2 JUNE 1849

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The Irish accounts renew the descriptions of horror,—people feeding on

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miserable food, or starving outright ; numbers ejected; dogs ring on dead bodies; and the like. The streets of Lon- don ortd- , the country round strains *ithggroups of Irish,...


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THE Commons met on Thursday, and got through some business in the way of discussing "supplies" for her Majesty. Strangely enough, the attendance of the " Financial Reformers"...

The question of Protection is dwindling to personal disputes,— a

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stage which had better be hurried over as promptly as possible. Much has been made of a controversial squabble in writing between the Duke of Bedford and one of his tenants, Mr....

The new Legislative Assembly of France has been taken up

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with the formalities of the opening. Judged by its proceedings thus far, it appears to have altered in character as compared with the Constituent Assembly just dissolved, but...

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• Debates anb time:imp in Varliament.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. HOUSE OF ColiMoris. Thursday, May 31. Questions and Explanations—Navy Es- timates: postponed resolution debated and agreed to—Army Estimates:...

The American papers tell of discord—continued, perhaps in- creasing discord,

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in Canada ; rioting, almost revolutionary, in New York. The British-Canadians continue to be angry because Lord Elgin plays the part of Governor ; " the Bowery boys" of New York...

German and Austrian news remains without material altera- tion in

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its main features. The Frankfort Government still holds out bravely, and has made a decided effort to raise in behalf of its own authority the peoples of Germany against the...

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be Ql ourt.

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TIM Queen and Prince Albert returned, with their children, from Os- borne to Buckingham Palace, on Wednesday afternoon; all in excellent health. Her Majesty held a drawingroom,...

Zbe ttropolts.

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An amended bill of ten clauses is about to be issued to the members of * 5 City Corporation, "for the regulation of elections be the city of Lon- don, connected with the...

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mg "rob flICE%.

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The Bishops-designate of Victoria and Prince Rupert's Land were con- secrated on Tuesday, by the Archbishop of Canterbury, in the Metropoli- tan Cathedral; a great number of...


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The General Assembly of the Established Church of Scotland met at Holyrood House on Thursday week; and as the'day was the 'one fixed for the celebration of the Queen's birthday,...


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We have heard that Earl Ducie, the celebrated agricultural experiment- alist, and proprietor of the example farm at Totworth, Gloucestershire, has entered into a coalition with...

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iforetgn anti eolonfal.

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Faatroa.—The debate on M. Ledra-Rollin's motion for an inquiry on General Changarnier's conduct was brought to a close on Friday night, by a vote of 308 to 260 in favour of...

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The birthday of the Queen of England was celebrated by the King of Prussia on the 24th May by a grand dinner given at Charlottenburg to Lord Westmoreland, the members of the...

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SATURDAY. The House of Commons spent the greater part of yesterday evening in Committee of Supply on the Miscellaneous Estimates, with a renewal of the very desultory...

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Some Of the journalisfte carifidg on a controversy respecting the

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size and form of the Parliame:ntary and official Blue Books, of which a third variety has just appeared. There is the folio; the old octavo, in which, for example, the Poor-law...


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The manner in which Don Giovanni Ives produced on Thursday may be regarded as a "great fact " in the annals of Her Majesty's Theatre; scarcely less remarkable than its...

The Morning Chronicle has given a new turn to the

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reports respecting the marriage of the Conde de Montemolin—" It was rumoured a few days since that this illustrious person was about to marry an English lady; but it is now...

The National of yesterday morning says that a total change

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has taken place in the policy of the French Government with respect to Italy—that a rupture of the armistice for eight days, concluded on the 22d, and an im- mediate resumption...

There was a review of the Enrolled Pensioners in Hyde

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Park yester- day, in order that medals might be given to a great many of the Penin- sular veterans; the unenrolled Pensioners also attending for the same purpose. The Duke of...

In the Vice-Chancellor's Court, yesterday, the case of Prince Albert

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versus Strange came to a conclusion. The Solicitor-General stated, that the advisers of her Majesty and the Prince felt it consistent with their duty to talfe a decree agaiast...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY Arms:can. The East India Company have given notice of their intention toreduce the inte- rest of their Bond Debt from 41. 10s., its present rate, to...

