viewed as a lucid exposition of the political...

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Dickens as an Educator. By James L. Hughes. (E. Arnold.

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6s.)—Mr. Hughes puts together a number of passages from Dickens about the treatment of children, in the way of education and otherwise. These will be familiar to the elders...

The Snell Exhibitions. By W. Lanes Addison. (J. Maclehose and

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Sons, Glasgow. 7s.6d.net.)—John Snell was born at Colmonell in Ayrshire in 1629 ; went to the University of Glasgow, where he had, among other contemporaries, the ninth Earl of...

China from Within, By Stanley Smith, B.A. (Marshall Brothers. 3s.

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6d.)—Mr. Stanley Smith gives us much informa- tion about recent events in China. His account of the massacres is more detailed than any that we have yet seen, and he brings into...

The Religion of Democracy. By Charles Ferguson. (Funk and Wagnalls

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Company. $1.)—We are promised a great sensation irom reading this book, and, in a sense, are not disappointed. Mr. Ferguson startles us, at least for a time; but we get used to...

St. Antony of Padua. By Mrs. Arthur Bell (N. D'Anvers).

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(Sands and Co. 3s. 6d.)—" There are few thoroughly trustworthy materials for relating the life-story of St. Antony of Padua," truly says Mrs. Bell. This being so, she has done...


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rund... this heading los notice such Books of the weak as have not been reserved for review in other forms.] At Pretoria. By Julian Ralph. (C. Arthur Pearson. 6s.)— This book is...

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History of the Town and County of Wexford. Edited by

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P. EP Hore. (Elliot Stock 20s. net.)—Mr. Here has com piled this volume from State papers and records, and from MSS. of his father, Mr. H. F Here. We prefer to postpone the...

ScHooe-BooKs.—Selections from Plato. With Introduction and Notes by Lewis Learning

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Forman, Ph.D. (Macmillan and Co. 7s. 6d.)—This is a school-book, one of Messrs. Macmillan and Co.'s well-known "Classical Series," and, we should say, a very useful one for...

Abbeys Around London. By John A. Randolph. (Mercantile Press. ls.)—This

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is a convenient guide to some very interesting remains of religious houses in the Home Counties. It will be found especially useful in suggesting to the traveller some litt'e-...

We have received Vol. XXXVI. of the Antiquary (Elliot Stock,

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7s. 6d.), "a magazine devoted to the study of the past," and showing its customary variety of interesting contents. Mr. Haver6eld continues his " Quarterly Notes on Roman...

The Heart of the Ancient Wood. By Charles D. G.

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Roberts. (Gay and Bird. 6s.)—This is as charming a book as we have seen for a long time. Kirstie Craig and her daughter, named, by a happy prevision, Miranda, settle in a...

The Royal Houses of Israel and David. By Rev. George

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0. Little. (Funk and Wagnalls Company. 10s. Gd )—Professor Little has taken, we do not doubt, much pains with his book, but we cannot honestly say that it is helpful. He gives,...

Welshmen. By Thomas Stephens, B.A. (J. F. Spriggs. Ss. net.)—Mr

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Stephens gives us in this little volume a sketch of Welsh history "from the earliest times to the death of Llywelyn, the last Welsh Prince." By the " Welsh " he means the...

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An Historic Photograph. — We have received from Messrs. Constable and Co.

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an interesting reproduction (enlarged) of a photograph of the Council and Secretaries of the Government of Lord Lawrence while Governor-General of India. The photo- graph is...

Clue : a Guide through Greek to Hebrew Scripture. By

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Edwin A. Abbott. (A. and C. Black.)—Dr. Abbott seeks to prove, among other things, that the Gospels, or rather portions of the Gospels, were derived from Hebrew originals, and...