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The German company at Drury Lane have performed the Zauberfote

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twice this week. It was not less satisfactory as a whole, and eveu more satisfactory in its individual parts, than the performances of this company have usually been. The part...

In the seventh Philharmonic concert, performed on Monday, the instru-

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mental music was excellent: Beethoven's Symphony in C, and Mendels- sohn's in A minor; the Overtures to Leonora and Les Deux Journies, and Mendelssohn's Serenade , admirably...


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SOVEREIGNTY AND THE MAJORITY. APROPOS to the state of affairs in Canada, our Whig contempo- rary the Globe lately put forth an extraordinary doctrine, with the remark that the...

Mr. Charles Dance has worked with considerable tact at a

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French piece called Le Mariage d Orgueil; and his version has been produced with suc- cess at the Lyceum Theatre. The French drama is by no means a new one. It is characterized...

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THE arguments against the continuance of quarantine-regula- tions have come to flower in the report just issued by the Board of Health, and now, it is to be hoped, they will...


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SIR ALLAN M'NAB and Mr. Moffatt, two chiefs of the Opposi- tion in Canada, are coming to England as delegates from their party to protest against the Rebellion-Losses measure,...

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Mn. Casnzus COCHRANE has issued a circular "to the Trades- people, Mechanics, and Operatives of the Metropolis and Country at large," on the "Social Improvements" which it lies...


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Ir is east to sneer at the claim of the great American Republic to be deemed a "free " country while such peculiar kind of tyranny swayi its commercial capital as that exhibited...

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SIR JAMES STEPHEN'S ESSAYS ON ECCLESIASTICAL BIOGRAPHY.. THESE volumes differ from the other collections of essays which the Edinburgh Review has furnished to the public, by...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. , Austin Friars, 29th May 1849. Slit—As one of those most 'deeply interested in the success of the newly-formed Farm School at Bedhill, and...

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FERDINAND WERNE seems to be a German adventurer. In 1822, he forsook his law studies to join the Greeks as one of the Philhellene. Some fifteen years afterwards, he turns up in...

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LIFE-INSURANCE PREMIUMS AND POLICIES. * THE inquiring spirit of the age,

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which has put so many things "upon their trial," has not overlooked the important subject of life-insurance, both in its principles and practice. The rivalry of competition has...

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Booms. Essays in Ecclesiastical Biography. By the Right Honourable Sir James Stephen, K.C.B. In two volumes. Rome. A Tour of Many Days. By Sir George Head. In three volumes,...

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ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION: STORY PICTURES. THE class of pictures telling a story falls short this year, some of the best hands failing to come up to themselves; and we think...

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Mr. Hogarth, the printseller in the Haymarket, is exhibiting an

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interest- ing collection of "sketches from nature"; which was opened to private view yesterday. From its general character, the collection appears to have been got together...

In the show-room of Messrs. Garrard, goldsmiths to the Crown,

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in the llaymarket and Penton Street, may be seen for a few days the prize given by the Emperor of Russia for the Ascot Races; with the Queen's cup, and the Goodwood cup; all...


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Tuesday, May 29. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. C. and A. Duplan, Regent Place, Westminster, grocers-Wayand Bennett, Tunbridge Wells, chemists-White and Co. Liverpool,...


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On the 24th May, at Gaultier Cottage, county Waterford, the Countess of Hunting- on, of a daughter. Op the 25th, at Spring Hall, Suffolk, the Lady of John G. W. Foley. Esq., of...


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WAR-orrice, May 29.-Ist Drag. Guards-Cornet J. Kemp (Riding Master) tole Lieut. by purchase, vice Morgan, who retires ; T. Nisbet, Gent. to be Cornet, by pur- chase, vice Kemp....

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Sesturd. Monday., Tuesday. "rears. Thurs. Friday, 3 per Ceft Consols 911 9;9 914 919 911 911 Ditto for Account 91/ 911 919 911 91 914 3 per Cents Reduced 9U 90 89i 6111 899 904...